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  1. I had already referenced JS's role, then went onto the bigger problem.
  2. JS is just symptom of the disease (Fake/scm) which needed/needs to be addressed. Our 4th state is not entitled to just the Democratic party. Trump was bound to happen for this, it took too long imho to address it.
  3. Tax breaks are bringing back jobs, some from overseas, people cannot have it both ways. You tax the rich up the ying-yang and poof there goes jobs (the Dems know what NAFTA caused) let's not beat around the bush here. Tax breaks also went to other classes as well. I'm all for more green solutions but as the last administration they just aren't ready on full scale, many bankruptcies occurred. As it stand fossil fuel and the cheapest and most efficient in the world. We are nearly energy independent from other fossil fuel nations, we even export the fossil fuels on a large scale now. He's tackled the ACA horrible clauses, granted the GOP fell far short on healthcare reform. Border issues no one wanted to address, trade also another touchy subject, Urban blight with opportunity zones, prison reform, all but eliminated ISIS, and so much more I listed them the other day. You can agree or disagree with these policies, but to say he hasn't tried to tackle tough issues is not in good faith. We disagree on how we count votes and that will probably not change anytime soon. No big deal in that regarding our views, 6 of one half dozen of the other. Everyone feel sslighted in this situation.
  4. Joe was hitting at Trump even beforehand, him and Mika, way before. Any yes, his conspiracy about Joe is as dumb as his was against Ted Cruz's father.
  5. When someone has to defend Joe Scarborough it's hitting bottom barrel territory.
  6. My opinions count as much as yours, Harold. Just because you couldn't hang doesn't mean someone else cannot.
  7. You will get the best outcome, one in which you'll be unhappy and one I will feel comfortable with. One that will soon include infrastructure, with a booming economy that will beat the pre-CV19 50 year highs. I feel good about that. To be honest I would feel horrible with a Biden presidency, undoing the good deeds that have been done. Trump has turn political norms upside down, we needed the tough issues addressed and Trump has done that like he said he would. There is a reason the Democrats went full coup on him. As far as the EC, we could debate that until the cows come home. The short of that is taking the popular vote in major urban areas as the sole prerequisite how votes are counted is population gerrymandering imho that leaves the voices less heard out of the decision making process.
  8. There are obviously two lemming groups, Cruncho. One for each side of the aisle, it's just that one group @Big_Dog tends to go over the cliff more often than not. Amirite, Harpo? Of course I am.
  9. The truth, it turns out, is not far from the fiction, which can be traced back to a 1932 Time Magazine article, in which Stalin's “Right-Hand-Man-Of-The-Moment,” Comrade Lazar Kaganovitch, was quoted as saying, “Why wail over broken eggs when we are trying to make an omelette!”
  10. I never said your vote doesn't count. You are free to vote for whom you wish. You are the one that voiced your displeasure that you have to vote for Biden. I was suggesting options is all. I also have the right to say a vote for Biden is not going to remove Trump from office as well. Trump wins handily in a landslide. I mean you are talking to the guy who got Trump's EC election map dayum near perfect last time. I was one of a very few who got Trump winning the election rather easily as well. The funny thing is the guy who replied to your question got the election wrong, Russian Collusion wrong, the "call" wrong, Impeachment wrong, whereas I got all that right. FYI. I wouldn't listen to much of anything trout has to say about politics.
  11. Write in, you can vote for whomever you want because Biden doesn't have a snowballs chance in Hades, we both know that. So yours would basically be a protest vote, I get that, and that would be your prerogative.
  12. Trump's been wanting to do this for over 3 years but RC, Impeachment, etc etc. Now you want Creepy Joe to steal Trump's ideas? Well, at least "you" have the wherewithal to steal Trump's ideas, but not sleepy Joe.
  13. I only keep them when my nonagenarian father comes for a visit. He can still move about and loves to eat fish. He and I will catch them and I clean them at the dock and he cooks them. He loves his fish. I am normally a catch and release guy. I do it for sport with my wife mostly, there was a time a while back I did it professionally on the side.
  14. Even Bonner has enough sense for calling out your TDS...eat some ribs man, enjoy life.
  15. Georgia is nice brother, but I cannot leave Central VA (Lake Home) and my family. Y'all do have some nice fishin' lakes though.
  16. That does actually sound better than four years of the fake/scm obfuscating Biden's policies and remarks to make them seem intelligible and somehow coherent. I mean I could take that for a month or two? I mean I could even take him running the oval office out of his basement for a couple of years as long as he stayed there and never spoke publicly again. But alas, we just get Trump for 4 more years unless he just plain refused to leaves as some of the Dems faint in disbelief...like yeah it could happen
  17. In before Jeff George had the arm strength that Matty Ice doesn't have...3..2..1...
  18. 1. Don't let your TDS cash check you *** can't cash. 2. Georgia is fine with WFW.
  19. No, seriously @Big_Dog, you can chew on those bones I sent you. I left all the marrow in, it's good for your health.
  20. Remember when the saints kept rat-faced-boy after three consecutive 7-9 seasons? Don't be like the saints or rat-faced-boy...oh, or like the swampers either.
  21. With Biden nothing is altered except for his makeup and hair plugs. Trump ain't got nothing on him.
  22. I think people understand what the economy was before CV-19 and that Trump had nothing to do with it's partial collapse from the virus. They know what made it strong pre-CV19 and they know it will be so post CV-19. I do not know any people that are trying to blame the economy on Trump, rather they understand what caused the economy (interruption let's say) and they know that recovery + is just a short matter of time.
  23. Who knows? Who thought we'd start out 1-7 last season then go 6-2? Nothing is a guarantee under a Quinn regime. We do have a tough schedule.
  24. When "he's their guy" and an election is right around the corner, yes, you are right.
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