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  1. Word on the street is Gaetz money got in just before Eric Swalwell's.
  2. They've been jumping on you and your Trump/Dems conspiracy theories lately, some of which I agree actually. Love to help you out bud, but I'm knee deep in some financial dealings/building project, and I'm at limited posting capability for now.
  3. Who knew this thread would turn out like this? Back on topic...**** Mingo and the saints/swampers/rat-faced-boy
  4. I advocated the Bill Clinton plan, where he wanted to get people off generational welfare and he had temporary restrictions in place until he got them off welfare. We also know that the majority of welfare recipients are overwhelmingly poor white GOP voter's, so that pretty much defeats your angle on this, the voting community you're aiming at, and such.
  5. "I am afraid that there is a certain class of race problem solvers who don't want the patient to get well, because as long as the disease holds out they have not only an easy means of making a living, but also an easy medium through which to make themselves prominent before the public. " - Booker T. Washington
  6. Been at the lake and I'm involved in two major business deals right now. Libertad al pueblo Cubano.
  7. Your TDS knows no bounds. Worry about the guy you have in office now, Trump is old news.
  8. I'm on an extended stay at the lake, gearing up for guest's and partying this weekend. Enjoy your family and friends, for this country's celebratory birth.
  9. Blanket statements are stereotypical and dangerous. I mean I could say why do Dems hate poor people? Reason being, gas prices this upcoming holiday week will be at a 7-year high. This affects the poorer population who may have traveled this upcoming week but are now hesitant with record high prices. Along with the higher gas prices, goes all commodity prices etc. Then one could say, why do Dems hate poor people? Since this is not a rich person's problem, but a poor person's problem, when prices go up as inflation goes up. It doesn't lead me to say the Dems are fascists and dangerous though, I just think policies are poor and misguided for the most part.
  10. I think Winston will be the starter and Hill will play the same role as he did under Breesus. Unless of course Winston goes on his interception spree then there will be a change.
  11. Yep, teams used to give out way too much money for unproven college players who sometimes failed. The new wage scale is the best way to go. Players can earn their money once they have proven it off their rookie contract.
  12. ⁷ Not unless that Lasik somehow improved his arm motion and footwork.
  13. Herm Edwards said it best, you must run to win the game. Yes I know, play/run, what's the difference? We all know what he meant.
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