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  1. Please just go back to your other alt and stop hiding...play time is over kids, it doesn't matter which name you use, you still don't post with a shyt...just sayin'
  2. JFC, who are you, John McCain or Frederica Wilson? Talk about bat guano crazy. But you want me to take you seriously? Now the left is calling it his "Benghazi" but Hillary's "Benghazi" wasn't a "Benghazi" in their minds, but now Maddow says Trump has a "Benghazi" ... you guys are certifiable. . Screw it, I'm headed down to the lake house, be back come at game time.
  3. I know we can jump out on top, but what the h.ell with the 2nd half collapses? We need to figure that out once and for all.
  4. Looks like college or Arena League uni's...enough said
  5. Coop is on fire
  6. Once the filter get clogged...you can forget it
  7. I met Linda Carter here in DC once, she is a gorgeous lady.
  8. I/you remember when it was like it is now. People hung out to have a good time, not for ways to be offended by every little thing...The Beatles could write a song
  9. I am feeling for John McCain, I mean I know he has a disease, but it has put him in the category of the likes of Waters, Graham, Pelosi, etc. Term limits, need them, got to have them.
  10. I think you mean John McCain?
  11. While boys like you get distracted with nonsense, Trump has been getting the left to go bat guano crazy. Watching the majority here and in the scm/fake media melt is something to behold...it just doesn't get better for me.
  12. We're coming up on the 1 year anniversary, that's a year long meltdown for folks like you. Guess who's enjoying this more than you can imagine? That's right @WhenFalconsWin
  13. That's something most of us can agree with.
  14. I invented the Internet, just like Al Gore did...
  15. So if you say you had the hots for a chick, I'm supposed to come back to you and say that's creepy? Nah, I don't think so. Liking her name and mentioning it as a possible name for my daughter? Not creepy either, but keep playing that Trump card...
  16. You were better as Free Rad...this is some lame shyt here.
  17. So the NYT's is lying? I cannot say I am shocked about that. Although, it's usually the other way around.
  18. Notice they protect him though? Are you sensing a pattern here? Just like the Weinstein thingy, only the left and their buddies on here though.
  19. To quote another poster here, "Well, to be fair."
  20. Well, you are trying to be fair.
  21. It's weird to like an actress that was my contemporary? You guys are strange...oh, and I liked the name
  22. Well, Bailey is not a porn star...so there is that
  23. bdog, this has been a rough year for you. I hope the next 7 aren't as bad and you achieve some sort of happiness with the good things that are coming ahead.
  24. I had the hots for Bailey, almost named one of my daughters after her.