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  1. from the last few games i've watched garcia is taking a pounding on his old frame. the rb position due to injuries is not holding up, but the defense is still playing solid...is it enough to get them through? considering their early season record it appears they are starting to fall off!
  2. the once 3-1 and 4-2 bucciess are now 4-4, and in danger of falling below .500 for the first time since opening day. do they go in reverse against the 3-4 cardinals at home? or do they take advantage by beating another wc contender in the cardinals? for many bucciesfans the once promising season (which brought many of their fans back to the afmbs) is slowly sinking and hinges on garcia's fragile 38 year old body. do they hold course? steady as she goes...or will they run a ground in shallow water?
  3. no thank you! mcnabb is a good player, not great. besides he's getting older and i think his best years are behind him. besides he has never won anything on a higher level that was expected of him and he is injury prone...and philly has had better teams and defenses than us for the most part, so it is not like he would do better here! it is time to make our future with petrino and (his guys, draft picks)more than likely starting with qb brohm!
  4. smith is a baller! jarrett would be wise to listen to him! not many in the game has the drive smith has...if half of the panthers team had his will, drive, and tenacity, the panthers wouldn't always be the paper champions!
  5. one step closer to the title...beating 3 teams in a row with combined win totals of 6 wins between them! maybe one step closer to falling out of the top 15 in draft picks!
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