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  1. Seriously. Also, how can this be proven? What disgruntled rival made up this story?
  2. No. We've done the old RB thing. Time to get younger and cheaper.
  3. Oh Snap...and hiding blood stained suits..lest we not forget that.
  4. That wouldn't hurt my feelings at all. There is enough talent two get two good picks at 12 and 19. But to give away a another first for moving up 4 spots? I do not see that happening. I would think they want to move up a bit higher for their player!
  5. It's so early right now and things will change. My gut says go with a defensive pick and I hope that's what we do. But we have needs in multiple areas. A lot will depend who we pick up in free agency. I know, that is the safe answer, but hey now, it is the right answer!
  6. Refugees having been forced out their country for some reason are behind the eight ball because they are illegal in most cases and are unwanted usually by those that harbour them. Add that to poverty and it is a volatile situation!
  7. Obama's Jim Morrison? The same guy WFW went to school with for one year...
  8. Got that, but more in depth. WFW is sure your mind went past wow, just curious what you really thought?
  9. What sick SOB would do that? WFW is sure she is a fine actress who has practiced her craft to perfection!
  10. RG, speaking of steak, next time you do a steak and cheese sub please post the pics and info -thanks
  11. 'MacAulish', on 11 Jan 2014 - 12:19 AM, said: You got that one right!
  12. Once again a Bot canard is thrust upon the fine people of ABF...Actually WFW does, I have to get a Botaroid removed from my arse...
  13. So it was good uh? Chicken tenders? My grandkids like them.
  14. Bought this new boxing workout video. The boxers are Google Bot and serge. Look how thin they are. So it must be good, right? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JyHa1wZoWkw
  15. Love the Mickey mouse avi. Who is the chick in the sig? They don't make em like that any more do they?
  16. You'd be better of with a van down by the river...WFWIJS'J
  17. Grew up in Arlington. I now live in Fairfax. You ever eat at the Broiler or Mario's? Those are some good ole fashioned mom and pop pizza/sub shops!
  18. That looks a heck of a lot better than Digiorno's pizza...nice job RG!
  19. WFW wants to know how in the heck would you remember that? Special occasion perhaps?
  20. Home of the Atlanta Falcons, Washington Redskins, Texas Rangers, Washington Capitals, and Washington Wizards

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