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  1. Understood, but an undisclosed surgery that expects him to be eligible to play "some time" during the season is not very encouraging. Perhaps when he is eligible to return, he will need a few weeks to get back into playing shape. There is no telling what sort of physical problem he has right now. If he can not suit up game one, then the team will need to have to come up with a solution for swing tackle. Clearly, this has to be viewed as a knock on an already suspect unit. Mayfield is an obvious candidate to plug into the swing tackle role, but I would not count on a rookie to
  2. Yeah, for some reason, I always like the guy and was hoping he would start for us. I hope the guy can come back to full health by mid-season. Shoot, it is beginning to look like he is not destined to start in the league.
  3. I like to visit NOLA. The people have always treated me well. I do feel sorry for them.........Cancer Alley, thanks to the plastic industry.
  4. The guy makes sense to me. I wouldn’t mind seeing his stuff on these boards for the whole season. I think he could add a lot of wisdom to the garbage we normally are treated to
  5. It's not about replacing one star player. It is about finally getting back to an offense that spreads the ball around and better OL performances. Ridley has already shown that he can perform at a high level without Julio and in an offensive system that was archaic.
  6. I am against retiring numbers, but if they would, I agree with all of the above except White and Abraham. Humphrey ahead of Abraham.
  7. They have moved to a 17 game season, so I would be concerned.
  8. Funny you should bring this up. I was remembering what Belichick advised a young Dimitroff years ago: Don't make the Julio trade. A star WR will not bring you a championship. Julio was a great player for us, but as you mentioned, WR's do not win championships. Good coaching and overall team quality win championships. We will all miss Julio, but don't be surprised if our offense gets better the next two seasons with an improved run game and a more diverse passing attack.
  9. We had one good DC (Shimmer) and very little idea of how to draft defenders.
  10. I don't agree but that doesn't mean that I don't like what Ridley will do in this offense. From the moment I saw him run routes as a rookie, I felt strongly that I was looking at a young Marvin Harrison. I believe he will have that kind of career. The reason that I don't think he will reach 15 TD's is because I am guessing that Pitts and Davis will get the lion's share of TD's. I am thinking closer to 10-12 TD's. But, hey, if Ridley tops 15, I am happy for him. He deserves a strong second contract.
  11. Yeah, I don’t think Roddy belongs ahead of Deion, Humphrey, Tuggle, or Nobis. He might not even be ahead of Fralic and Kenn. It is natural to feel more strongly about the more recent or the things that happened during a more impressionable age, but when talking about all-time greats, history must be respected.
  12. Two words: Red Zone Pitts is a far superior red zone weapon than Chase will ever be.
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