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  1. We had the team to beat the Pats.......then our coaching staff gacked the game and threw it away. We already have the necessary personnel to beat the Patriots. The question is whether we have the coaching staff to get the job done.
  2. I may be wrong, but didn't Lawrence have some issues with unallowed substances in his body? Additionally, we can find a good run plugger in a later round. Why spend a first round pick on Lawrence? Seriously, we should be thinking OT, Edge or even a shut down CB in the first round.
  3. I have plenty of Jets and Giants fans around me at work. Both groups of fans have positive things to say about both of our signings. Beyond that, I don't know much about either OG. For now, I feel good about the signings.
  4. True. Ty was playing against some really poor teams in those last few games. But then again, those games will certainly provide Ty with "momentum".
  5. My thoughts exactly. Don't be shocked if we go CB or Edge in the first round.
  6. I am getting a lot of positive comments about Carpenter from Jets fans at work. I really like this signing.........much more than Fusco. I'll reach out to some Giants fans to ask about Brown.
  7. He is a better run blocker than Levitre.
  8. Music to my ears. We just signed two good run blockers that can hold their own in pass protection. Let's see if we can finally convert 3rd-and-short without having to rely on Ryan, Sanu and Julio making some fantastic play. It does not mean that we will not draft OL's, it just means that the focus is where it aught to be.
  9. I like that the OP is thinking outside of the box, but I have to agree with you. We need a real OL made up of legitimate OL talent. A blocking TE can be drafted much later and probably will be.
  10. Nice work on the mock. Having said that, I do have some criticisms. I can't argue with your first pick. I think Wilkins is a better NFL prospect than Oliver. He is bigger, stronger and has a non-stop motor. He competed at a high level and he is a leader. Oliver is a measurable guy that performed very well against low-level competition. Wilkins is the guy. There is no need for a trade. Tytus Howard is extremely raw and should be available in the 3rd for 4th rounds. McCoy, however, is ready for the NFL. If we draft him (and we should), he will have to be taken in the second round. I am reserving the 3rd round for either a CB (like Michael Jackson) or more likely a LB, like Jahlani Tavai. Draft Tytus Howard in the 4th, if you like. Let's hope we have an OL coach that can show him how to play the game. After the 4th, just take the best player available.
  11. I think both DT's would work out well. Personally, I think we should take Cody Ford......greater need.
  12. I think that we can realistically draft two starting OL's.....and I think we should. For example, we could draft Ford in the first and McCoy in the second. Both are nearly NFL ready, as is. Give them a good camp and they will out perform who ever is presently on the roster at OG. I feel very strongly about investing in this OL now. Of course, if we can some how sign a FA like Spain, then the second round choice will be wide open.
  13. Strong start. We would be fortunate to take Ford at #14.
  14. From the little that I have read, I think that both Lindstrom and M. Jackson will go earlier than you have listed. Gary is a gifted athlete, but I wonder about his desire to be great. Again, with little reading, my take away is that he is a streaky player. Ferguson is talented, but needs a lot of refinement. Bryant and Johnson are nice picks. I like M Jackson a lot. If he falls that far, I would take him in the 3rd round.
  15. At this point, we are looking at posturing from both sides. This deal will get done, and don't be surprised to see Jarrett get Aaron Donald money. No one in their right mind thinks that Jarrett is nearly as good as Donald. But, GJ is a close second-tier pass rusher from the interior and he is a great teammate. Jarrett will get paid the same as Donald because player prices go up every year. Donald's contract is probably two years old, so Jarrett will benefit from NFL inflation. The fact is that Jarrett and Julio will get crazy rich soon. I am not worried about Jarrett and his contract negotiation. We need to do something about Beasley's and Schraeder's contracts. It simply makes no sense to pay them at current rates. And, to be brutally frank, I feel the same way about Freeman. I like Devonta's ability to make something from nothing, but he simply does not have the body to withstand the punishment. To those that believe we should be more like the Patriots and let quality players walk, keep in mind that we do not have the coaching staff that the Pats have. We do not develop players as well as the Pats. We do not scheme and structure the offense and defense to make the most of what our players can do. In essence, the Pats are the Pats because they have the Belichick system and that mysterious guy behind the scenes, that makes BB look like a genius.