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  1. Can we lose with more dignity next week with our crappy uniforms?
  2. You know how effing old I am? I don't have time for patience.
  3. You have to be the most optimistic M***** F****** on this board...so you got that going for you.
  4. Arthur looked like he just handed in his resignation...don't Pigtrino us Arthur
  5. Philly is not one of the elite teams in the league either...that's what sad
  6. You know you're losing when you go to Keith Smith twice in as row
  7. We have a pocket passer that has no pocket and no time to pass. Maybe we should've addressed the OL a little more...just maybe?
  8. Yep, just try and beat your man. No crosses or rubs, no play action, no screens, so I guess we are still going to be a bad screen team...
  9. True, but as we know this is not noodle arms forte. Great intermediate passer, deep ball not so much. Sorry Ice, just being honest.
  10. This is pathetic...remember the eagles were a 4 win team last season.
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