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  1. Wait a minute, which is it? You want to think like WFW or do you want a Lombardi DAMMIT? You can't have both or can you?
  2. As long as they come together and play as a team from day 1 (come game time)) I've got no problem with this.
  3. Seriously, I've been thinking this for a while now but just didn't say it. Stop stealing ideas out of my head you bastige...
  4. If we trade down we will have 13 to 14 picks. So I propose we draft 3 QBs to sit behind Ice and see who emerges as the clear front runner as the future HOFers heir apparent. Why is this any sillier than anything else we've heard on TATF and drafting a QB we've heard the last 2 months? I ask you, why? a she-it load of picks, we only waste 3 of them, we got to get this QB 3 years down the road right folks...
  5. I remember when he fell in the draft and I was hoping we'd try and pick him up in the 4th round but we didn't and he eventually fell to the 5th round for the Raiders. Originally considered a 1st round prospect until he fell due to a heart related illness. I'd definitely kick the tires.
  6. I was always wondering who was the next superstar we were going to draft out of Montana St...you know cuz TD was smarter than everyone else.
  7. How about we just say you'll puddin' your pants? There, now we have excluded the French.
  8. That sucks, man. Sorry to hear that. Dogs and cats for that matter, seem to handle mobility on three legs very well. So if the amputation halts the cancer, and the few changes you have to make, and the few adjustments Waylon has to make, everything should work out for the best.
  9. My wife moved next door? News to me... I mean yeah, but that is a futile phone call.
  10. Great hands for a DB. My one and only small complaint was him running the ball out of the endzone (3:20 mark) after his INT with no time left on the clock to end the game.
  11. I was thinking the same thing. Would teams be dumb enough to call them after that?
  12. As I type he is Fontificating over our trade down and all the high picks that move will bring us.
  13. I don't know what it is, but the other day I had a debate over our draft and I said, I'm just as reliable as Drunken Minotaur Zebra...so I got that going for me.
  14. That is very Bill Belichick of Shanny to have Kittle and Fields...
  15. If he fell that far that would settle a lot of people's (we need to draft a QB around here. And if we trade down, got our extra picks, that actually would be a bad thing. We need a backup/clipboard holder for a few years and still be able to build the team with the high picks. Especially on defense.
  16. Let the record show you started the downvote war the minute they implemented it. I only down vote after you go in my profile and down vote everything I post from the MLB forum to TATF/ABF.
  17. Verses rebuilding our team? I don't, like I've said before it would be a luxury is the way I look at it.
  18. Same here, Right now trout is in my profile burning up the down votes He lives in my profile, so on this we can agree. I've got to surf through all his BS to respond to people that actually want to have real talk. If I cared about the down votes I wouldn't be here.
  19. How far do you think Jones will fall if he falls at all? He was getting pushed up for a while even in the 49ers spot (I didn't believe that) but he could still go in the top 10 imho.
  20. Besides lying you're one of the worst posters on here tbh. Show us where I'm in your account everyday? I've been there once and tbh I felt kind of dirty when I left. Stop being a wimp ponyboy. You've had a few downvotes because you deserved them. I on the other hand have had around 1000 from all ABF posters and their alts. And everyone knows including @JD dirtybird21@VTCrunkler that can be 5 or 6 downvotes by the same poster on one post. It comes with the territory, you don't like it, make it stop altogether or grow a pair.
  21. Yes, throw in a sack and a hold to take us out of FG rangw not to mentions having the Pats use up their TOs and us up by 11 points and little time left on the clock.
  22. Cleaning a hot tub is bragging? You got issues bro and gold brings it to the forefront...You just want me to post more so the alts can down vote and act like the btches like you called them earlier.
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