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  1. Because the Dems are using it as a wedge issue and Trump is trying to fix it, Squirrely Bob. Do you understand anything? How can any one person be so wrong about so much?
  2. What we have here is a serious (worst case on the boards) of WFWDS...
  3. Obama in 2014 ABC interview: "Do not send your children to the borders. If they make it, they will get sent back, more importantly, they may not make it ." But where were the Democrats? Where were their outrage before Trump came into office?" Ingram said before playing a clip of Obama. "Now, do any of you remember Nancy Pelosi firing off angry tweets in demanding a change in Obama policy or criticizing these allegedly inhumane conditions?" Ingraham said.
  4. Sumbish, we agree. I did the same thing. People never thinking about the future always hoping a gubmint bailout will come along. I'm not buying that BS people, start taking care of yourselves. Every time you ask the gubmint to get involved we all pay more for it in the long run...just stop
  5. Moses and BS, like two peas in a pod.
  6. Sensible solutions for a sensible man.
  7. Two bailouts don't make a right. As I clearly stated way back when, nothing was too big to fail. I was right then, and I am right now. We should tackle why college is so expensive, not why it should be free.
  8. Don't be an alarmists like you usually are.
  9. Battle of redistribution party and the hate Trump 24/7 party. So blah blah... Trump 2020 in a landslide Next it will be free veneers for everyone...you know like Lunch Bucket Joe's teeth...
  10. That's wonderful news.
  11. Wing spans that large have been known to carry of small prey and even children.
  12. See, we can agree on things when I reason with you and you've had your ginkoba and fiber. Well done, sir.
  13. And you hate that? What are you, a socialists?
  14. What are you ranting about this morning ol' man? Not enough fiber again? One question, is that Leo Sayer's son?
  15. I liked the banjo BS...but I am also a musician so there is that.
  16. When Biden gets confronted for real "like Buttigieg" on stage he will fold like a cheap lawn chair.
  17. I love it. Must've been Falcons fans...kudos to you guys
  18. The funny thing is, I've hit on more political rights than the fish, you, and all the other lemmings combined.
  19. Right about the first part, wrong about the second part.
  20. You live there, call the landlord, it's his problem, not yours. The water authorities can shut the main off until it's fixed.