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  1. Two years of chasing the Russian hoax, winning the house back, then chasing the Russian hoax again after the Mueller report comes out. No, it's not the same. They are not even trying to govern, they are just dealing with their TDS.
  2. Of course not. But for a party that is trying to regain the presidency it is not a good look.
  3. Sshhh, right now it is being bleachedbit.
  4. He did that on purpose...don't let him fool you.
  5. I need no sympathy, because it's easy come easy go, little high, little low.
  6. I could pull that off.
  7. This includes, Duke's, Duchesses, Baroness, Baron's Lady's of, Lord's etc etc. No, I was poor myself, I have a fondness for the plight of poor people. iT only took 700 + years to get the wealth back in America....Longshanks would be proud of me.
  8. When I watched Braveheart I had no clue I could be related to Longshanks, pretty cool, but he was a real SOB.
  9. My family did ours as well. We are mainly English and Scotts...King Edward I (aka Longshanks of Braveheart fame) is my 22nd great Grandfather
  10. No, this is the Dems don't have a chance in 2020 thread.
  11. Executive privilege
  12. Trump 2020 in a landslide...if he were to run but he won't because this is not about Trump
  13. Why don't you start (take 3) go for it youngin'...just sayin'
  14. Trump Presidency Thread (Take 2) February 7th, 2018 - May 21st, 2019
  15. So this is the new Trump thread then?
  16. Yeah, sure sure. Hey Squirrely Bob, why is the Trump Presidency thread Locked what happened?
  17. Of course I do, but we're talking about a party that chased the Russian Collusion tail for almost 3 years. So you can see why I don't put much stock in their allegations against Trump which have been proven wrong so many times already
  18. A lot of really really good people on these boards. Like Michael Jackson used to say:
  19. Yes, about how she is a box of rocks and how she is more unaware than most Dems.
  20. If you don't read/watch the fake/scm you're uninformed, if you do read/watch the fake/scm you're misinformed.
  21. Heat, crowds, not hydrating are dangerous scenarios. When I was a younger man I went to the mall for 4th if July DC FIREWORKS ONCE, now the is a recipe for heatstroke/exhaustion etc.