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  1. Because deep down they are insecure and scared. Oh we're afraid to go with you Bluto. 1:30 mark
  2. I thought that as well, but reading about his life and all he wanted to accomplish I discredited that thought.
  3. Yes, I agree, it does seem like he lost consciousness because there is no other plausible reason for such an experienced jumper.
  4. JFC Numbnuts. Hey on another note, I'm doing some Amazon shopping, if you want another gift this year you better hurry up and PM me your request. Throw the Mrs. in as well, she needs something nice having to deal with your ol' flatulent *** day after day.
  5. Two things Dennis Miller used to say in his routine: You know you never will be on the cover of Fortune 500 if your job entails you wearing a steel toe boot and using a porta potty...true story I've used them at out door concerts and fishing marinas before
  6. Probably, they don't know how could they have it until it goes away. There is a glimmer of hope because he has made some oil&gas swamp appointments, but when Harris takes over forget about it.
  7. Be honest, you left a growling breakfast burrito in there...it's okay you can say it.
  8. Black farmers call him a four letter word...that's an eye catcher
  9. Don't let him fool you, Numbnuts, he reads it when someone else quotes me. but then chooses to show you his screen shot where he chooses to ignore (it's like a badge of honor with these Lemmings...at least you are honest about that part) No one around here can do without their daily dose of WFW It's like Howard Stern, more people that don't like him tune in, than people who do like him, just to see what he'll say next.
  10. Win or lose can't they just both donate it to @Big_Dog?
  11. Sad but probably true. Dirk is under the impression if at first you don't succeed keep running the same effing 4 plays BS...
  12. Actually I'm with you on this. Also a decent return man. When is the last time we had such a thing? Our next HC need to put an emphasis on special teams.
  13. Someone said road grading RB...for that reason I'd be in. How how nice it'd be to have a running game again.
  14. Or if he is with Da Bears and has 6 minutes remaining against the Falcons...to soon? And to be honest almost everyone is just throwing out names for some of the most recent winners in the league. Truth is its a crapshoot, you take one piece away from another and no one really knows how its going to turn out. It is like the lottery, I just hope we hit it this time.
  15. Is McCain still alive? I'm having fun, the next 4 years will be joyful...the comedians will not miss a beat with Biden (so much material there) if they choose to use it.
  16. Well when you look at it from this angle... I'm sure McCain's 3rd time would've been a charm too...
  17. Actually had that thought earlier this morning...it would still pizz off @Big_Dogthough
  18. Ex-Russian Hoaxer Swalwell Is this some sort of fang bang award?
  19. Only an older boomer and my Liberal friend from yesterday thinks the election will be overturned. You are probably holding your breath until January 20th like my buddy. What is it with some of you brain dead Lemmings? If we cut your brain in half Numbnuts all we would see is brain worm tunnels...
  20. Being serious for a minute here, I ask the Harris/Biden administration to at least keep our energy Independence going (and from some of their swamp appointments I believe they will) because we all have family members who need the low energy costs. I don't want to be buying some in my family gas and oil like I did under the last administration.
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