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  1. I do miss Obama looking fit. I remember when Trump was fit. Dayum White House chefs...those bastiges
  2. Yep, I hope she stays on another 10 years...if you know what I mean Sac?
  3. You got me on that. Didn't know they even had a 7000 series. I rode it a week ago to watch a Nats game it they still had the ones on the picture I showed...thanks for the update
  4. I'm in for a hug, group hug, or whatever with Alyssa Milano...just sayin'
  5. I like some of this, the rest is you speaking with a head injury...
  6. No, just against that ding-bat
  7. Have you been to Gettysburg? If not make the trip one time, it gives you an eerily goosebumps feeling.
  8. Term limits...get the ding-bats out
  9. I dunno know 31...I don't ride it that often, but I remember the seating being different.
  10. I don't like the way the GOP is handling this HC bill. To me they are doing the exact same thing the Dems did when they eventually passed the ACA. Maybe in the end they come up with a great plan maybe they don't, but the way they are rushing this through with the lack of transparency to the DNC (and the American public) makes them exactly as guilty as the Dems when they rammed the ACA through. I know they want to get the best things they perceive (as a good bill) passed because to them this is an important part they needed before they tackle their tax reform bill.
  11. I've been to Washington state, haven't heard the Idaho thing. What's up with Idaho?
  12. Funny how quickly some from the other side forget or choose to forget the previous lies. To some it only counts to them when the opposite party is supposedly lying. It doesn't matter which side of the lying comes from...lying is lying people
  13. Years ago, before the new stadium was built, you couldn't pay me to walk through some areas of SE and I had to work in some of those areas. The demographics have definitely changed over the years.
  14. I'm not saying anything one way or the other on the Rich case, but I can back up what 31 says here. What he speaks of up in this area I've experience first hand. Also, I've been here all my life, this is nothing new in the DC area, it's been going on for a long time. 31 can tell you this, some areas are better now and some are worse.
  15. Yeah, but if he believes...ah nevermind
  16. I know 31, I didn't want to shock anyone not familiar with our area. Hence, the garage comparison. The first home I bought 37 years ago was $140k. That was a lot of money back then and Interest rates were really high and you actually had to qualify for a loan with a down payment.
  17. That can be a great life. I've had a a place down in lake Gaston NC for almost 20 years. I cherish my time down there. It's a very rural small town area besides a paper mill the lake is the economy for most of the year. I love the slow paced life and the people that come along with it. Way different than my life up in the Fairfax/DC area.
  18. Oh no, I was being a bit facetious, but I do know how low housing costs are in those areas.
  19. Wow, I'm outta touch with rural America then. Garages in my area are worth more than $50k.
  20. Disarray comes to mind when I think of this current Democrat party.
  21. As far back as I can remember you could always get the insurance, but if you had a precondition it costs more money to purchase...same with life insurance
  22. I saw these same faces on November 9th