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  1. There was improvement which is all we could hope for.
  2. I see what you did there. Who knew Kansas John Brown could run a 4.35 though? Didn't know they even timed them in the nineteenth century?
  3. Next time you need help with math Chief... 3:24-3:29 mark
  4. Who is DLed related to in this organization?
  5. Hush sweet Charlotte, you wanted the Falcons to draft QB Paxton Lynch. So you got no weight around here.
  6. You have no down arrows because most these Lemmings agree with your moronic POTUS Bidet she-it policies and lies like you do, doofus
  7. Nothing is favorable until we can play like a team.
  8. I didn't here because I knew how many in ABF would react, but I did 5 weeks ago several times on another thread. You can figure the rest out from there.
  9. This is a season for assessment of personel it not winning. If we let AS do his job and we think he is what we thought he is, then we have a shot down the road.
  10. I was trying to compliment them, personally, I'd rather not talk about the actual tragic demise of someone far too young.
  11. I can always be proud that I was right about the Russian hoax, "the call", fake/scm, etc etc. While most of you Lemmings (including you Grampie) fell for that she-it hook, line, and sinker...what fools
  12. No, I did lose a family member recently, and someone either you, or someone falsely representing you, sent WFW well wishes.
  13. He just put in a seasons worth of stats ..he's done
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