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  1. I have called on Pelosi to start Impeachment hearings Squirrely Bob, I've done it for a while. That would be the final nail in the coffin for the Dems in 2020. Nancy if you're reading this please imoeach Trump, if it helps WFW will even take you out on a date!
  2. Random thoughts: Liberals carrying on about "election security" yet deny we need voter IDs.
  3. The TDS been strong the last 24 hours. WFW thinks therapists will be working overtime with some of our resident Lemmings during Trump's 2nd term
  4. Longtime Broncos owner Pat Bowlen 75
  5. WFW being complimented for making the forum great while dissing a Republican...Duh
  6. Yep, dumb and criminal are different.. You know I have a soft spot for MCV references.
  7. There is no train for Dems in 2020
  8. Sexist, misogynists, Squirrely Bob demeaning women again...shame on you sir. memes don't count...use a memes
  9. 1. WFW doesn't get triggered. That is a well known fact among sane ABF posters. 2. Squirrely Bob is coo coo for cocoa puffs
  10. In a train wreck sort of way, yes, I agree.
  11. Yep, even the Dems really don't want to endorse it. They wouldn't even put forth a yea vote on it. The are just trying to placate the far left kooks that vote for them. It used to be they hid the socialism, now it is front and center with many of their candidates.
  12. This was before the Dems made it a perpetual wedge issue.
  13. Bring em home TD...Dinner with Arthur
  14. WFW is southern lite = 20 points...He.ll I know some deep southerners that call my Virginia status a Yankee.
  15. In a landslide...this always sets off the TDS
  16. Adam Schiffless eagerly accepting dirt from what he thought was Russian operatives...it's good to be a Dem
  17. Who funds the NYTs and WaPo? Then you know why they are the way they are.
  18. Any excuse to raise the price if oil. Thanks God for cheap energy...it helps the "Poor's" you know.
  19. He knows he only has two terms to get his agenda done Trump has already accomplished more in just over two years than all two terms POTUS. TRUMP has a backbone and the fortitude to take on these faux politicians that are career status quo politicians.
  20. He has that and then some and you can throw in a lot of WFWDS as well.