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  1. "Censure Trump for misbehavior", you cannot make this she-it up...we got some real winners on here.
  2. Eric Holder was Obama's wingman... At the time of Holder’s remarks (so no one can be accused of “whataboutism” in sycophantic defense of Donald Trump) Debra Heine contextualized AG Holder’s and President Obama’s chummy relationship: Nice to know how things work when the Attorney General is the president’s “wingman” and the president is the Attorney General’s “guy.”
  3. God I hope they do...commit political suicide. Trump's guilty, of nothing...come on Dems do it (in Arnold's voice) please do it, do it, come on come on... lemmings
  4. I remember Humphrey and Zook.
  5. Yep, I think you're gonna see more just with Quinn taking DC control, not to mention the added talent.
  6. This is true. But I'm willing to bet if these guys/guy makes it to the NFL they had some guidance whether it was their father/mother or a father figure like a coach/mentor. It is a crying shame when things go awry.
  7. Imagine if one of these two is like Grady? That just makes our DE's that much better.
  8. No, I mean if the right (no expensive deal comes along) but I am saying I wouldn't give up the farm at #14 to move up when there is beau coup DL talent in this draft. I mean a good will be there at #14. Having said that, I don't know how high our FO may rate a Williams or Oliver, amirite? Being sensible again.
  9. she was hot so I'm in.
  10. I'm always rational and I want a dayum SB now! The sands of the hour glass are starting to run out on me.
  11. Oh no, I agree if the compensation is not bad. I was mainly talking about a mock I saw where we give up next year's 1st as well. I am not remotely into that scenario. The ones you point out here I'd be fine with.
  12. I hope he's Aaron Donald if we do, just think there is enough DL talent not to give away picks.
  13. Peter Daou is a Democratic strategist who has advised major political figures, including Hillary Clinton, Arlen Specter, and John Kerry. He was described by the New York Times as "one of the most prominent political bloggers in the nation."
  14. If the shoe fits. I now have Squirrely Bob 1 and Squirrely Bob 2. Oh, Hillary was guilty, but Trump is not guilty of this in the farce they call the Russian Collusion hoax. Let's take the Trump Tower meeting for instance, you would claim thAT IS COLLUSION yet when Hillary paid for dirt $12 Mil, and got the fake Dossier Op research fake dirt) used for the FISA warrant, you make no mention of that being collusion. So yeah, double standards.
  15. God I can't wait until the Dems get off this farce and have to go back to coming up with policy...what a novel idea for the Socialists...
  16. Hillary, no criminal intent. She acted grossly negligent by destroying her hard drive (with bleachbit) 33k emails, sending and receiving classified documents on an unsecure server, after she was asked to turn them over, destroyed 13 electronic devices with hammers, Did I forget something? Oh you're one of those double standard lefties where the law only applies to (R)...get the outta here with that she-it
  17. Witch hunt, fake/scm news, a hoax, the DNC Russian collusion, fale FISA warrants, you name it, they did it. Nothing has changed because the fake/scm/DNC tells you any different. They should be ashamed of themselves for misleading old grampy lemmings like you and the other numbnuts who know who they are. This could actually fake the Dems into starting impeachment proceedings which I pray they do. Once that fails they have to fall back on policy which they don't have, unless, you call the GND and Socialism a policy...I'll let this lib answer for me
  18. You know him better than he knows himself...
  19. Like Wario said, comedy gold.