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  1. All for PPE, I think it is still dumb Trump nor some of the people around him still don't wear it. I've been a proponent all along for the PPE earing. Better safe than sorry. To be fair, I don't think Trump ever said the virus itself was a hoax (but how its coverage was portrayed in the media and how the *Dems blamed him was the hoax early on) I think the jury is still out on treatments such as hydroxychloroquine, remdesivir, azithromycin, convalescent plasma, etc. The further we go along with recoveries and cases we should know a lot more. I don't think any of these drugs or therapies was chasing/pushing, sometimes desperate times call for desperate measures. It will be interesting months from now to see what actually worked and what didn't when the studies are in. *Snopes, not exactly a fan of Trump's: *In context, Trump did not say in the passage above that the virus itself was a hoax. He instead said that Democrats’ criticism of his administration’s response to it was a hoax.
  2. Thighs and legs are my favorite. I never wasted time with wings (not enough meat) and breast are usually too dry.
  3. The real, like the realCrunco, the real WFW...you got it now.
  4. A day without Cruncho is a day without wisdom.
  5. We are bouncing back on par with what I've said will happen. With partial openings happening around the country Wall Street is responding accordingly and everything else will follow.
  6. We need to remain vigilant with this virus, but no one can deny that there was an overreaction. I suspected we would see these numbers sooner rather than later. Just the same, stay safe people, wear your PPE, and keep social distancing until we see the light at the end of the tunnel. If not for yourselves, do it for everyone who may be more susceptible than you.
  7. If you don't want to mold your own hamburger patties, grilling Bubba Burgers with onions in them are the next best thing.
  8. Dude, you are not "one of them" TRUST ME YOU'RE NOT. So they will mock you into submission if you are not on the team. Just be strong willed and post what you believe in right or wrong, that is your prerogative. They played that came with me to no avail. Mine was because I showed them up politically for years. Called out all the stuff they believed in like the Trump would never be POTUS, Russian collusion, the intelligence agency coup, the "call", impeachment, Mueller, etc. They have egg on their face with me but they have the herd mentality, they believe if they say I was wrong enough some fool like @Big_Dog will believe it. If you want to post here I save have at it, I take in all opinions, they want to squelch yours though because they think the elite cannot be wrong.
  9. Forecast models also said 2.2 million people would die. So either something was done right, or we're just lucky. Either way we are fortunate, even though 1 life is too many.
  10. May the fleas of a 1000 camels infest your nether regions.
  11. You aren't even a blind Squirrel. WFW laid the acorn right in front of your Squirrely Bob face and you still couldn't find it.
  12. Boy's, we got us a jock sniffer in Mr. Pfister
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