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  1. Isn't NFL Game Pass just replays not live video of games
  2. I've seen several post about watching the Falcons live online. Anyone know how to do that?
  3. There are free sites on the internet where I could watch the game live?
  4. Ok I've been a fan since 1966. I attended the first Falcon's home game. I now live in Florida and I have to subscribe to Direct TV and buy NFL ticket to see the Falcons. Which means I'm spending over $900 a year to see them. Think it's worth it?
  5. The rules to protect the quarterback have become so strict that if you touch him around the head or below the knees it's a penalty. It's really hard to rush him without getting a penalty. Maybe that's why we don't blitz, to keep from getting the probable penalty.
  6. I have been a Falcon fan since 1966. I was at the very first home game. I have suffered (except 1998) year-after-year. However - THIS IS ONE GREAT YEAR SO FAR!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. Dalh had the bad-*** attitude and I think the rest of the O-line picked up on that. You think missing Dalh is a big part of our O-lines' problems?
  8. I live in Winter haven FL 60 miles from tampa The bucks didn't sell out so the game is blacked out even with NFL ticket #@%$^&* BUCKS!
  9. I was born in Monticello, GA but have lived in FL about 30 years. I've been a fan since 1966, attended the first home game. There have never been much Falcon stuff here - a lot of Buc crap - but I'm beginning to see some now.
  10. Plus the second have of the season our schedule gets a LOT easier. 1-8 = 3rd hardest in league 9-16 = 7th easiest
  11. I'm afraid of McNabb and Vick in the same backfield. If he pitches out to Vick do you cover the run or pass??????
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