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  1. As I look at all the QB's in the league, I think that Ryan is top five, but not top two. Here is my personal ranking: 1. Aaron Rodgers: He is simply the best. 2. Drew Brees: He gets a lot done with little around him. 3. Tom Brady: The champion is downgraded because they win with or without him. 4. Matt Ryan: Still rising and I expect him to crack the top 3 when 2017 wraps up. 5. Derek Carr: A rising star.
  2. I am not worried about the deal with Devonta. He deserves the money for his production, his character and his behavior. I am more worried about Coleman's future with the team. Will we have the cap space to pay him his worth?
  3. I agree. Though I think the total will be 3 in the next five.
  4. Beautiful photo. Thank you. The huge screen fits perfectly. It is immense, but not intrusive, like the one in Dallas. Any fan can watch the game and not be distracted by the board. Nice work.
  5. If we would have had a Tru, Shelby, and a healthy Clayborn, we would have held on. If we would have had a healthy Schraeder and Mack, we would have dominated. If our OC would have opened his eyes to the injuries on the field, we would have taken a knee twice and kicked the game-winning FG. IF, IF, IF
  6. Let's hope it continues to be our most used formation.
  7. As long as we have a threatening run offense, the play action will be successful.
  8. Exactly. It has been a long time since our defense has generated even a mediocre pass rush. I believe that we will have a good (not great) pass rush. If we get a chance to play the Pats again, we should be able to affect Brady in a variety of ways.
  9. Get physical with Brady and he folds. His offense did virtually nothing until their OL walled him off from our exhausted defenders. You are right, Brady is in decline. If not for the Seattle brain fart and our decline by attrition, he would have three rings and prospects for no more.
  10. We did not touch him in the 4th. Our D was gassed and had nothing more to give. Next time around, we will possess the ball more and we will have depth along the DL.
  11. Just hit Brady. He won't be a factor this time around.
  12. Freeman, Beasley, Julio and Ryan will likely be the four Falcons.
  13. What's done is done. Vick was not the only one that set the franchise back. Arthur made some really bad decisions during those years. He fired Reeves and hired Jr. He was also the guy that hired Petrino. Wow, talk about setting the franchise back! Everyone makes mistakes, but it takes a person of character to learn from them. I think Vick has learned and he is trying to do some real good. I am impressed by the man and I hope nothing but the best for him. I think Vick should retire as a Falcon and I think that the franchise is in the right state of mind to make it happen soon. Arthur also learned from his mistakes and he has really turned the franchise around. Well done, sir.
  14. Bottom line: We lost.
  15. Your account is accurate, except that I would not say that the Patriots got lucky. They stuck to their guns and continued to perform. Faced with a daunting hill to climb, they did not panic. They did not turn on each other. We did not have depth along the OL. Our injured OL's gutted out their play and they should be commended. We lost the game, despite having the obviously better set of starters, because we could not survive the game of attrition. You could say that we had bad luck with all the injuries, but you really can't dismiss the Patriots. They did their job.