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  1. It would have to be a low to mid tier FA, Unless we fix the cap hayell we are in.
  2. Trading Beastley or Trufant at this point is easier said than done. Because if the salaries and Vic in his walk year we'll get nothing of value in return. Now last year Vic was rumored to be had for a 3rd rounder...man, hindsight can bite you in the *** sometimes.
  3. Yup, I was was being slightly sarcastic because I don't believe he ever deserved a spot on this team.
  4. We are great at breaking records. Unfortunately, they are the dubious ones.
  5. Yup, I just hope it doesn't mean more Hardy.
  6. This doesn't bode well for the 2020 Dems field. Either way, this is like putting good money after bad.
  7. Yeah my bad, fat finger hit the 9 instead if the 0
  8. Yes because going on 5 political programs and lying about what caused 4 deaths in Benghazi makes her an upstanding civil servant...smdh
  9. This is some dumb*** she-it here. The fact you even half believe this...ah forget about it, you cannot help some people.
  10. Gotta live Tulsi going Democrat rogue. About time someone from the same party gave Hillary her what for.
  11. There is no 2020 race, well technically speaking, people who think so believe in unicorns who can shoot rainbows out their *****.
  12. I never yelled at you, in fact, I support your efforts, but not for the same reasons you wish.
  13. Winston Is a turnover machine I'll Grant you that, but part of the charm of hiring Koetter was the promise he could fix Jameis. I was never a fan of Koetter's run game, which could've taken the emphasis off Winston having to do everything himself.
  14. I hope him as another HC candidate is not possible because I would feel bad for that franchise. I'd buy OC again, but even that thought makes me squirm and feel uneasy, but I understand this league and why they hire in familiarity. Koetter, went 9-7 (missing the playoffs) his first season, followed by back to back 5-11 seasons. If he gets hired as a HC again expect my @JDaveG was right and WFW was wrong apology, but I just don't see it.
  15. No, they'll go third party or stay home. He is trying to let you down easy. I'm here to tell you the hard truth in only the way WFW can. The Dems are not winning in 2020, I don't know how many times I have to be right for you to believe me, Grampie?
  16. Threads like these are what's wrong with our fan base. I'm happy for Sanu, the guy deserves a good break, but no way in **** am I turncoating to become a fan if the Pats.
  17. The cliche's, the rhetoric, the rah rah, is enough to get HC's fired when things aren't going well. During games I have a problem with Quinn not showing emotion and getting fighting mad, challenging refs when they obviously **** up and miss calls.
  18. There is a difference between good familiarity and bad familiarity... complacency.
  19. Do you really think anyone (a team) consider Koetter a serious HC candidate after his stints with the buccies and Falcons? I'll buy he could possibly get another OC job, (the league loves experienced retreads, familiarity) but HC, no.
  20. What's in in for a failed former HC/OC? Another years salary is my best guess. His NFL coaching paydays are waning rapidly imho.
  21. +1 for cats Italian couple escape home thanks to their cats. "My wife got up because Simba and Mose, our cats, were making a noise and woke us up," Piani told the paper. "She realized they were playing with a piece of plaster which had just fallen off the ceiling. Then we saw cracks opening in the walls.” The severe weather pounding northern Italy had killed a taxi driver and forced dozens to evacuate their homes as rivers overflowed, washed away a bridge and set off landslides, Agence France-Presse reported.
  22. You've got it. Not only do they want Trump to win, it also helps the fake/scm stay (Trump) profitable.
  23. Quid pro quo swamp Joe...
  24. Yup, you need a franchise QB. Most of them usually remain steady if their defense remains competitive. Unfortunately, our defense hasn't kept up with Ice.
  25. He should've been after that debacle, but no owner would've done that after a SB appearance.