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  1. That's what Rosenhaus is paid to say.
  2. C'mon Billy, why you hatin' on @Big_Dog
  3. For any Tru haters out there: Dude has produced a 0.0 QB passer rating in the first two weeks of the season. That hasn't happened since Ronde Barber in 2010
  4. Bad dating experience perhaps?
  5. Personally, I like Schiffless.
  6. as he/she rubs their lucky rabbit's foot.
  7. Alarmists are no different than they were 50 years ago, they just have a better platform to spew their nons nse with 24/7 news and the advent of multiple social media sites. Oh, and your last paragraph is utter BS nonsense.
  8. Hate him or like him, Trump is the King of Twitter. He now's how to trigger the fake/scm/Dems like no one before him
  9. Change your screen name, WFW is here to tell you that are indeed not woke.
  10. See, I'm right. No one believes in that flunkie. TERM LIMITS
  11. We've done a magnificent job cleaning up our country in my lifetime and we're getting better at it every year. China, India, Russia, not so much. There is so much more we could do for the planet/people than going down this rabbit hole.
  12. Soon as I read uninformed I stopped. Sorry I didn't grow up in the "alarmists" caused by our politicians generation. You know, create a crisis and then tell the Lemmings the need us "politicians" to fix the crisis. How long has your buddy Biden been telling you he would fix something for you? 50 years? Go ahead and fall for the banana in the tailpipe. TERM LIMITS...because I've evolved
  13. That's BS superstition too.
  14. Grew up in one, both parents. Tar on the walls, smoke in my clothes when I went to school. Had sinus issues because of it. My mother died of lung cancer. So yeah, I've been in smoker's houses before. Trouble is, 80% of the kids grew up in those homes over a half century ago. We"re smarter now and I never picked up the habit because. I know his to learn from things. Something that cannot be said for many Lemmings today.
  15. For my part I am teaching young people that we want a clean environment. We want and are cleaning up our water and air to become pollution neutral. That's all great. But I also don't want them to be scared of climate change, not to be alarmed about something Congress cannot control. I advised the we should be alarmed about something the Congress can control, and that is the fiscal climate.
  16. 2nd guard and cellmate pulled 6 hours before suicide in 3...2...1...
  17. Tidbit of the day: Remember Boston spelled backwards is Not...Son Of Bish
  18. They are better than they were two weeks ago. But that is also regarding our health going forward. Who knows what the future holds? We had our share of major I juries last season...here's to staying healthy.
  19. Unfortunately, Whitney's dead. Fortunately, so are the panthers this season. Cam has lost 8 straight regular season games and his body is failing him.
  20. How many times must you guys looks foolish? Instead of tunnel vision y'all have Trump vision. In TDS that must come in many colors?
  21. I have been terrible picking Thursday night games so far. Changed my pick 1/2 before the game jumping to the Titans.