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  1. There you go. I just walk out my back door down to the boathouse and hop in the bass boat...easy peasy
  2. I'm fishing swamper, what is better than that? I'd be remiss if I didn't say: F*** the saints/swampers/rat-faced-boy
  3. He's a supporter in the way two legs go up and make an *** of themselves type of way. Its not you Jesus...it just had to be said
  4. I give you mine, take all the effing pork out of the bill, this is for CV-19 relief for citizens and businesses, not for the Dems (special interests that they normally couldn't get passed in Congress) among a pandemic. Disgusting swamp monsters is what they are...all of them
  5. People tend to forget even if the GOP lose the runoffs, Sen (D) Joe Manchim vowed not to vote for any far left polices. 51-49 (R) then Now is he just BSing his constituents and he'll turncoat? IDK, but he said it.
  6. I would've taken Bernie in a heartbeat over China Joe...that's why I voted for him in the primaries
  7. The chances of the Falcons FO getting it right with McKay still in charge of operations is about 3%. For the dullards out there, that means if you lined up 100 GMs and 100 coaches, there would only be 3 from each lineup that would be worthy, and the Falcons would have to pick one of those three from each group. Does anyone have confidence in that? 54 years worth of futility are in those stats.
  8. Why not get Loomis too? He knows how to cheat the cap.
  9. Seriously hope we don't go from buccies stench to saints stench. Not saying it will be, but it is in the back of my mind. Rivals just rub off a bad vibe.
  10. I'll pass this along to @Mr. Hoopah!Glenn, but I've already tried before.
  11. Too late on @Big_Dog Glenn, I'll keep working on some of the other Lemmings to see if they are salvageable.
  12. The GOP needs to ram home China China China the next 4 years
  13. A lot of people are just so misinformed. They have a case of "bad news" I guess.
  14. The entire world and have no control on this. The only thing saving us is Operation Warp Speed which Trump will get no credit for, but I have no doubt the Dems will try to take full credit for. Again, Biden wanted to keep travel opened while Trump didn't (Biden called him a Xenophobe and racist page 1 of the Dems playbook) so he now gets credit for potentially killing over 2.2 million people. While your at it, give that nursing home murderer Cuomo another award, Numbnuts. Many of y'all aren't just Lemmings you're dangerous. Glad you guys aren't the GM of the country.
  15. I wish you had something to go on? The Dems have been the gatekeeper of working class especially since the Johnson administration with the EOA signing. It turned out to be an abstract failure, the same way the ACA was. The social programs were put in place to uplift the poor and working class people but the have in part of the last half century. The Dems are really for what they accuse the GOP of bring for, the elites, and surprisingly what the despise the GOP for, military involvement. That's another story we could spend all day on.
  16. My brother in-law got it (obese, average health) spent two days in the hospital recovered quite well, some of the new therapeutics are doing really great. His granddaughter contracted it also, she just lost sense of taste for a couple of days.
  17. I said this endearing thing about you just yesterday. You and the wifey send WFW your Christmas list, since I am still care packaging you ol' farts. You PM'd me you wanted something but you never sent anything back...I'm not a mind reader (well I do pretty well in politics) but you get what you get if I have to guess.
  18. You could've been an instrumental voice on here when the Dems pushed their Russian Hoax theory through the Dems/fake/scm but you did nothing but help support their lies. The GOP is doing it through courts, the Dems did through the fake/scm (for 4 years) trying to appeal to the public that the election was stolen from them through Russia. Now the GOP will do the same saying it was stolen with the help of some Dems in Congress, who slept with fang fang, the Biden involvement, etc. I see no difference now, accept the GOP is not as good at this as the Dems, they will not carry it out for
  19. Biden will be in long enough to pardon his brother and son (and whoever else in the Biden crime family is involved) aloowing POTUS Harris to take over and pardon China Joe. Next 4 years are gonna be boom years for the few conservative networks while the other's (Dems/fake/scm) turn a blind eye or altogether suppress the real news.
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