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  1. I am used to our logo and think it would be hard to improve upon, so I hope you're right.
  2. That wouldn't hurt my feelings.
  3. I had family and friends calling and congratulating me in the 3rd quarter and I said if we can just get one more FG at 28-3 then I said but never count the Falcons out from screwing this up. After the phone calls the Falcons starting doing what they do. Why in the hayell did people start calling me in the middle of the 3rd quarter...still hurts
  4. You mean like honest in Ukraine? Like quid pro quo Joe? Like withholding a billion dollars aid from Ukraine uless they fire the prosecutor investing Hunter Biden's no show job? You cannot be serious?
  5. Enjoy your day
  6. Bern got 1-8 voters under 30 to turn out on Super Tuesday, so in that sense you are right. No way Biden gets them to turn out. Hence, the Trump 2020 Landslide.
  7. A vote for Biden is like throwing your hands up in the air and saying you no longer give a she-it about anything. Trump 2020 Landslide
  8. Not being a Jonas here, but the Falcons did win the 3-way coin toss with KC and Oakland in the 2008 draft for the right to pick Matty Ice
  9. Well it's now April and I'm still not going to New Jersey
  10. Don't see it
  11. Hayell no Besides we made a good trade for a good young TE and we now have more cap money
  12. OJ stealing WFW catch phrase at the end...if you discount his double murders STOP he is quite the compassionate man.
  13. OJ Simpson told me it's not worth watching.
  14. OJ, white people are allergic to big sharp knives.
  15. Notice the heard mentality. For sport we could throw in a lion or cheetah.
  16. Groucho, Harpo, Chico, Zeppo, what a world of wonders a months worth of WFW could do for you.
  17. WTF Gramps, at this point in your life why are you gambling with your life's savings? Don't make me bail you out.
  18. Yes, but the sun lost its right arm.
  19. With a touch of Zithromax thrown in for good measure.
  20. Correct. Currently it is 10,981 deaths from CV-19 Worldwide cases Location Confirmed Recovered Deaths Confirmed Recovered Deaths Worldwide 1,350,841 285,437 74,870 United States 367,758 19,788 10,981 Spain 140,510 43,208 13,798 Italy 132,547 22,837 16,523 Germany 103,375 25,280 1,810
  21. Sam is not so cute anymore is she?