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  1. My problem with Rexy besides being a Ryan, he makes it about him and not about the team. He is a good defensive mind though.
  2. I have no problem with either player. My only problem is they both can be had with a trade down.
  3. I put part of the blame on Sark. He knew coming in they wanted him to run a version of Shanny offense, he was told he would not have full control and make it his own offense. At that point you've gotta say thanks but no thanks and move onto another job where they give you control of your own offense.
  4. Obama was not who I'd like to blame, Joe is. If you remember Biden was "selected" as VP for his vast foreign affairs knowledge, and @Big_Dog said Biden would not let that happen, when in fact it was Biden who advised Obama what to do in 14'. And don't copout out on "this is complicated" BS, Moses. So decision's are only complicated when a (D) is office. Good to know.
  5. Cool chick like one of the guys, like hanging out with a cool bro, but she's a chick and hot enough to...
  6. Let's hope this is true, because as I pointed out earlier, we got the same lip service from their/his administration, but Russia walked all over them. I'm hoping you're right, "this time" verses what happen last time when he was second in charge.
  7. I mean I'd be happy to take a gamble on him, but disappointed if we don't trade down which would help the "team" way more than a highly rated TE, who may or may not pan out for being drafted so high.
  8. Generational means nothing in this draft unless a player we draft is the next greatest player at their position in the next 20 years...and none of us knows how that BS is going to turn out.
  9. This has been a WFW staple for how long now? Very long actually, since we found out the draft order, and I did not think drafting (a potential franchise QB) was in the cards.
  10. I know for reasons many on here with (an agenda) will not tell you the truth Gramps, but WFW will. It was on February 20th 2014 that the Obama/Biden regime allowed Russia to invade/annexation of Ukraine's Crimean Peninsula. You need to do more studying before you spout your nonsense. So yes, WFW and probably most people on here will think Biden will allow that. Give us a reason why we should think different.
  11. I think whatever the outcome (hopefully a guilty verdict) there will still be some unrest in the streets.
  12. Man from comeback player of the year to come and sit here. Glad he at least made it back from that horrible injury to play one more season...and a good one at that.
  13. I've seen where guys do get fairer as an announcer, but I do remember a few that were still tough on their rivals.
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