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  1. When we started running well early there was an opportunity to go play action and take our shots down field, but we didn't, later in the game we couldn't because the OL collapsed. AS called a horrible game, but it is one game, let's see if he makes the adjustments needed. He definitely needs to open up his playbook, we were so vanilla it wasn't funny.
  2. That's okay, you apparently don't understand what burnt toast is, which is what every poster has done to you in this thread.
  3. Just read your posts in this thread and come back to me when either, your maturity or puberty leads you to reason with some sort of clarity.
  4. Pitts is a decoy in the redzone...sound familiar Julio?
  5. In lieu of AOC wanting to tax WFW more, her dress made me hungry for Chick-fil-A all of a sudden.
  6. Diky, if you had half of WFW dream, well you'd have 1000s of times more than you have now...
  7. Okay ne'er-do-wells, Amazon is offering a $3k signing bonus and $18-22.50 an hour to start. Thank you Mr. Bezos for getting some of these freeloaders back into the workforce.
  8. Down goes Frazier down goes Frazier
  9. Ice doesn't/didn't deserve that OL play yesterday.
  10. I think Pitts will be a playmaker, but we are so bad in the trenches TE wasn't the position we needed.
  11. You will never hear about WFW complain about the market going up. It's all the other 💩 Bidet Is f****** up that concerns WFW, Grampie.
  12. That Bidet just needs a very long nap, and when he wakes up, under no circumstances, not to touch anything except his bottle if Ensure, and have @Big_Dogchange his depends.
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