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  1. Jesus man...he's doing this without at least three pieces of the puzzle? And a team that had no offense all season keeping the D' on the field way too long! We help in out in the draft and FAs his D' will be stellar! I'm thinking FS, ILB, either DL, or OLB!
  2. I'm counting on the Jets to beat KC. This scenario is only if all the teams currently winning go on to win. That would be great and the best of both worlds!...plus it would shut up these azzholes who prayed for us to lose!
  3. To me it screamed don't get rid of Emmit Thomas!!!!!11 Somehow this team is showing heart, and I think he is a big part of it. Hue Jackson has proven himself in calling plays, and Zimmer just needs a few more pieces, and a little more luck as far as injuries are concerned. My sentiments exactly on the coordinators...unfortunately Emmit won't be hired as HC!
  4. Yeah because rooting for a team to lose on Week 1 of a season where anything can happen (like worst to first curse) is the same as rooting to lose in Week 17 in a meaningless game against an opposing team that's not even a rival, who you can't even play spoiler against, while they are playing their backups. good point. Am I proud my team squeaked by a team that didn't care if they won by playing the subs? some pride. . If they really didn't care their core starters would've been in until 3rd on O', and 4th on D'...Tell that to Holmgren who was bitching out his palyers with 54 seconds to go!
  5. I disagree...I believe Zim and Jackson are keepers and have proved that without Pigtrino around to ef them up!
  6. It wouldn't hurt my feelings a bit! Also retain Hue...we have seen what he can do without Pigtrino!
  7. Listen, I think your wrong as I've said to others in threads like this. You don't know where we'll end up depending what the other teams do! We have extra 2nd and 3rd round picks we can move up wherever we want if we dsire to do so. Who knows what the new GM, HC, and front offices direction we'll be...maybe they'll trade down for more picks! I like McFadden as much as the next person, but if it's meant to be it will happen, if not, so be it! I'll support the new FO and hope we get the real deal this time! Maybe it's a blessing in disguise by not spending so much on a possible RB without fixing the O-Line!
  8. I told JB your sorry azzes would end up 9-7! Good luck in the playoffs...:w00t::P:hehe:
  9. It is official now! I'll bet their sorry azz fans are getting real drunk right about now because as you notice none of them have been on here in the last 1 hr and 30 minutes since their defeat....7-9 SB pretenders...I'm going to harrass your sorry azzes all off season...going out the Falcons look like the better team right now!
  10. Not just the 2nd or 3rd pick but a pick in the high 30s and high 60s and high 90s. To be honest Im more bummed out about what it does to our later rounds than what it does to the 1st. The later rounds is when the needs you have in common with the rest of the league start to stand out Listen, let's not be dillusional here. Jamaal Anderson RB was the last late round impact player (1994, 6th round) pick that amounted to anything...those diamonds in the rough are rare and ours was thirteen years ago!
  11. Listen as a fellow Virginia Falcon fan of 35 years myself, I understand your frustration, but it will turn out alright. A possible few slots up or down isn't going to make this team, a winning GM and HC, and new front office is what will turn this franchise around! Enjoy the win and hope Blank makes the right decision this time! Oh yeah. I have TONS of faith in the front office. The same front office that thought hiring Petrinio was a good idea. The same front office that thought they did the right thing until after they saw him on ESPN taking the Arkansas job. Right now I don't think anything will be different. Listen chicken little...unless you don't watch the news or read a paper...Blank is in the search for a new GM and HC! I'd call that part of a new FO...!
  12. That shows you how much the Seahawks wanted it! Most other teams that had nothing to play for would've kept going like the Seahawks did...I glad the Falcons didn't lay down!
  13. Listen as a fellow Virginia Falcon fan of 35 years myself, I understand your frustration, but it will turn out alright. A possible few slots up or down isn't going to make this team, a winning GM and HC, and new front office is what will turn this franchise around! Enjoy the win and hope Blank makes the right decision this time!
  14. I think we'll trade or FA for the starter, Redman will backup. We'll draft Colt Brennan for the future and that will complete our list...Shockley will likely be gone!
  15. That'll never happen after this years debacle of retreads!
  16. I agree...I think you'll see O-Line or D-line in the first ( unless McFadden is available) and what I've been saying all along Colt Brennan in the 2nd round!
  17. Listen, everyone needs to relax! I wanted McFadden as well! I think he might be a franchise back like AP and we can still move up to get him with our extra 2nd! But if our new front office chooses not to do that then so be it. I'm proud of our team today and we learned Redman is more tha a serviceable backup which is good new for us! We do not know where we'll end up in the draft if certain teams win today...we may end up in the same spot so relax. McFadden may not be the be all end all that we thibnk it's a gamble, I wanted AP last year as you all know, but maybe this ends up being a blessing? If we end up in the top four we know we're getting an impact player who may or may not turn this franchise around...I have more confidence in a good GM and coach to turn this around rather than 3-4 slots doing it in the draft!
  18. You don't know that, other teams may step it up and play for pride as well! The Seahawks wanted to win you could see it on Holmgren's face! We may remain in the 3rd slot if others win...anyways how do you know we don't use our extra 2nd round pick and move up! Relax it is what it is...
  19. Regardless of who our HC is, I would love to retain Jackson and Zim!
  20. Agreed! We don't know what he **** is going to happen...maybe Jets and St Louis still win...Maybe with our extra 2nd round pick we move up...who the F%#k knows! Relaxc people...I want McFadden or Dorsey and it can still happen...so STFU!
  21. i agree with the FS, but i think we need a SS also, and mayb a ILB( if tony taylor cant handle it), and a DT. If McFadden is gone and Dorsey is still available there's your answer...I also want Zim so we can keep his strength at the 4-3!
  22. I agree with the players anothe DE, ILB, but a real FS a stud!...Keep Zim...keep Zim...keep Zim!
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