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  1. Yes, I agree, most of this happens with a rookie deal. I am a big Ice fan, always have been. But I can see the writing on the wall, More than likely he'll be out after 2022 and I believe if we can get a good QB on a rookie deal and let him sit behind Ice this would be the most beneficial for the team to help build a winning defense. Also our new regime could also escalate this process for Ice's last couple season by judging defensive personnel better, especially on the DL and the back end of the defense. Obviously, and this can not be understated, our running game is atrocious, how
  2. We pay Ice this because he is a top tier QB, not because he can win without any sort of defense at all. Point being with any semblance of a defense Ice could've won a SB and as you and I both know he is well above these QBs in stature (HOF stature I night add) so my reply was to people who thought Ice isn't good enough. Defense is key to winning, also Ice has had the misfortune of several OC's that did not help the team when they were up in the score, the game plan was not conducive to holding the leads. Cap space? Well, we have some issues with that, and putting $48 Mil into a pa
  3. BIDEN ADMITS PLAGIARIZING IN LAW SCHOOL By Paul Taylor The Washington Post An emotional Sen. Joseph R. Biden Jr. (D-Del.) yesterday acknowledged he had plagiarized in a paper he submitted while a first-year law student in 1965, but defended his integrity and vowed to remain a candidate for his party's presidential nomination.
  4. Seriously China Joe? You might have a Lemming like @Big_Dogbelieving your BS but WFW know you are vested in the military industrial complex along with other Dems and Liz Cheney.
  5. Thye make a nice couple @Big_Dog should I start learning Chinese?
  6. Gaff City here we come...Surfs up get your gaff board
  7. The Dems are supporting the everyday working people myth...
  8. The swamp which was almost dry is seeing high water once again. And Gen. Austin, apart from the serious civilian-military problem of the National Security Act, is himself a fully entrenched player in this swamp. Since retiring from the Army, the four-star General became, as New York Times reporter Ken Vogel noted, “a member of a private equity fund” — Pine Island Acquisition Corp. — that “invests in defense contractors, and boasts that its members’ ‘access, network and expertise’ are an advantage in government contracting.”
  9. Yep, so silly too, when you have people like Trent Dilfer or Brad Johnson who have won them.
  10. Make the move if you feel you need too. Texas is the ace in the hole, a wonderful place to raise a family and not feel the oppression hammer of state gubmint, Cruncho. So, where are folks flocking the most? Yep, it's California, which accounted for 62,767 new Texas residents. Florida and Louisiana followed with 35,188 and 26,469, respectively.Illinois, Oklahoma, New York, Colorado, Virginia, North Carolina and Arizona completed the top 10 states from which residents are relocating to Texas.
  11. I think you're referring to Howard Cosell, which was a poor choice of words because everyone know Howards wasn't a racist. Same with Reagan or Trump for that matter. Now the same cannot be said about the Exalted Cyclops Robert Byrd, George Wallace, or Lyndon Johnson to name a few.
  12. If I wasn't a Virginian through and through, Texas would be my go to state. Been there numerous times, have many friends there, love the state, love the people. Almost bought a Lake House there. And before y'all start saying some dumbshe-it it has nothing to do with the lawsuit or voting. And stop worry about the dayum election you little whiny *** Lemmings, no one is going to steal the election back from the Dems who stole it (allegedly) in the first place. I've never seen such a candy *** bunch of nervous nellies in my life...just sayin' Oh, and if there was ever a fight, Te
  13. Paraphrasing, Reagan used to say, it's not that Liberals/Dems don't know anything, but much of what they know is wrong.
  14. Looks good, makes me think of a place down in Virginia I want to try called the Drug Store Grill. Anyone been there? I've heard some good things but it is about 100 miles south of my lake house. If I get a chance Io be in that area I need to try it. http://www.drugstoregrill.com/gallery/
  15. GM WFW is not giving up two 3rd round picks And I'd be remiss if I didn't day: F*** the saints/swampers/rat-faced-boy.
  16. Since it was brought up I had to see what Ms. Fang looked like.
  17. Pretty dayum good looking except not a big fan of the potato buns.
  18. Tell your old friend Omega to come and get learned from the Alpha Bull himself, Cruncho. A friend of yours is a friend Alpha Bull and the King of R...
  19. Oh he loves to judge (its his hobby) but judge how he posts and he gets triggered. Sorry Harold, it had to be said and is well known in ABF circles.
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