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  1. Yeah but, you know, let's blow up Trump's statement to polarize race and she-it.
  2. And I would do anything for loveI'd run right into **** and backI would do anything for loveI'd never lie to you and that's a factBut I'll never forget the way you feel right nowOh no, no wayAnd I would do anything for loveOh I would do anything for loveI would do anything for love, but I won't do thatNo, I won't do that fun fact: Meatloaf was a young boy in Dallas when he was riding his bike with some friends, a Dallas police officer stopped and question them on the day Kennedy was shot. The officer asked him if he had seen a man fitting Oswald's description after he shot and killed officer, J.D Tippet
  3. They all **** up, but it's not about that. It"s about how the rules are different for one side over the other. But we all already know that even though most of the Lemmings remain in denial.
  4. RIP Elijah, man I thought he was older that that.
  5. All news dabbles in fake newsroom time to time...some just dabble more. 24/7 news is a TV show, it's the devil. I called it when Turner started FNN
  6. True but, they cannot play the tough guy either, as eventually the tougher sanctions make their presence felt.
  7. Bern needs capitalism ato run his socialism, he knows it and I know it, but you don't know it You could tax Bern's billionaires to death and you would have enough money to run (Bern's government) for 3 months You could eliminate the Pentagon and DOD and have enough money to run the Bern's government for 4 months. Don't let them sell you a unicorn son, it's a fantasy they're pushing on the Lemmings, they know it won't work, but that is the best gimmick they have to sell you at this time.
  8. I heard he was a HOFer after he played us.
  9. You're an ambitious feller ain't ya?
  10. This ones for you, Beto.
  11. At least Obama evolved. He wasn't there from the beginning but he got there...same as WFW
  12. You're are not in that realm so you don't have a clue. Most conservatives have lightened their stance on these issues, trust me. Of course ther is always extremes in both parties but the times they are a changing. Look how the waters around you have grown, you better start swimming or sink like a stone.
  13. The fishes coup attempt to have everyone put me on ignore is sad and hilarious at the same time. He is the Pelosi of ABF...
  14. Soupy, he said that almost three week ago, son. CONGRESS McConnell: Senate would have ‘no choice’ but to take up impeachment By MARIANNE LEVINE 09/30/2019 12:01 PM EDT Updated 09/30/2019 02:37 PM EDT Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said Monday that he would “have no choice” but to take up impeachment proceedings if a majority of the House of Representatives approves articles of impeachment. During an interview with CNBC, McConnell made it clear that under the rules, the Senate cannot ignore a House vote to impeach President Donald Trump. "I would have no choice but to take it up," McConnell said. "How long you're on it is a whole different matter, but I would have no choice but to take it up, based on a Senate rule on impeachment."
  15. It used to be Billy. They've changed a lot this century. I do not see as many conservatives as I used to pushing the abortion issue, many like myself (more moderate) have switched to pro choice, they are not concerned as much with your bedroom habits or whom you marry, it is changing moire than you might think.
  16. Watch the tape, you cannot take 1950's America and place it in the 21st century. Why do you want to destroy the best economy, wage increases, highest labor participation rate, manufacturing jobs coming back, lowest unemployment for everyone, including blacks, Hispanics, women, in 50 years, not to mention the other good that has been done under this administration.
  17. At least Yang was honest last night. Lemmings, learn from mistakes and don't repeat them.
  18. Wealth tax, Yang proved her wrong last night and she didn't have an answer. Let's put it another way where most of you Lemmings would understand it. If you taxed wealthy people at one of the highest taxes ever levied on Americans say over 50 million, you would have enough money (approximately) to run the government under Democratic progressive policies for 3 months. If you took awauy the Pentagon and thd DOD monies, the Dems would have enough money to run progressive plans for 4 months. The money will never be there for these plans, the Dems know it (their not stupid) but their job is to pull the wool over Lemmings eyes into believing this green unicorn rainbow BS. Good luck falling for the pot of gold.
  19. The fish is the worst culprit of his own stupidity. WFW will prove being right as he has been since the last election. He just cannot face facts of how wrong he was. An you Lemmings trying to blame @Big_Dog for your own human frailties, is despicable and I for one won't stand for it.
  20. Pretty much sounds like what we heard with the ACA, except we were all not only going to have better care, our costs we're going to go down $2500, Alex.
  21. A man of the common people...quid pro Joe