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  1. Both Freeman and Ito are good improvisors. Call run plays between the tackles and watch our little scat backs bounce to the open gap on the periphery. Balance that with quicker passing routes to the midlevel across the field. If Koetter continues to call slowly-developing routes, Matt will be in danger.
  2. Sick and tired of slogans.
  3. This sounds logical to me. I don't want to turn this into a "trash Vic" post, but I am really disappointed in his lack of production. I see him as a one-dimensional pass rusher. Nothing more. Quinn should just use Vic sparingly. And as far as re-signing him....I wouldn't.
  4. Most of what Gazoo posted makes sense. I don't think any logical person expected our OL to perform well. There have been too many changes and rookies need their time. Our special teams have been pretty bad for seasons. No surprise there. What really threw me off was the dismal defensive performance. Dan Quinn should have had the defense better prepared. Quinn sounded like he was really pissed during the presser. I don't blame him.....he should be very angry at himself. I don't know what he should have done better during the pre-season. All I know is that he unit was not prepared. Let's see how things shake out Sunday. We can expect Matt, once again, to be hurried. The question is whether Koetter will continue to call slowly-developing plays. If he does, we will see a lot of 3-and-outs. In my opinion, our offensive rush should be called primarily between the tackles. Both Freeman and Ito are quite capable of bouncing their runs to the periphery. Let them comes naturally to both runners. I don't want to see a lot of pitch plays and screens. Those devices don't work well when your blockers are not getting out to their secondary targets. And for goodness sakes, get the ball out of Matt's hands quickly! The poor guy has no meaningful mobility......he will get crushed if he has to sit in a pocket full of holes again.
  5. The team was not prepared for the first regular season game. That falls on the coaching.
  6. I would start Grace. Foye is worthy, but he has been nicked up a bit and I am worried that Deion might get hurt again. Foye is the natural back up to Deion, so why not keep him clean and ready to step in, if we lose DJ for any time? Having a smart and talented back up like Foye is a major plus for our LB group.
  7. The kicking issue with get resolved, one way or another. I think Vec will come around, but if he doesn't, another kicker will be signed. The OL has undergone major reconstruction. It is not reasonable to think that it will play to its potential immediately. They will likely struggle for 3-5 games, but I fully expect them to play well by week 6. We have better talent all along the OL, just give them some time. I believe the defense will be better because Quinn is directly involved. He will get more production from the DL by scheming them into opportunities.
  8. I read that Kaleb has had two previous cardiac ablations for his dysrhythmia. I hope all goes well, but keep in mind that the more procedures of this type, the higher the chance of complications. Let's hope he pulls through fine and is able to continue with his life.
  9. Gazoo, I could not agree more. I can not wait to see Matt Ryan finally stepping into his throws. We are less likely to see a lot of high balls from him this season. Our receivers are going to have a field day running after the catch.
  10. It is really a shame that Beasley has not developed over that past four seasons. To my eyes, he seems like a guy that is genuinely satisfied with his potential. We have all read stories about how Jerry Rice and Michael Jordan worked incessantly during off seasons. How they always believed that they NEEDED to get better. They dedicated themselves to their crafts and every year they improved some facet of the games. Although we don't know what goes on in Vic Beasley's mind, does anyone believe that he has the same attitude as Rice and Jordan? I know that Rice and Jordan are extreme examples, but does Beasley have even 10% of their desire to excel? He seemly is the same player year after year. He is fit and has enormous speed, but that is pretty much it. I don't have much faith in Beasley's progress. I hope that I am wrong, but I am expecting him to have a great game or two (probably against bottom-tier OL's), but nothing more. I don't expect him to perform up to his contract. It would be nice to be very wrong about him.
  11. MF, first of all, I want you to know that I don't pray much, but I certainly will for you tonight. Secondly, I am appalled that a doctor would leave such a message, instead of seeing you face to face. You need confirmation of this diagnosis. Go to a neurologist. The EMG test is very sensitive for MG but is not specific. You can try some rudimentary physical tests, but it is best that you see a specialist that knows what he/she is doing. One such test is to have someone hold resistance (wrist/forearm) while you repeatedly flex your elbow (like doing biceps work out). MG typically causes an increased weakness when the exercise is repeated. Again, this is a rudimentary test. The fact that your eyelids do not droop is kinda weird for MG, so once again, see a specialist. I hope you are OK.
  12. Quite the reverse. Shanny is a WCO guy....born and raised. Koetter is a 4-Vert guy with a lot of screen passes used to compensate for a weak run least until now.
  13. In my opinion Shanny's strongest point was his play-calling, not the system in its self. Shanny had a good grasp of how to use one play to set up the next two. A gifted OC watches the defense more closely than his own offense. Quickly finding tendencies and the resulting holes in the defense is crucial to out-calling the oppositions strategy. Can Koetter call a game as well as Shanny? I don't know.
  14. Yeah, I don't have a problem with OTA's. It is a shame that Means will not be able to compete this season. I hope he can return next year. Today's athletes are far more muscular than their predecessors years ago. There were fewer injuries in the old days primarily because there were fewer muscle fibers. Today, muscles, tendons, ligaments and bones are put to the test far more rigorously. The size and speed of these guys is way off the charts and it makes you wonder whether joints and ligaments were meant to withstand the forces they have to endure now. I think it is healthier to participate in OTA's. These guys should gradually ease into the work load. It is unfortunate to see a promising guy like Means go down with injury, but who is to say the the same would not happen the first day in camp? In a way, it is better for the team to sustain this injury now, than later.
  15. It's hard to say whether the DL is going to perform well or not. We have Jarrett, who, if he remains healthy, can disrupt just about any pass play. We have Davison who will likely improve our run defense. The rest of the roster features question marks. We could see improved play, or we can see more of the same. I feel the same about this DL as I have about every OL we have fielded for the past eight seasons.