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  1. Ice had a great game and as usual we got F****** by the refs.
  2. No way he got to the 35
  3. What do we have two TO's?
  4. Great call we need money now
  5. We're used to getting burned. Praying today is different.
  6. Why waste time? We might need the ball back again.
  7. Watch the Cardinals pass rush come alive now
  8. There's our defense what a pathetic effort there
  9. As soon as we tie it up the offense goes back in the she-itter
  10. Watch the pass rush here
  11. Drop on the play I said they beat us with
  12. Let's see how Murray plays now without a big lead...Defense do what you've done the last two series.
  13. Let's finish off this comeback
  14. Little bit of Animal House Humor, sir.
  15. Watch roll out to the right with TE or RB coming off a block. Teams have been beating like a drum with that play on 3rd down.
  16. Now we need some D' but I'm sorry for asking
  17. Sheffield already better than Oliver