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  1. I tell you if we want to take a QB down a little bit further I was impressed with Trask's pro day. Way more so than I was with Jones pro day.
  2. We have to draft a stud RB, hopefully by the 3rd round.
  3. Fowler was a desperation move aided by Aaron Donald's presence. I never thought Fowler was as good as Beastley and the numbers point that out. Having said that, I hope Pees can work magic with him, but I'm not going to hold my breath. Prove me wrong, Dante.
  4. Aww hayell no on both accounts...get that cowgirl nonsense outta here Roy...3:29 mark
  5. Tired of trying to outscore the opponent, he would be a luxury, but we need to fix this defense, especially our ability to get at the QB.
  6. You conjured up several Lennon/McCartney lyrics out of me with your funny indecisiveness Always, no, sometimes think it's meBut you know I know when it's a dreamI think, er, no, I mean, er, yesBut it's all wrongThat is I think I disagree It's getting better all the time It can't get no worse
  7. We (not me and many other's) need to stop reading so much into everything...especially social media
  8. Since two rookie NFL coaches have already won the SB (Don McCafferty (Colts) and George Seifert (49ers) have accomplished this already, YES it is possible.
  9. Interesting take on the Falcons trade back with Denver. Burleson said maybe the Falcons don't want Kyle Pitts because they already have a Kyle Pitts and his name is Julio Jones. https://www.nfl.com/news/2021-nfl-draft-what-to-expect-with-five-pivotal-first-round-picks
  10. I like Parsons and I think both he and Surtain will be there at #9. Yes, if we trade back because a QB needy team wants what they perceive is their franchise QB, then they have to and will make it worth our while.
  11. Yep, he has to make us better in the trenches, establish a running game, and fix the defense. All thing he and Pees can do and have done before.
  12. If we stay at #4 (I hope we don't) logically Pitts is the BPA. But what I think we could get because we didn't draft Pitts is a highly rated OL, DL, RB, LBer, DB. I mean this would be a lot to give up for a TE, especially when the defense needs so much help. Would still love Pitts if it could come with a trade down.
  13. Duron said all the right things in this interview. Excited to see him help the Falcons secondary. The fact both players praised our staff impresses me to the fact we got the right guys to run this regime.
  14. One thing I do know is these are big investments by the teams and everything should be scrutinized (fairly of course) to the enth degree. Not only could the choice be the most important for the team, a miss at QB with such a high pick could set the team back for years to come.
  15. I used to get pumped watching him, exciting, exhilarating player. The highs and lows of a career. The redemption with his life and football career. The Eagles gave him a chance and he made the most of it. He was a complete QB when he came back with them and he did not become a statistic, he beat the odds and became a good player and better yet, a good man.
  16. I laughed at this at first then said she-it, they have two SBs. But yeah, that was pretty funny. The only K/P drafted higher was Ray Guy 1st round 23rd pick. And he was worth it, the Guy (no pun intended) was a weapon for years.
  17. If our trade was with Detroit, maybe? I think the Bengals are going OT. Hard to say what Miami might do.
  18. And they should be there. I'd have no problem with this and the fact we'd pick up as many as 4 high draft picks. Pitts could even fall that far, who knows? But I think we'd be better served with one of these two defenders.
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