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  1. ^This No team is going to trade before they know what is available at the 4th spot. And Broncos haven't reached out...that we know of, not like they're letting the rest of the league knowing what they're doing.
  2. Just found this out about an hour ago and literally you are right. I was talking to my neighbor (a sports writer) and we were discussing the Falcons draft and I mentioned our new HC and he said he covered him as a high schooler at Georgetown Prep in Bethesda Maryland. Said he was a goofy rich kid (son of the FedEx founder) and a jokester, didn't take things seriously, and he was just an odd duck. He said his career petered out at UNC after some injuries. Man, your post and my conversation with my neighbor is perfect timing.
  3. DALLAS (with Quinn) will get to enjoy this stat come late 3rd quarter and through the 4th quarter...better them than us.
  4. 40s in shorts is a lot different that 40s in pads. So guys are quicker and play at football speed in their pads, some guy don't like all the gear and don't run as well in there pads. The 40 is just a measuring stick, there is a reason we all hear the phrase that a certain player has game speed.
  5. No, I didn't notice that and personally I don't think one has anything to do with the other. There are supposedly 5 really good QB prospects, so you're saying that Shanny was willing to forego QB in this draft and wait a year for Ice to be traded a year later, but since we restructured, Shanny traded up instead? With these 5 highly rated QBs I think he just wanted to make sure he would get one of them and being in the #3 slot assures him of that.
  6. It would sure help. A good pass rush turns good corners in great corners all of a sudden...funny how that works.
  7. All the more reason a QB needy team has that same temptation. The more the merrier, I'm looking for the biggest draft haul we can personally get. This should be the draft that builds our team for the next 5 years or so.
  8. Enforcing the laws would be part of the no bill after the immigration reform is signed into law.
  9. There is a reason why a comprehensive immigration bill hasn't been passed in the last 50 years. Both sides of the aisle benefit from keeping things the way they are. Of course this doesn't stop the finger pointing as each side tries to sway the public as to why legislation cannot be passed. To me this should be rather easy. We helped create the mess and confusion, lets make all DACA and their parents in this country on a path/course to citizenship (be it 12 or 30 million) just get it done. Secure the borders, have asylum claims done in their own country while awaiting a case hearing, ha
  10. I've always enjoyed the ponies. Used to take my kids when they were little, I would let them each play a number and we'd put it on an exacta ticket. Gave them something to root for and every now and then they would win some money. I never really hit anything big, I just enjoyed it for fun. Same thing when we go to Vegas, the wife and I just gamble for fun and take in the shows, never really thought about trying to win big, it was more for the entertainment of it. The only person I've ever witnessed winning big at the track was my father. He was always a lucky gambler. Glad you
  11. I don't know about scraps, I like the Harmon pickup.
  12. Did you win on the ponies? Eating stuff too spicy affects my aortic stenosis, which makes my blood pressure go up.
  13. Yep. My bad on the no trade part, I missed that. No trade then it would be Sewell or Pitts then. Etienne will be gone, Harris would be gold, but I'd be happy with a pick between (Williams, Carter, or Hubbard) in rounds 2-4.
  14. This is my hope as well. But if my hand is forced I would probably go Sewell. I like Surtain and we need more help on defense, but Surtain is just too high for that spot. We can pick him up after a trade down. Pitts is also in the picture after a trade down, but not at #4 for me.
  15. For me it's close between Davis and Harmon. Both not flashy and overlooked, but man, they are solid players that make plays. The kind of players every team needs.
  16. . @Eric_Edholm told @jmch316 that he suspects WFW the Falcons are likely to "move the pick"https://t.co/2pegVY507k — 92.9 The Game (@929TheGame) April 17, 2021 There it's official....
  17. For the most part I like it, love where you have us selecting Tremble. Surtain has been projected 10-15 by some, I think we can do our trade down and still get him. Also, I'd like to see our RB of the future taken between rounds 2-4 depending on how strong the team feels about the position. If they don't go RB there, then the team must be putting more stock on Ollie. Hufanga, Polamalu? Wouldn't that be nice.
  18. Problem is a lot of those points come from (the Quinn era) late 3rd quarter and in the 4th quarter. Quinn's defense could not close games, as a matter of fact, their defense were porous late in games, scheme, philosophy, personnel, and general lack of confidence in the staff were all attributors to these late game failures. I have no reason to doubt that tweaking the personnel and schemes, and giving Pees the reins we can reverse that trend rather quickly.
  19. All sorts of passing records, very durable, rarely misses a game, and to my knowledge, I cannot remember one time ever he threw a teammate under the bus?
  20. SB for Ice is just Icing on the cake..pun intended) but rest assured, this guy is a HOFer. And all those other things are nice, but I betcha Ice is the kind of guy that doesn't need or want that stuff. Dayum PS, he ain't like you and me...
  21. This would be a coup in many ways. Notre Dame is long known as TE University (Along with the U) So the Trade down to help build this team while we build the trenches, defense, and get our RB of the future is done without putting all the eggs in the Pitts basket. Tremble is on the rise, is a great athlete, has the speed and size (4.59 40) for the position, and comes from a system that turns out many great TE pros. I'm all for it, He is a day 2 prospect whom I think we could get with our pick in the 3rd round. I'm a huge fan of Pitts, but being a smart shopper, this is the way I'd g
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