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  1. I have nearly 130k posts...posting who's your momma will work or Championship
  2. You're gonna get older man, at some point your body will not be able to handle the rigors of physical labor. Maybe you don't work in a building, but you might have to consider advancement in the field you work in. I've hear you complain about the toll its taken on you, it doesn't get better as you age, trust me on this. that's why I gave up blue collar work in my thirties.
  3. I know y'all had a bad Hawks evening last night, but the highlight of the evening for WFW was this post. I bookmarked it, took a snapshot of it, and will have it made into a wall hanging photo. You cannot make this she-it up.
  4. Phone is about dead, we can pick this up some tomorrow, although I have many lake duties and a dinner date with cove neighbors.
  5. WFW didn't get this far in life worrying about what a mostly Liberal site thinks of him. I come here as the reasonable voice of opposition and for the strudel. 1:23 mark
  6. I'm not a Hawks fan but if we can bring a championship to Atlanta I'm all for it. Although I'd rather it be the Falcons.
  7. You keep acting like what I'm saying doesn't have a flare of purple. JFC man, do you need an anvil to fall on you? Bass were hitting buzzbaits tonight.
  8. You'd be surprised. The on air persona is not the private persona of some like Nancy/Don/Moses...that's where we have meaningful thoughtful conversations.
  9. At least we're friends through all the chaicainery we can laugh about this while entertaing ABF. Yes, I knew Dr. Naismith.
  10. Au contraire, you started it. I had never downvoted you until you started running them off me a week or so ago. Then like a little blank you said for every one I downvote from me, you'll down vote me 100 times. I guess you made us downvote buddies for life... Notice how sponge is hesitant to post now...
  11. And Sponge spent the few days before that downvoting WFW over a 1000 times. Your pep talk is placed at the wrong person. Apparently it bothers him in bunches.
  12. Grow a pair dude. You downvoted me nearly a 1000 times last week, so I figured you were lonely for WFW. You got what you deserved, and if you want to keep playing I got all the time in the world. And you'll be embarrassed to know WFW didn't cry to anyone unlike you crying to JD about it.
  13. It worked for me thanks is trout. He doesn't know other people have done it to me...it really does bother him.
  14. They went from Breesus to Crab Legs. Tell me swampers aren't upset? F*** the saints/swampers/rat-faced-boy
  15. This guy has come out of nowhere. Would be a great story for ROY.
  16. He's the real deal, not just coach speak like our previous HC.
  17. What your basically saying is he has a WFW feel to him...thanks brother
  18. @Big_Dog for your eyes Gramps. @Big_Dog like the new avi Barn
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