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  1. No thanks, Dante.
  2. I'm past Gurley. I feel like taking a chance on a draft pick and what we have already far outweighs trying to resurrect Gurley.
  3. Chuck Holding Person when the opposing team has no timeouts LEFT...HAYELL NO.
  4. Hayell no, I'd rather pay one of the RBs in the draft.
  5. Hayell no, we don't want another bad contract and something off someone else's trash heap.
  6. I'm still on the DL with our first pick train.
  7. It's getting there.
  8. Nothing. It was stupid kids that were bored, they was only 4 TV stations back then and dad got the one TV anyways. Yeah, it was dumb, fortunately no one ever lost an eye, although I had a dart in my thigh that was stuck in the bone.
  9. Hopefully with two wins over Brady by sweeping the buccies.
  10. Three future HOFers there.
  11. Just play hard brother and make us glad we signed you.
  12. Fowler will buy him a case of beer problem solved.
  13. Tbh, we have second tier complimentary RBs. We need a legit starter, nothing wrong with the guys we have, but they are not lead backs. I'd see what's left in the 3rd round. Falcons already met with Jonathan Taylor.
  14. We should still go after the DL. Takk's soon to be replacement needs to be drafted. You can never have enough talent on the DL.
  15. Fudging the numbers
  16. Yes it was...brewing
  17. Excited, but a little apprehensive. I just hope last season wasn't a fluke and he stays consistent.
  18. I don't know for sure but it opens some avenues up. Two big needs were addressed through a trade and FAcy. We can do a lot more know with the picks.
  19. Excited, but a little apprehensive. I just hope last season wasn't a fluke and he stays consistent.
  20. We used to do this with darts with no foam tips...
  21. Also, Quinn/TD teams just aren't stout in the trenches.
  22. Hardly sounds like it to me.
  23. With Koetter? His running game has never scared opposing defenses before go
  24. Same, my father is in his 90s lives alone in an assisted retirement community. The place isn't allowing outside visitors, only medical personel right now. So that's hard, a lot of phone calls to pops. Good luck.