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  1. The Watchmen........not bad. In keeping with super hero motif, maybe: Dead Fools
  2. I am not usually into nicknames, but I feel like the squib kick fiasco is a historic event that deserves its own name. You know, like the immaculate reception. I am told that there were six Falcons players watching the ball turn over to the Cowboys, so I naturally thought about incorporating "six pack" into the name. But, I don't think it is catchy enough. I'd like to ask for suggested names for the debacle. I think our mods should take all the suggestions and put it to a vote. This historical stupidity deserves to enter into the lexicon of football.
  3. He should not be fired after 0-3. In my opinion, he should last the season, unless the team's morale is broken. In that case, you are forced to make a move.
  4. I agree with your premise, but I will argue, after too many dropped TD passes in his arms, that Julio is no longer in the GOAT category.
  5. SAS is absolutely correct. I have seen worse teams, but I can not think of any professional team that is more stupid than our very own Falcons. The Super Bowl was a great example of stupidity and lack of leadership. Since then, there have been many poor game-time decisions, as well as personnel choices that boggle the mind. Quite frankly, Dan Quinn is a buffoon. He does not do his job and it shows.
  6. Julio's bum leg was still good enough to beat the defender. All he had to do was catch a ball that was in his chest. Julio has done this before.
  7. We really don't need this game to tell us anything. We have seen Quinn for five seasons. He has had many more chances than he deserves. One could say that he has used his time in Atlanta to learn on the job, but he doesn't seem to learn much at all. The decision should already be made to fire the guy at the end of this season, unless the locker room gets out of control.....and in that case, he should be fired on the spot. The Falcons have wasted Julio/Ryan peak years. What a shame.
  8. Gurley is mediocre. I feel sorry for his arthritic knees, but he is not helping the team.
  9. Dan Quinn is a buffoon and Artie Blank is a fool for not firing him this past off season. Seriously, Artie sits at meetings with this moron and he still backs him? Dan Quinn is a fake. He is not a good Defensive Coordinator nor is he an average Head Coach. Fire the moron at the end of the season, regardless of what the team does for the rest of the season. Quinn has shut the Julio/Ryan window. Does anyone else need more evidence?
  10. He is smarter than the head coach of the Atlanta Falcons. Dan Quinn is a buffoon.
  11. First and foremost, the coaching staff must be replaced this off season. I think Dimitroff is a good talent evaluator, but I think he is a bit too passive when it comes to his input and relationship with his HC's. Both Ryan and Julio have contracts that will keep them here for at least another two seasons. However, drafting a QB early this draft is probably not a bad idea. The rookie can carry a clip board and learn the game behind someone that is knowledgeable. The Julio/Ryan window appears to be shut. Shame on Quinn.
  12. Gurley looked slow. I would go with Hill over Gurley. Seriously, TG was a great RB, but he is pretty mediocre now.
  13. So what do we do with this big pile of Quinn? Do you bring in a bulldozer and cart it off in one lump? Or do you scoop a shovel-full of the stuff and try to sell it for fertilizer?
  14. I was amazed to hear that Blank was keeping Quinn this past off season. The decision was obvious and yet Artie took the easy path and decided to go with "consistency". Special teams: watching a ball the way our boys did yesterday was confirmation that our coaches do not prepare players for NFL-level football. Defense: The Cowboys were missing their starting OT's. Let that sink in. Does anyone remember how unoccupied the interior of the DL looked one second after the snap? Yeah, Elliott ran five yards before anyone put a hand on him......and it happened a lot. Offense
  15. NFL players do not get mesmerized by a ball and watch the opposition simply take it. I don't want to talk about tanking, but give me a break, this team is a pile of Quinn.
  16. Dan Quinn is in over his head. He does not learn from mistakes. I suspect this is true because Quinn does not look for the root cause of mistakes. He is simple-minded and it shows.
  17. Yes he did. He was in position to catch a well-thrown ball. It was not his hamstring that caused the drop. It was his lack of concentration. I will be hated by many here for what I am about to write, but here is goes: Julio Jones is not the best WR in the NFL. You can not be top dog and miss a TD catch like that. And by the way, he has done this before.
  18. This is painfully obvious. Dan Quinn does not have the intellectual horse power to be a NFL head coach.
  19. "we have to learn from this" Sorry Julio, this is not a learning experience. This lesson should have been learned in Pop Warner. No, instead this is a clarification of the ineptitude of this team's coaching staff. These "pros" don't know what it takes to compete in the NFL. They don't. All they know is platitudes and placid apologies.
  20. The time to fire him was nine months ago. Right now, you ride the season with him and form you search party now. No to Koetter, no to Morris, no to Ulbrich. I think McDaniels is a good choice, though I don't know if he would want to come to Atlanta. He is an abrasive guy (which I happen to like), so he will not be popular in the proper South. But, he is smart, experienced and he has trained under the best HC in NFL history.
  21. By IT, I am assuming you mean intellectual horse power. He may be a nice guy, but to be honest, he does not have much activity in the grey matter in his skull. The man is a simpleton, perhaps even a dolt. I don't want to call him a moron because he probably is capable of running a D2 college program. So, let's not call him a moron. You are right, he is not a NFL head coach. He has proven that time and time again.
  22. Nothing supernatural, nothing extraterrestrial. This is comes down to poor judgment. Handing the reigns to a dumb a$$ like Quinn is poor judgement. Dan Quinn belongs back a Hofstra. That is his wheel house. Heck, it is not even his fault he is so terrible in the NFL. It is the fault of an owner who believes in him.
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