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  1. Fair questions. Besides prosperity and then over-speculation of the market, more (borrowed) currency was out to loan that was actually in the US economy at that time. Those things happen for the struggle in power between two parties that have different philosophies on how things should be run. One party should handle our foreign affairs and economy while the other should be our social awareness group. The GOP is learning how to stay out of people's personal lives (about time) and the other party does okay in social personal freedoms, but they should never be allowed to touch money, regulation of money, and anything outside of the US. I've been saying for years we need to get a grip on the legal appropriation of drugs and the due course of legalizing prostitution.
  2. At least most of y'all somehow can take this loss and keep your vapid dignity. The left never ceases to amaze me. We were not like this when I strolled on the other side of the aisle. What is your next move? Falsely attack Trump after his 2020 win for God knows what?
  3. We've already had that and them some. At least no one died in the fake/hoax/witch/hunt that was the SC.
  4. Not your fault really, you or the other lemmings on here. TDS and not listening to my rational reasons of the facts (this goes for most everyone on here) is why y'all got caught up in the fake/scm (the estension of the DNC) but I repeat myself, is one of the main reasons. You have been the only one to man up so far @Big_Dog and I suspect you will be the only one because the rest are dishonest deniers when it comes to @WhenFalconsWin., For that I commend you, sir.
  5. Don't be to hard on him...lemmings do what lemmings gonna do,
  6. I did answer. America has been exceptional (with faults like any other nation) but, It's has nothing to do with years but the conceptual philosophy that has any democratic free nation trying to emulate. We have the greatest economic philosophy, the greatest tolerance and least racial country, the most religious and social freedoms, the greatest justice system, we are the most generous in aid and legal immigration of any country in the world. The times we are not great is when we stifle the economy with over regulation/taxation, let gubmint get to big and in our personal/professional lives where the lemmings think we need them in every aspect of our daily existence. Gubmint is a silence like cancer grows so it goes. The further we stay away from being a socialized nation the greater we cam be. Say no to socialism,,,vote Trump 2020
  7. 0:56 I'm a cowboy
  8. End of Mueller probe won’t satisfy Democrats or Never-Trumpers
  9. Well, off to fish lemmings...we'll continue this later. It's good that I don't gloat like I used to. I actually feel sorry for many of y'all entrenched in the Dems side of things. My heart goes out the the middle of the road or slight right of middle, myself included that we deal with this nonsense on a daily basis.
  10. Notice who is scrambling more than any other poster on here...
  11. I could've saved the gubmint years of investigation and gob of money. Being right and watching incompetents doe get as little frustration at times...but years of politics like this has taught me to pace myself unlike many of the lemmings on here. We won't mention Squirrely Bob's real name because he still believes...
  13. Years of 24/7 fake/scm news pulling viewer puppet strings, the very things I've warned y'all about. Now y'all have my opinion? Okay, sure let's go with how wise some of y'all are. SOME OF Y'ALL
  14. I already answered it. I've had guests down at the lake. Excuse me if I don't live on ABF 24/7 like most of you. Oh and still laughing at people and the "breaking news" on the 24/7 fake/scm nearly 3 years worth, telling me this was the day that Trump was going down. Especially one that has a fish name. I think some apologies are in order. WFW right again.
  15. Trump did the middle to lower class a flava flav, he did no favor to the upper/middle upper class, let me tell you. The SALT deduction cap and several other limited deductions have taken hammer and chisel to our tax return. Well, I'm doing more than my fair share trust me, so lest anyone think Trump is doing the upper class a favor think again. I'm still giving to my charities screw the deduction. I'm happy you made out though, lo
  16. It served it's purpose, be done with it. She is not or never will be POTUS which is one of the greatest things to happen to this country.
  17. Yes, anybody that followed this and thought that something real would have come out of this? There were many on here, I'm refraining from naming then out of kindness. They know who they are. ONCE AGAIN i WAS WAY AHEAD OF TH CURVE, this shouldn't come as a surprise though as my record speaks for itself. Now we move onto 2020 and all the tireless discussion with the sub par candidates the Dems are offering up again. Put forth what you will, the fodder that follows is just an illusion for 2020. The Dems need to form a strategy for 2024 and hope something collapses (economy, trade, foreign policy) because people like when there are more jobs than people to fill them. That might be part of the great again you are referring too. Not packing the Scourt with new appointees, doomsday climate referencing, $90 trillion new free green stuff, failed socialized medicine for all, free college the new 13th grade, reparations, open borders, the list goes on and on.
  18. Cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs
  19. Cam getting better with or without sex and wearing ladies clothes...
  20. Someone ate their brain good
  21. Love it...F*** the saints/swampers/rat-faced-boy
  22. Enjoy @Knight of God
  23. That's great, still no RC, but we all knew that already.