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  1. The crayola depiction shows a jersey that is red at the shoulders and then transitions to black downwards. Is that the plan? I have not seen it in person, but I imagine it would look pretty crappy. Are the new uni's being designed by the same group that came up with the present clown suits?
  2. I don't remember where I read "both knees" but I am certain that I read it correctly because I thought it odd that he would have trouble with both. Given that I can not reproduce the source, let's assume that it is inaccurate. So, he has significant arthritis in one a sense, his knee is 'older' than the rest of his body. His knee is bound to affect his performance. He is a gutty player with immense talent, but we should not expect him to carry a full-time load. It is not fair to him, nor is it in the best interest of the team.
  3. Exactly. Whether Vic put in a lot of time practicing is immaterial. He did not evolve with time. What ever he did off the field did not improve what he did on the field. Though I don't know the man, his play appeared uninspired and superficial. Chaisson appears to be a guy that will put football at the top of his priorities. Whether that will translate into a better player than Vic is something we will have to see. If Kinlaw and Simmons are off the board by the time we pick, I think Chaisson just might be the wisest choice.
  4. I am a Murray detractor. Not because I don't like him. I just don't think he will be a better LB than anyone we already have (this season). Keep in mind that Quinn and TD are fighting for their lives. They need to upgrade the defense for this season. Murray is a passionate player and consequently, he will be over-running plays, much like he has done in college. It will take a bit of time for him to be fit for the SLB position. As a rookie, he is a better fit at WLB. I also don't think that Murray will be the BPA at our pick. I think Kinlaw and Chaisson are both better prospects. I also think that Delpit and McKinney are better, as well. We need a SLB and I think we can draft one after the 1st.
  5. I have posted this in another thread. Artie is approaching 80 and victory was snatched out of his hands by a HC that did not have the stones to take charge of a game that was won. You can bet that Artie is salty and impatient. So, Quinn is on the hot seat and TD is not feeling all that comfortable. Matt Ryan and J Jones are getting up in age and the window is starting to close. So, we go back in time and shock the world by repeating what we did for Julio. We trade this year's and next year's first round picks, this year's third round pick and next year's second round pick to move up and take the guy they really want. Who is that guy? Young, Okudah, Simmons? Do I think they actually pull this trade off? No, but I think they are desperate enough to try.
  6. I hope not. I think he has the athleticism to do well at DE
  7. I think the Jax/Gurley comparisons are warranted. Although Gurley is a lot younger, he is said to have significant arthritis in both knees. I don't know what that will do to his running, but we are talking about a guy that is already showing signs of excessive wear and tear.
  8. We should keep Gurley under 15/game.
  9. Desperate Quinn and TD. Blank approaching 80 and pissed. I foresee a Julio Jones-type trade up. We give away this year's 1st, 3rd and a 4th and also next year's 1st and second rounders. We take that one guy in the first five picks, a CB in the second. The fan base pop their heads and then calm down and praise the move two weeks later.
  10. I here 'ya. It doesn't matter anyway. TD and Quinn are desperate, so it would not be a shock to see them trade away next year's first rounder along with a few more picks, to move up in this draft and take Okudah.
  11. Murray has great speed and athleticism. He should be a WLB and would probably star in that position. We, on the other hand, need a SLB.
  12. Nearly every write up includes his often maddening over-runs of plays. He is often baited into over-pursuing and is consequently washed out of making plays. It is not that he is not intelligent. It is that during a game, his passions over rule his thinking. I know that my previous post accused Murray of not being smart. What I should have written was that he is too passionate and that he should be more savvy than emotional. Duke Riley was far less intelligent than Murray but the same sort of thing happened to him. He took himself out of plays. I think that Murray will make a very good WLB in the NFL. And I think we will not be the team that drafts him.
  13. The present logo looks good, the problem is that it can hardly be seen against the black helmet. Something should be done.
  14. Deion Jones is fast, but his real talent is smarts. Murray is a fast athlete, but not very sharp between the ears. I would not draft Murray in the least not for the SLB position. I think he will look best a the WLB position. Give him straight up directives and he will execute. Murray is no Debo.
  15. further develop John Cominsky as a pass-rushing defensive tackle. While Cominsky primarily played as a defensive end in spot duty in 2019, the plan upon drafting him was to bulk him up further and have him rush the passer from the interior. Like OrthoPTSD, I this comment caught my eye. Judging from what I have read and the little that I have seen, it would be a shame to convert Cominsky into a DT. He has the quickness of a DE. If he can improve his hand technique, he could turn out to be a better version of this draft's Epenesa. As far as this mock draft goes, I think it misses on many accounts. Murray is a fine athlete and football player, but his processing and penchant for over-running plays is maddening. He is not as bad as Duke Riley, but he could end up being just as frustrating. He is probably a better fit at WLB, but I don't think he would be any better than what we have. I'll pass on Murray. Nick Harris? Really? That guy was considered the number one Center prospect for this draft last year. Year is very much over rated and looked poor in one of the post-season all-star bowls. No thanks. There will be better values at other positions. Like many others, I feel that this draft is shaping up for us to trade down. There will be WR's and OT's that will fall to #16. Those prospects will entice another team to work a deal with us. We can find good value moving down. There will be starter-quality players at the DT, CB and S positions that would provide better value to our team than K Murray.