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  1. Vaccinations/masks, what's the problem? I'm still wearing mine. Now back to the Gallo trade, and medium sized short-haired dogs. What say you, Hoop?
  2. TF saying 5he right things. F*** the saints/swampers/rat-faced-boy
  3. Tim, It's WFW, now you can remember. So, the Joey Gallo trade?
  4. I'll take a noodle on Ice any day of the week.
  5. The Rangers need a haul to correct the trajectory this franchise has been on for years now. They have been selling off pieces for years now with no noticeable improvement for the team. I know prospects take time but this team just seems to get worse with each passing season. Hopefully these moves over the last few season comes to fruition in due time.
  6. I have a rare breed ocicat that was a cat I had always wanted, and even though I had to purchase the animal, I felt it was a rescue because the breeder's house conditions (could of been better) but I hear you in the pound.
  7. Your thoughts on a basenji? I've had many pound animals, rescue is always a consideration.
  8. Downvote Don, you are a wise alt, your thoughts on a medium sized short haired dog breed that is good with cats.
  9. I am considering those as well. Prefer to stick with the cats, but the wife wants a dog at the lake.
  10. But Biden's got it covered though...he was going to save us all with OWS, but now he's intent on confusing everyone.. Well, at least running on covid got him elected, whether or not he met his vaccination goals. Hey maybe he can bribe people to get the vax with American rescue plan money
  11. No getting around your TDS, so let's talk about dogs as my wife wants a dog. I'm looking for a short-haired medium sized dog that is good with cats. Any suggestions ABF? I'm looking at a basenji but my wife doesn't like them.
  12. The same people calling her this are judging her from their living room couches...F*** them.
  13. Saw his last movie "Nobody" it was kickazz. Hope he recovers quickly.
  14. Rick Aiello of "Do the right thing" dies.
  15. WFW that's who. Sell me on some Russian collusion, the "call" and whatever other BS your sundowning Gramps brain can think of sir. Other than that have a great day old-timer.
  16. You're fine, don't be paranoid. And don't eat covid for breakfast, bad jokes aside, that silliness was retracted over a year ago, and for that reason I refrained from down voting you this time.
  17. As you know, I'm a lake guy, not a beach guy. Who knows what @Big_Dogis really?
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