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  1. I liked the equalizer better. Denzel sold the part for me. Kingsman was pretty good though.
  2. If you take care of your hypotenuse it will take care of you!
  3. There is so much right about this gif, where do I start?
  4. These hippies are our policy makers now. Your kids and grandkids are what you make of them. Lead by example.
  5. fuggin' baby boomers who helped throw this country into the mess we're in now. Yes, I am a baby boomer, but I am not part of this problem...just sayin'
  6. I remember ripping phone cords out of the wall when they were hard-wired from an angry call! Or when you could actually hurt someone with the weight of the phones (not that I ever did that) though.
  7. Grandpa has been dead for 60 years...but thanks for playing
  8. Usually the same people that say they believe in science, until that science doesn't fit their narrative and agenda.
  9. The man dingo ate her baby...must be said in Australian accent
  10. ,Pretty cool except the doctor doesn't know his left from his right, at the 1:57 mark
  11. Holy crappola...I'm coming out of semi-retirement to become employee of the year