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  1. We have had championship- caliber rosters for several years. Yes, this looks like the best ever. Will Quinn screw it up again? If a dullard like Orgeron can win the national championship, maybe a dunce like Quinn can steal a Super Bowl.
  2. So much talent on this team and so little to show for it. Dan Quinn
  3. You know, I am so disappointed in Dan Quinn, I would rather have a mind like Mack's running things.
  4. Not really buying Andru Jones. No one was better in the field, but I would opt for Felipe Alou, Rico Carty, Nixon or even Ralph Garr. just my opinion
  5. He talks a lot, so doubt is natural. Isn't it funny how money moves people? Let's hope he had a Roddy White moment this off season. Let's hope he has matured and figured out what it takes to be a professional.
  6. I do not feel confident. I am hopeful, but I am not confident that the OL will finally step up and perform to the level of the "skill" players behind them. Matthews is OK. He gets the job done most of the time, but he has a big question mark next to him. We do not have a definite answer at LG. The attempts to fill that position in FA have failed. The addition of Hennessey is, in my opinion, not an answer at LG. Make no mistake, this is a gaping hole. It can not be easy to handle the blindside protection of your QB when you have a slug at your side. The Center position is looking good. Mack is obviously terrific. His age is a concern, but I think the FO intelligently drafted Hennessey at the right time. We should be good at Center. The RG position is looking good......as long as Lindstrom remains healthy. Is he going to be one of those players that is considered good (AS LONG AS HE IS HEALTHY)? It is too early to know, but a significant injury early in a career is always a concern. The RT position is a question mark. Kaleb was lousy last year. He looked better in the final few games of last season, so, as a fan, I have a glimmer of hope. My hope does not change the fact that Kaleb had a very tough time in pass protection last year. Gono does not appear to be the answer. If he was, our FO would not have used the draft capital to trade up for McGary. The RT position rests on McGary's shoulders......and from what we have seen, KM has to improve NOW. So, while we are all hopeful that the OL plays better this coming season, I don't see how we can feel confident about it. All we can do is cross our fingers. The Super Bowl window is closing on this team. It would be a shame to have to wonder how things could have been with a good OL.
  7. Beasley, Freeman, Carpenter, And Brown stand out. Beasley and Freeman were straight up foolish mistakes that were born from desperation. And speaking of desperation, the two sub-par OG’s probably cost the same that Spain would have. i don’t like the Neal contract, but I understand the why.
  8. Butkis had a defense to support him and a Chicago press to hype him.
  9. I never liked Koetter’s scheme. I don’t like that his plays depend on the QB holding the ball for what seems like an eternity. However, he is considered league-wide, as a sharp offensive mind. (From articles that I have read but can not reference die to my limited memory) He is capable of adapting and will likely do a better job this season than last. Ryan has succeeded with DK in the past and will likely do the same going forward. The really great thing about Koetter as our OV is that he is likely not considered the new offensive genius. And that means that he will likely stay put. Ryan has played behind some awful OL’s but his main obstacle has been adapting to new OC’s over and over again. It time for some stability and for that reason, I am glad Koetter will be running the offense.
  10. I don’t know the guy, so I can’t predict how he will develop. His record speaks for itself. He is an average coach that lead his team to the greatest collapse in Super Bowl history.
  11. Are there similarities between Sheffield’s game and that of Brent Grimes?
  12. Let's face it, the Falcons were terrible last season. I have not done the research but I suspect that our "surge" last year was as much a factor of the quality of our opponents as the coaching changes. We showed two major weaknesses. I list them in order of importance (according to my beliefs) 1. The OL. Despite all the stats and BS talk, our OL was terrible. Ryan could not operate in a consistent pocket. The plays he made were because of his elite talent. Additionally, the rush blocking was bottom-tier. We simply could not sustain drives and we certainly had trouble scoring in the red zone. I blame the OL. They were terrible and if they do not significantly improve this season, we will see the same disappointing results. 2. The DL. The defense had a lot of problems. And I could have just as easily listed the lack of coordinated play in the secondary. I list the DL here because we had trouble stopping the run and we sure as heck could not get to the QB. DL play has to improve. It does not get any more fundamental than that. Despite the disappointing defensive performance that was led by Quinn, I believe that our offense played a larger role in our losses. We have the fire power to make big plays but I wonder whether we have the ability to do the simple, mundane and more important things like converting third-and-two.
  13. I am not a Koetter fan by any stretch, but if the McGary sacks were the result of Koetter's scheme, then we would have seen similar results across the entire OL. Koetter's scheme demands that the OL hold up the pocket for longer periods of time than Shanny's system. For that reason, it is a tougher situation for the OL. However, McGary was especially bad last season. The former rookie should get better this season and so should Lindstrom. With the suspected addition of the new rookie, Hennessey, McGary and Lindstrom have to get better. If not, we see the same results as last season.
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