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  1. Same same. Buying she-it on line like I'm Rockefeller. Mainly fishing paraphernalia. Ordering dinner out/curbside to support my local restaurants. Staying the **** away from that their CV-19.
  2. If you ain't eating cake with your hands you ain't at the right party. What's up Gubmint?
  3. About Cuomo and Mayor Big Bird
  4. I see you erased the Cuomo and big bird comment.
  5. He's way ahead of the curve, Squirrely Bob. The Trump administration is rewriting how this type of pandemic is managed. Previous administrations were forewarned about the shortage of supplies and they did nothing. We will be the model going forward on how these things will be handled. I'm proud of what this administration has done for the benefit of America and future POTUS. Foreign countries will look to us as the role model. Tests that once took 3 days now take 5 minutes through America's ingenuity. Corporations are handling the crisis like they did back in WWII, retooling and re-engineering their plants to make medical supplies. This is an amazing site to see. Small companies changing course, making masks and hand-sanitizer at their own costs and donating them. Instead of being a little TDS she-it pot (like you're being) hinging on his every "gotcha" word, man up and be part of the solution instead of part of the problem you big she-it. Thus end the chastising of @Big_Dogfrom WFW for the day. Oh and delay? Cuomo and dumb*** mayor big bird told people to go out in New York and eat at restaurants and go to the movies in early February...say something about them dumb***.
  6. Dems sex symbols of the coronavirus era, WTF?
  7. Do it Grampie, it makes perfect sense, try it. Besides it will take your mind off being a dullard.
  8. Hey Squirrely Bob, repeat after WFW by singing this song in the Cadence of Jimi Hendrix's, Hey Joe. TDS...TDS...TDS...TDS...TDS...TDS...TDS where you going with that gun in your hand...TDS...TDS...TDS You get the picture
  9. Hey Joe, I would not respect a Trump vote like that. Besides WFW isn't getting any money. Oh, and I found Joe.
  10. I like secret genius, thank you. Right, looking at these feet shows how WFW defies the odds. Foot model, I could make tons of money, I even have a beauty mark at the base of my big right toe. Hair, teeth, eyes, hands, and feet, the WFW genes for these things go way back.
  11. My feet are to foot models what George's hands are to hand models. Actually Harpo, quite unusual for a longtime diabetic.
  12. Whatever, Groucho.
  13. There will be no relief check for WFW. My wife still makes huge money as a consultant so we will be out of the loop.
  14. No, I really don't. Although I would go fishing with Maddow, I have no interest in doing anything with Hillary. I met her in the WH, she was not a nice lady.
  15. C'mon Sandbox, not Hillary Tuna. Tuna tip, of course the mayo, but add some relish and sweet vadalia onion mix (from a jar) and mix it all together...you'll thank me
  16. I was going to have Tuna for lunch...thanks @Billy Ocean
  17. You need to spend more time on TATF and not ABF. Reason? You have no clue about anything political. Actually, your football knowledge is limited as well. My suggestion? Just go around copying the better things WFW says, use them on other threads (you have my permission) so as to not look like a fool all the time, Grampie.