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  1. I want to share something with you guys (I know Baby doesn't want me to do this but) I recently lost a family member and this guy sent me a warm heartfelt message and I appreciate it immensely. People are not all bad as they might seem folks.
  2. So far he's avoided saying it's a process...so we got that going for us.
  3. Southern border crisis God help us @Big_Dog💩 regime...and now morel Liberal lies and deceit...it's hard to keep up with the Bidet's administration falsehoods but this is a start.
  4. How soon does the replace Ice with a high first round draft pick threads start coming out? Oh, and don't forget the fire AS threads as well.
  5. When you say work with me I immediately grab my wallet. Instinct, I've bought too many cars in my life I guess.
  6. If Ice put on some pounds could AS turn him into Derrick Henry? Asking for a friend.
  7. WFW has tried to help you over the years Cruncho, but apparently the Alpha Bull has failed.
  8. No, it's a downvote. I send him care packages, but apparently he says I'm not sending him enough. My momma told me if you feed a stray they never leave.
  9. That's like saying the Falcons won a moral victory yesterday having closed the gap with the Bucs to 28-25, only to lose 48-25.
  10. I was leaving the lake house last night and a herd of deer were in my front yard. There were 12 of them, I'd call that a herd wouldn't you Nancy/Don?
  11. It's sad they treat it like that, but Sussman is not safe, you know and I know it to be so.
  12. Covid, the left pays more to hospital's for "covid" deaths. Because no one fell harder for the Russian hoax than @Downvote Don or as you know him, Holy Moses.
  13. What are the odds Sussman mysteriously stops breathing before he flips on everyone?
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