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  1. I do the same for you, it is an odd mutual disrespect. Oh, the description doesn't fit in this case. peck·er·wood /ˈpekərˌwo͝od/ noun DEROGATORY•INFORMAL a white person, especially a poor one.
  2. The rising crime wave started last summer and the left's reluctance to prosecute (letting the arrested back out of jail) and the defund the police movement (and now the good officers resigning and looking the other way on crime) is the problem. To solve this, we need more police, better training, and yes, more money for the departments. WFW is claim is true
  3. Well, someone (unnamed) 2.9% drop rate is in the hands (pun intended) of another team now.
  4. The opponents feasting in the second half against the Falcons under Quinn will be over with Pees.
  5. I'd take a top 10 defense for sure. Pees has a track record, and there has been some revamping this off season. With the turnaround and new personnel and scheming, above average would be nice this season.
  6. Agreed, there are probably a few more among them that would resist removing the filibuster. They just haven't come forward or they are just lying to Schumer, so they can remain off the record for the moment.
  7. Love you Gramps, but put on your spell check, son. Dilemma
  8. Just nice to not see Breesus across the line from our defense. We'll take care of Winston.
  9. Usually Dollar Stores are in rural septic tank areas makes...thin 1-ply makes perfect sense only half purple
  10. I like the fact our new HC and FO are trying different things that may or may not work. Repeating staus quo hasn't worked for the Falcons in the past so let's see what our new regime can pull out of a hat.
  11. This should go without saying.
  12. So sorry for your loss My mother died from cancer in 2005 same situation. She was doing hospice (a hospice nurse) in her home. I remember the DNR notice on her door for two weeks prior...I hated that F******* note, but I understood her wishes.
  13. I didn't even look it up, but I want to say we had 300 yards rushing that game?
  14. Wow, I thought Texas was bad.
  15. How do you feel with Gage as our #2 WR? I feel as pert as a ruttin' buck...3:48 mark
  16. Lincoln valet service is amazing. No fuss no muss, and they leave you a car at your house. @Big_Dog thanks for the kind words yesterday I hope your birthday and father's day were great.
  17. They are spoiling me this weekend at the lake...all you father's enjoy your day.
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