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  1. Now that we have what appears to be an intelligent HC that runs a sound offense, I believe that Ryan will become a top 7 QB. And, if no drastic changes are made to the offensive scheme implemented by AS, I expect Ryan to remain very productive for the next four years. I can’t pick a QB prospect to save my life, so I should not render an opinion on any of the top QB prospects. If our FO thinks that one of these guys are a can’t-miss franchise leader, then pull the trigger and draft him at 4. But if there are doubts, then it makes much more sense to trade down and stock the roster
  2. I believe both Manning and Brady had few changes in OC’s and schemes. That is a significant factor
  3. Him and Shakur Brown. We need to draft either one. I have not completed my mock just yet but I plan to take either on in the 2nd or 3rd rounds.
  4. I don’t see four blue-chippers on this line. Lindstrom is a legit BC and Matthews is a borderline BC. Mack is as good as gone. This OL NEEDS an excellent LG, like AV-T. I think alternatives to AV-T are Mayfield, Carman and possibly Borom. However, none are as plug-and-play as AV-T. Given the present circumstances, we may opt for one of the alternates to build for the future. A super talent like Collins might be available to us in a trade down, and that might be the way to go.
  5. When you draft a QB in the first round, you have him on a cheap rookie contract for five years. If we use up two of those years as a backup, we miss the cap savings very quickly. In my humble opinion, we should trade down, acquire draft capital and draft a gifted QB on day three. Observe his progress and decide whether he is a career backup or a future starter. In the meantime, we use days one and two to draft much needed talent for the defense.
  6. I think both trade down with teams that need QB's. I see QB's going 1-2-3. That would leave us in the worst possible situation. There is only one other QB prospect that is consistently considered worthy of a top-10 selection: Lance. So, we would either draft at #4 or attempt a trade down with a partner that knows that they can draft Lance a bit later.
  7. Surtain, Harris, Mayfield and Collins will likely be drafted sooner than how they were above.
  8. I just tried the PFF simulator. The system looks good, but their algorithm needs a bit more maturing to get prospect rankings and team needs closer to what I think will be reality. Still, it was fun and I was able to quickly put together a draft that I would not mind. Here it is:
  9. Pardon my ignorance but who considers Sewell the best OL to EVER come out of college. I consider Orlando Pace and Anthony Munoz as the top OT’s to come out of college. Sewell is a top prospect but he has technical flaws (correctable) that put him at least a notch below the two I mentioned. As always, there is a lot of hype in draft talk.
  10. Under Shanny, Ryan was the best QB in the league. He has four very good years left in him. Why are we talking QB at #4? These boards are funny. Let's be smart and take a successor in the 4th round. This is the draft to do that.
  11. It depends on the prospects available. We could trade down and take a CB. The edge prospects are pretty much interchangeable, so taking one in the second round might not be a bad idea.
  12. I think two QB's and Sewell will be drafted in the first three picks.
  13. Not really a problem with me. Neal is a hitter, nothing more. And he is a hitter that will likely spend a lot of time on the trainer's table. I hope Quinny signs him. Our secondary needs players that can take the ball away, not players that make the occasional highlight hit.
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