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  1. Future HOFer There might be two more on that list, but Ice is definitely getting in. There are 5 big name QBs who will probably go in the first 10-15 picks. Who knows if any of them will pan out? Trade down this draft and build a future.
  2. ^This, one of the big five will be there for the taking and the Broncos know there opportunity is this year to grab one. Drew Lock is not there future and they know it. They might just be blowing smoke up everyone's *** in lieu of upsetting the drafts apple cart.
  3. I'm all about getting the most we can possibly get for #4, even if that means someone like the Jets screwed the pooch. All the more better even.
  4. Sopranos. Tony calls Adriana, (Christopher's girlfriend to say he attempted suicide and he will send Silvio (another mobster one of Tony's guys) picks her up to take her to Christopher. instead, Silvio takes her to the woods in the middle of nowhere for the purpose of whacking her, reason being she had been talking to the FBI and they thought she would turn/rat them out. Great scene.
  5. If we don't fix this defense (and get a running game) we ain't winning she-it. I don't care how many weapons Ice gets.
  6. Nope one of their rare good picks. The Texas Rangers selected Gallo in the first round, with the 39th overall selection, in the 2012 Major League Baseball draft. Rather than enroll at LSU, Gallo signed with the Rangers for a $2.25 million signing bonus.
  7. That is my point about Daniel's and I agree with you. All the good pictures they drafted they were impatient and went to other teams and became stars so he was bad with that as well. Joey Gallo was drafted by the rangers and they developed him so that's a plus and one for their side. Like I said earlier I wish Nolan Ryan had stayed with the organization. The team was running good when he was VP (part owner) of operations and worked with the pitching staff. Him and Daniels were bumping heads and the ownership sided with Daniels.
  8. This is so true and JD way overhyped as the Rangers boy genius during his tenure. Truth is despite a few good moves Daniels lopsidedly made some really bad trades. Now ex pitcher Young is GM, but Daniels is president/ceo of baseball operations. No way a failed GM should still have so much say in the Rangers organization. The Rangers have effed up when they forced Nolan Ryan out of the organization and took on the new ownership (Davis and Simpson) that wasn't Mark Cuban. These owners have been filling the roster with retrads since their glory days and not spending at all, thus putting a horr
  9. They played last season without the shot. This season Biden has promised everyone that wants it will have it by the end of May. Players and coaches all now have the opportunity for the vaccine. Really the problem is moot at this point. Let's not make this more of a difficult time than it has to be.
  10. This is my take as well. Hard to believe he would consider replacing the QB he drafted when everyone knows (including TD) Ice still has some game left.
  11. How many different ways can this be asked? The answer is still no, trade down, be smart, gain 4 or 5 more picks over the next two seasons and draft BPA at the 1st round spot we trade down to. So it is said, so it shall be written. -WFW
  12. That's the plan brother...well at least my plan
  13. Yes and yes. And if you look at your first bolded statement "not one singular piece is going to turn this team" then the second bolded statement, which is also my philosophy, seems to be the correct answer.
  14. Agreed. If we can get Pitts after a trade down then its a bonus. But things we could do with 4 or 5 top round picks in the next two seasons could push this team over the hump vs. a TE that could be great, average, or mediocre.
  15. Agreed. No reason we cannot do this and many places do. The reality is Americans want voter ID's and polls show this overwhelmingly. And for people that argue minorities don't (that is just a canard) because the latest Rasmussen poll showed 69% of black people want voter ID. So the questions should be, access to it and make it free. New polling shows that a large majority supports voter ID laws that require individuals to show a photo identification before voting, including almost 70% of black voters. The poll, released on Wednesday by Rasmussen Reports, found that 75% believe ph
  16. It's the motion of the ocean...that's why water beds were so popular in the 60s and 70s, then in the 80s came sea sickness, Dramamine, and a slew of other problems.
  17. Seriously, if you get to 99, aren't you just pushing for 100? It's got to be good on your afterlife resume?
  18. Normally, I'd believe almost anyone that said this, but your record with people being "history" is not very good.
  19. I want to think this is the start of the 22' midterms. If he is around that long due to his battle with sex addiction with underage girls (allegedly) and nail his *** if he has done so.
  20. Because they don't fear any retribution now. Circle back to me in a few months and we'll discuss this further.
  21. That would be a coup for the Pats...in other words, not nearly enough compensation for us.
  22. My question is, how did Loomis not cheat in 16' ?
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