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  1. He is not a "playa". He is a con man. Still, nice con. $12 million in an account that pays only 1% will render $120,000 per year without touching the principle. You figure that even a highly conservative investment portfolio should average 4%. That is, of course, $480,000 per year. A good manager should be able to do better.
  2. The quotations are to indicate my opinion of their training. I think that it is more likely that they are incompetent and under-supervised rather than just cold and calloused people. Paying higher wages attracts more qualified professionals. Is this a hospital or a nursing home facility? Were physicians called to the room? What are the policies and procedures for this type of incident (which probably happens often) and what sort of continuous training takes place there?
  3. This is almost unbelievable. I say "almost" because all of the factors are present to make this sort of thing quite common. I am not familiar with the facility mentioned in the report. I don't know whether this is a hospital or a nursing home. Regardless, this incident is a horrifying example of what could be happening very often. Health care dollars are funneled to the newest and latest innovations in medicine. Amazing advances are happening daily. Cancer and heart treatments are saving lives that would be lost. However, we are forgetting about the simpler, more mundane care issues. Hospitals and nursing homes are reimbursed at very low levels, when it comes to nursing level care. Consequently, hospitals economize by hiring fewer care personnel and paying them very low wages. It is easy to view the video and blame or even hate the people involved, but before we dismiss this as a rare case of callous idiots, I think we need to broaden the discussion to find real concrete answers. We all want to think that this is a rare occurrence. My sense is that it is not. Health care workers are some of the lowest paid people. And they are often under-staffed. So what happens is that you have ill-trained people placed under circumstances that are beyond their abilities and certainly beyond their control. Those workers did not respond to the cries of the patient because they were likely over-stretched and under-supervised. Once they arrived to the room, they were clearly not capable of rendering meaningful help. They were not properly trained. And when faced with a catastrophic circumstance and little knowledge/ability to navigate it, they defended themselves. The laughing in the video is not malicious. It is an expression of stress. It is a defense mechanism. Those "nurses" did not know what to do or how to handle the situation. They could have screamed or run about (like some people do) and be just as useless. Instead they laughed at their own incompetence. Critics will say that the nurses should have done a hundred different things. And they are right, but before we blame these "nurses" and walk away, let's look at the root cause of these egregious actions. Were these "nurses" properly trained? Did they conduct regular drills to keep them sharp? Are there enough "nurses" to handle the number of patients on that floor? Do those "nurses" have enough support from doctors who are readily available? Are those patients regularly evaluated during the course of the day to help prevent emergent situations like this? There are probably dozens of more questions that need to be asked and answered.
  4. Sustain drives on offense.
  5. Chancellor, Sherman and Thomas. We had better take their defense to the proverbial woodshed.
  6. I don't understand why Arthur insists to sign Goodell a full 18 months before his contract expires, but I support anyone against Jerry Jones.
  7. I really don't think that Quinn made the calls. I think he is pleased with Manuel's work.
  8. Yeah, well, Brian Hill said he was the best RB in this past draft. So, there's that.
  9. The league appears to be slow to adopt new technology in this case, but we have to allow for the possibility that this new helmet has not yet been proven to reduce concussions.
  10. D Campbell would be a good spy
  11. Devonta is a special exception. His leadership is undeniable. The man was team-first and his attitude helped create the brothership culture in the club house.
  12. If that is the case, then Kuechly should have been retired a while ago. We are talking about the long term effects of these repeated injuries. Machismo aside, logical thought and wise leadership need to prevail.
  13. That is not true. No one could predict Devonta's successive concussions. This is a time to think of the young man's life, not the business decisions made several months ago.
  14. I really like Freeman. I can't think of another Falcon that I like better. He is a man of character and a player with uncommon abilities. But, I am very concerned for this young man's life. His sudden sensitivity to concussions is alarming. Projecting forward, we can all expect for him to have subsequent concussions if he continues to play. And every concussive event increases his chances of CTE. We all want success for our Falcons. Heck, I am of a certain age that makes me worry that I will never see a Falcons championship. BUT, life is much more than football. If it is true that DF has been concussed multiple times this year, my suggestion is that Devonta take the rest of this season off and attempt to return next year. If he becomes concussed again next season, then I would come to an injury agreement and hire him as a coach. I like and respect Mr. Freeman for the man that he is. I want him to have a happy and healthy future. No football team's success is worth more than that.
  15. We lost our top RB in the first series. Dallas lost their top RB a few days ago. The Cowboys had time to scheme their way around Zeke's absence. In my opinion, the real loss for Dallas was their LT (T Smith). Without him in the lineup, Clayborn went to another level.