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  1. Actually your right! We will draft 2nd if that holds and all you guys thinking the Rams will draft ahead of us are crazy! We have the same record and they beat us head-to-head so that breaks our tie! http://walterfootball.com/draft2008.php
  2. I've been preaching this all along...He is a 2nd round pick and he'll be there if we want him; that is precisely why we should pick McFadden with our 1st, Brennan in the 2nd!
  3. And the Falcons...you better believe it!
  4. It doesn't matter what you think your done...don't act like you didn't want to win...truth is we knew are sorry azz division would be won with a 9-7 or 8-8 record!
  5. I don't think it's his nature...he is a competetive high octane athlete who wants to win and he is still young...mistakes are part of that combination.
  6. I seem to remember we had no trouble there in 02' handing GB their first playoff loss ever at Lambeau! NO is pretty much done except for shoveling the dirt of them!
  7. Eagles have their problems as well...and their switching franchise QBs next season to who is it Kolb?
  8. Matt is still a young dude, and had to change to a new O this season. I think he has what it takes, personally. They still need a much better line and a faster, fresher RB. If they get a better back than James(who was the shizz in the day) and some better OL, they will have a ridiculous offense. Agreed...I aways thought the Edge was overrated anyways coming from Indy where the holes were always there because opposing D's didn't know what to expect, run or pass!
  9. Hall is frustrated I'm sure he said it in anger if it was said at all...you play foir Pigtrino and see how you feel! As far as playing for the Saints you have no value in a trade that I can see unless your willing to give up Will Smith, or Colston, other than that there is no trade we'd make with you guys!
  10. I agree, but one thing is for sure if Dallas got him there will be at least one good back available...they won't be able to pay Jones, Barber and DMAC all at the same position!
  11. I think the Whis has the team on the right track although Kurt is not their answer and thing look up in the air with Matt right now!
  12. Same thing that will happen to Saints fans after this weekend!
  13. I didn't say Mario was better...I said he would've made an impact on the D'...which is more than Bush has made on the offense...Stecker is more valuable and productive right now than Reggie has ever been!
  14. Of course we don't have to mention his most classic one...
  15. One thing for sure is, if it is Marty then we will pick McFadden if he is not already gone with Miami. Marty loves the franchise back and he is not afraid to use a rookie QB!
  16. Sr. always had great quotes, I miss his post game interviews!
  17. :hehe::laugh: I like the Patriots, too. :P When I see a bandwagon I always look on the back and sure enough irishboy is sitting there with a big grin!:w00t:
  18. You were?! Why didn't you take me up on my offer for another bet! :hehe: Need I mention the state of the Falcons at this time sir?...Betting anything on them right now is not only foolhearty, it is just plain stupid, "stupid is, as stupid does" my momma always said.:hehe:
  19. I agree with you on Pigtrino, Ovie, and Reggie...no argument here!
  20. Sorry fellas you do not make a RB the 2nd overall pick to be a developmental player, or say it takes time...he was supposed to be an impact player and he is not. So regardless how you want to slice it, he is a disappointment (some might say bust) for the Saints as it stands now. Mario would've helped strengthen their D' and Stecker as he has shown is way more valuable to the Saints than Reggie!
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