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  1. Around $3k. I hope they don't tax it. Good luck, spend it on food, rent/mortgage, and not just lottery tickets. I'll pay for the former, but not let you waste it on the latter, Groucho.
  2. Joe coughs into his hand and Tapper calls him out on it. 2:56-3:12
  3. Some I have called, Matthews, Debo, Ridley, and believe it or not Sam Baker (not so proud of that one) but every now and then we all get some selections right.
  4. Groucho, I already told you this. Remember I said Chico was the least funny Marx brother? C'mom man, get with it, son.
  5. This fits many on ABF.
  6. #leftisttwitterisantijoe
  7. Couldn't stand my long hair anymore...took the sheep shears to it.
  8. Must see TV is when these incompetent old fool debates Trump.
  9. JFC, this is sad. Even the fake/scm/Dembot anchor (right, she is a GOP #nevertrumper) is laughing at him. Any you axtholes vote for this senile old man and WFW will totally disown you (caveat, even Harold should vote for Gary Johnson) as a credited member of ABF..Lord hear our prayer...Donald Trump 2020 Landslide, thank you father.
  10. Harpo, my garage or boathouse is bigger than your studio apartment...just sayin'
  11. Commission @big_dog, I hear he is quite the artist.
  12. Operative word "might" of course America and English are not your best subjects.
  13. Allergies are not usually associated with fever. Those sufferers might want to keep that in mind before running off to the already congested Dr.s offices and emergency rooms.
  14. Yes, WFW is well aware of his contributions to the middle class, Harpo.
  15. The US has tested more people for CV-19 in the last 8 days than S. Korea did in 8 weeks...but go ahead and keep being a pinworm dumb***.
  16. Looks like Woods is in Twitter jail again
  17. The stats don't lie Squirrely Bob. WFW is up early everyday.
  18. Relief to the people and your job approval rating soat. In the meantime Joe Biden is sitting home mumbling Obama and I did... @Big_Dog
  19. Most people have the free time now.