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  1. You revealed it yourself and who didn't already know? Leave funny to WFW and a few other's...you are not (nor your alts) that guy.
  2. Nothing wrong with being comfortable if you honestly earned it. No need to lie about that.
  3. Changing out the out tub during pollen season is @Big_Dog move. I should know better.
  4. Gold is going to $3k my brother. You should've asked for WFW advice. Ah what's a few dollars here and there among the rich, amirite?
  5. He was forced to do it. Many pundits in our DC area felt he would lose his job if he didn't select him, that's a big difference. He had no choice.
  6. Share that with some of your friends gold bar...Mmm Hmm So you're calling Leon, Dikster, NN, DFMods, NP, all of Moses alts little btches then? That's on you bro man up brother. We could all move on if some of us did have little Lemming children mentalities. +1 WFW
  7. I will admit that post Shanny Ice's footwork within the pocket and ability to slip tacklers (and his awareness) improved) no doubt about that.
  8. Could Pitts be worth the gamble at #4? I say no, but trading back, picking up 4 or 5 more high round picks in the next two years and say getting Pitts at #9 if he is there might be worth the risk. If he then doesn't turn out to be all world like some think, then the luxury of all those other picks helps the team out if he isn't the right pick. Build for the future, do not put all your eggs in the TE basket.
  9. Just posted the same thing, you live in the DC area as well?
  10. His dad didn't want RG3, he wanted Kirk Cousins which is why he drafted him. Dan Snyder was in love with RG3 and so drafting RG3 was fait accompli for Mike. This is my hometown team and the news around here at the time was very well known. Former Washington coach Mike Shanahan now says he never wanted to trade up for Robert Griffin III in the 2012 NFL draft — an easy claim to make now, and one Shanahan was slow to make publicly. In an interview with TheUndefeated.com, Shanahan says that after the 2012 draft, owner Dan Snyder called the team’s minority owners together to celebrate,
  11. This one goes out to my friend @Big_Dog...Decline of Liberal culture, there are many causes. I think the main one is: that Trump broke their brains...or formerly known as TDS
  12. The OUCH QB list Which is another safe reason "among all the other reasons" we'd be wise to trade down.
  13. So true. The Ice restructure should've been a "clue" for these guys, but sometimes anvils falling on heads does not carry the Road Runner weight it used too...
  14. You need 100 posts. The brass want to make sure you're Falcons worthy before they turn over the reins. Don't worry young Padawan, have you red some of these veteran poster topics and replies? You're in like Flynn, just be patient.
  15. Yes, I'd take a chance in the 2nd round on him but I doubt he falls that far.
  16. Can we put disclaimers on posters that have family ties to a prospect? Asking for a friend.
  17. I just don't won't to be pushed around. I used to get tired of people saying that's what we were under Quinn, because inevitably those defense broke after a lot of bending. One thing I like about Pees defenses is he disguises and mixes up his coverages way more than Quinn (Quinn was so predictable when his scheme wasn't working) ever did and he's better at sending more rushers if the front four aren't getting there.
  18. True, but I want a junkyard mean defense, not one that just bends but doesn't break. That is sometimes a euphemism for a she-itty defense.
  19. Congrats, now if it could be changed to the "Curb Your Enthusiasm" theme.
  20. But she knows curbside takeout numbers by heart...
  21. I agree with this 100%. TOP is very important on keeping the defense off the field. The less they are the fresher they are in crunch time. One of my "needs" along with the trenches, defense, was a stout running game. I mean one that get get a 3rd/4th and short when the other team knows we are running the ball. We haven't had that in years and we desperately need that again. That's part of fixing the defense right there, not turning the ball over on downs.
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