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  1. I'm on the road again, like a band of gypsies. Easter at the Lake House. Enjoy your family Gramps, Happy Easter..
  2. Dem ripper
  3. I would've thrown in ISIS and several other things, but you hit on some of the good stuff.
  4. IDK, maybe someone that would reply to she-it like that?
  5. I agree, I've had my fill of Dem failures as well.
  6. But but we have some of the Dems on here saying I need to read her twitter stuff???
  7. Well, it isn't going to be a Dem. It will be Trump, God willing and the creek don't rise.
  8. If this weirdo runs 3rd party, I hope Schultz keeps his word.
  9. I realized the other day how happy you were when your POTUS proved not to be a Russian operative. Now that's something that made everyone happy on ABF, no matter what side of the aisle you were on. It's not like some of y'all were rooting for him to be guilty...I mean no F*****g way, amirite Gramps? Oh and everything you just said is...
  10. Dayum, love second chances. Pulling for Ra'Shede. Good signing at a position of need.
  11. Dayum, this team is doing the right things this off season. I love it on multiple fronts. We have a guy humbled by his misdeeds that want to do right by the team that drafted him. He is a position of need and is hungry. Man, I'm starting to chub up about this off season...sorry fellas, I couldn't control myself.
  12. Somebody must of hacked Maggie's Twitter account, because no way she is the ******* dumb.
  13. The fake/scm media was vindicated...what a ruse
  14. Surprised, no. Let's let the DNC take charge of healthcare again, you know the ones that brought the ACA and it's catastrophic failure.
  15. Looks like WFW has been winning the last two years while many lemmings on here don't even know how to play chess. They know ho to be spoon fed lies from the fask/scm/DNC (ALL ONE IN THE SAME) THOUGH.
  16. When called out (rather well I might add)...hit dog holler
  17. The con is what the fake/scm/DNC pulled on the GOP AND thEe American public (lemmings) people like you, not prople like me.
  18. Can we bring up the use of the Espionage Act from the Obama administration? No of course not, because you know he targeted anyone who spoke out against him by using that Act more that all presidents combined. You couldn't a bigger hypocrite if you tried to be a bigger hypocrite... https://www.politifact.com/punditfact/statements/2014/jan/10/jake-tapper/cnns-tapper-obama-has-used-espionage-act-more-all-/
  19. Once again you lemmings And fake/scm got it wrong. This had nothing to with any possible charges in a RC hoax, it had to do with over two years of fine tooth comb investigations designed to take away from the mandate Trump entered office with. All the false narratives and misinformations that would take away from the actual business of trying to govern. I have to ask this honestly, are you lemmings just too stupid to figure any of this out on your own, or do you want Trump removed so bad that you are willing to go along with the hoax/lies in order to oust a duly elected POTUS?