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  1. I couldn't watch the game, but I checked in on line every few minutes. I agree. I am encouraged that the team showed the fortitude to fight back. This is a going to take time, but I think AS will put it together. In the meantime, we will have to put up with some pretty lousy DL ad OL play.
  2. I thought our OL starters got a lot of pre-season play? Am I wrong about that?
  3. Don't get bent out of shape, please. I am comparing Ryan to the best there has ever been. Michael Jordan was the same way as Brady. No one out-prepared him in his day. Ryan is a professional and goes about his work with dedication and sacrifice. He just does not have the next level stuff like Brady. But enough of this. Our guy is Ryan and will be for the next two seasons. Let's see what our new HC can do with the team. He has a major endeavor ahead of him.
  4. Who the heck said Brady was "magical" or "Super human"? He is a guy that takes what he does for a living very seriously. More so than most others. He is no "God". But he is better than most QB's. Brady wins games long before they are played. He makes sure that he has the right system and the right OL in front of him. And then, he puts more thought and work into his craft than anyone else. PERIOD. That is what it takes to be a champion. Sitting passively while your team is lead by brotherhood morons is not what a championship leader does.
  5. Brady could demand more money. Someone compared Brady's salary to Ryan's.......as if they are even remotely close to one another. YES, Ryan's passing numbers compare to Brady's and sometimes surpasses Brady's. But Brady gets the job done when his team is in need. His offenses And for that reason, Brady is worth much more than Ryan. Hey, Ryan is a fine player, I just believe he is not worth the money he is paid. I think that cap space should have gone to improve the OL. I say that fully understanding that Dimitroff and Quinn couldn't pick a good OL if their careers depended on it. So, my point may be moot. In the end, the blame falls on everyone from Blank, to TD to Quinn. AS inherited a mess and it is up to him and Fontenot to straighten things out. The time has come to realize that when this team is ready to compete for a championship, Matt Ryan will probably not be on the roster, but his dead money cap impact will be felt for some time.
  6. Matt Ryan is not the sole reason this offense stinks. Clearly the OL is most culpable. However, nothing happens in a vacuum. If Ryan would have taken a page from Brady’s success story, he would have accepted less money for himself, in order to invest in better OL’s. Instead, he takes the richest contract at time of signing and plays the contract extension game to appear to really care about the entire team. Hey, I don’t hate the guy, but money talks.
  7. My real point os this: Tom Brady knows his limitations and he was willing to take less than his market value to ensure that he plays with qualified OL’s. Contrary to that, Matt Ryan has insisted on top-dollar compensation for himself. As a consequence, one guy has multiple championship rings and more endorsement opportunities. The other has the legacy of the worst SB collapse in the history of the NFL.
  8. If Mayfield can not dust himself off and fight for his career, he is not worth developing. The kid got knocked on his a$$. He needs to show some toughness and work to improve.
  9. Koetter had Julio and did not have to deal with a neophyte at LG. Koetter stunk, despite so many opportunities to improve
  10. Brady is not magical, but he produces when needed.
  11. Rosen will get knocked out in less than a game.
  12. I don't think Ryan is the reason we lost. However, I am convinced that he is over-paid. He made poor throws and he has virtually no mobility. In today's NFL, if a QB is not mobile, he has to make near perfect throws.....like Brady. How many wobbly passes that are too high do you have see to admit that Ryan is not that great? Is he a smart and level-headed guy? Sure, but that is not translating into transcendent play that wins championships. Matt Ryan is no Brady. And right now, he is not a top-ten QB. Again, the loss is not because of Matt Ryan. The loss is due to poor team management for the past 5 years. I firmly believe that Arthur Smith and his staff will turn this franchise around. I think it will take 3 years to do so....and by then, we should have a different starting QB.
  13. The defense was particularly ugly. I am amazed at how many undefended and uncontested receptions were made by the Eagles. Our defense was completed fooled by Philly. SMH
  14. And even when Ryan had enough protection, he made some really poor throws. As usual, he threw off mark/high on many occasions and even more frustratingly, to the wrong shoulder.
  15. I am not going to go off of on a Matt Ryan diatribe. He does not have a good OL. He is a "classic drop back QB", so he needs to have a good OL. However, he makes a lot of money and he should be able to overcome the deficiencies in front of him. It is obvious that he can not, so he has a decision to make: Win or continue to make a lot of money. He demanded a lot of money and is now playing in an offense that can not protect him. In my opinion, he should take a significant pay cut in the off season, to allow the team to sign some real OL's. Clearly, he has already made enough money to invest and grow the next egg well beyond his NFL salary.
  16. Wait for the new Alabama QB in two to three years.
  17. It should be restated that the ENTIRE OL played poorly. That includes the very wealthy Jake Matthews, as well as the much vaunted Lindstrom.
  18. Groundhog day. The lines look weak....."I got you babe"
  19. When was the last time a Falcons’ coach stated that he tailors his scheme to his players’ abilities? I honestly don’t remember. I believe Pees will make a profound impact on this franchise. And when he leaves, AS will have several assistants from which to choose to sucede him. I feel better about our defense than our offense. I haven’t felt that way in quite some time
  20. Seriously? Mayfield looked liked garbage. He was stood up on nearly every play and resorted to hand play against much stronger and aggressive DL's. I would give him some time as a rookie, but please don't tell me he played well. He was crap.
  21. Yes, he looks like a guy that is country strong and good on his feet. I really look forward to seeing him line up next to Grady. On the other side of the coin, I have to admit that I am disappointed in Cominsky. I really thought he would develop into a play maker. He has the athleticism, but I did not see the ferocity required to contribute much. It could just be my incomplete POV, but I don't see him as a guy I would want on the team past this season.
  22. After tonight, I am going to say one name: Cominsky I had high hopes for this guy, but after tonight, I was hit with reality. He is either injured, has a personal problem or is flat out soft. I would consider cutting him and giving another young guy a shot.
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