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  1. Hunter, I'm not talking about you on.
  2. Honestly. I don't see much difference in them other than Ice can make an average player that much better.
  3. Seriously? I'd be happy with a win of the saints and buccies. F*** the saints/swampers/rat-faced-boy
  4. 3:1 TD ratio and not a lot of money for Hurst. It's not a debate for me.
  5. Hurst stats are better and we didn't put a boat load of money towards an average TE.
  6. Looks like a shake up to me and after Quinn that is a good thing.
  7. You can have the burning cities. I'll take security, economy/jobs/fair trade any day.
  8. This is still the Falcons and still Radio at the helm. There might be a few more wins to look forward to, but let's not get carried away.
  9. Interesting how this regime put him on the active roster. Like to see Ollison get his chance.
  10. Being born in skins country the local media was making me sower on them briefly (but I returned and enjoyed the 3 SB's) but my grandmother and some of our family lived down ther in the late 60s early 70s and they used to curse the skins and told me to root for the Falcons and I gave it a shot and here I am today. Also, I turned totally off the Skins when Snyder took over, guy is a pompous ***.
  11. You're are reaching @Big_Dog and quite frankly it's sad. I want the best for you in your ol' codger age so I will cast one of my mail-in ballots in your name...slightly purple Oh, and sorry for saying codger, I know it rhymes with Dodger...unintentional I assure you.
  12. Mark Twain said the death of Matty Ice was greatly exaggerated...
  13. I wasn't and chose to support the Falcons 50 years ago. Who is dumber than WFW? You don't have to answer (rhetorical) but dayum I could've got out at any time and I didn't. If you thinks that's bad, I followed my Senators to Texas in 71' so I root for a cursed baseball team that was 1 strike away (twice) from a world series win.
  14. I think there are franchise QBs available in the top 5 picks and you do not pass up on that when your QB has a year or two left. Rare opportunity to take a QB and that is not (a forced pick) then to take one down the road when you absolutely have to have one...it's a no brainer.
  15. Yeah, I mean why not just support the China bribing ill gotten gains coup attempt Russian Hoax loving Dems. Seems legit to me. @marla_mulder These Lemmings are funny people.
  16. Do you feel Falcons good or Braves good?
  17. ^TDS Biden is about to pull a 28-3 and Braves 3-1 series lead blown...watch it, you've been hearing it from WFW for a longtime.
  18. Holy she-it Cruncho, I woke up this morning to see the Braves Falconed up their chance at a World Series birth.
  19. Wow, this big of a Trump rally in California on the 405? Well I know it upset a little lady and that's too bad she had to go through that horror. .
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