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  1. I truly do not like to watch this team. As much as I love the franchise and have been loyal for over 40 years, this team is simply not worth me wasting three weekend hours. I don’t fault the players. I simply can’t stand stupidity. In this case, stupidity comes in the form of lack of preparation. This coaching staff thinks it knows how to prepare, but evidence speaks the contrary. All I can do is hope for more intelligence. What are my chances of seeing that happen with Rich McKay calling the shots?
  2. Um, I am starting to believe that Morris will not be retained. I don't think it matters if Koetter is here or not. The entire coaching staff will likely be scrapped.
  3. I don't know much about this Zack Wilson guy but the highlights provided in this thread show me a guy that does not see much pressure at all. Any guy can make the throws with a five foot penumbra of protection around him.
  4. I agree. When were vying for the first pick in this next draft, I was making the argument for drafting our next QB. In my opinion, you can not win consistently without an excellent QB
  5. It is a shame he has not had a good OL, or a consistent OC for most of his career
  6. I liked Terrell more than Okudah and stated so in the draft season. Okudah did not face much QB/WR talent. But, hey, it’s too early to tell
  7. Why should Payton respect our defense? Yes, of course, every NFL team has phenomenal athletes, so in broad terms, every one should respect each other. But let’s be real. This team has a pretty long record of allowing first-time starting QB’s to have top tier stats. Would anyone be surprised to see this new guy rack up over 300 yards in the air along with two TD’s and a ground attack over 110 yards? No, I didn’t think so let’s not worry about who respects us. Let’s just prepare like professionals and play like champions
  8. He is a class act and a heck of a player. I’d like to see him go on his own terms.
  9. Is that code for the Saints are going to score often on us?
  10. This is college football country. Hard core love of the minor leagues.
  11. If Morris is named HC after this season, my guess is that Koetter will resign. I have no knowledge, just going on a hunch
  12. What exactly was Baker accused of?
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