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  1. Thank you Lee, RIP, you got me hooked on this car when I was a younger man.
  2. That's how I get in my hot tub. I have "people" remove my robe before I get in.
  3. Now they don't call you Sponge for nothing.
  4. Yes sir! JKF told the Dems also, the gubmint is not the answer to their problems...
  5. Now that is a dumb question.
  6. No, you need to let it go. How many times have you admitted @WhenFalconsWin is right after the fact on here? At least I'll give you some credit for that, but you will also have to admit I was right about Trump and 2020. It's not about gloating, I just have a knack (politics) that you don't possess.
  7. When it come to you and Mueller there is no truth, until they hang Trump by the short hairs, Squirrely Bob.
  8. I don't do Facebook. This is the only social media I do. Too much going on in my life to sit inside all day between all the activities I'm involved with. I've taken vets fishing as I give back, but my wife and I are working on an official charity out if it.
  9. Funny thing is many if the Lemmings quoted these publications...we know who they are.
  10. He was a Cuban actor...
  11. She got caught in a lie, two Dems involved, not a white man and "white privilege" as she claimed. More of the "person who cried wolf" once too often. I mentioned this very thing just last week. There will always be faux racism "opportunists" out there that hurts the actual racism events that happen.
  12. Oh he's holding he s breath...
  13. Mueller? I knew your crazy *** would still be holding out hope for the RC Hoax. You are an old incandescent light bulb in the world of LEDs, Squirrely Bob, time to wake up son.
  14. Then we go into a cold snap for the next few days. The weather, you can't live with it and you cannot live without it.
  15. Being ripped by a Lemming (as you suggest by you or most of them) only has meaning to you Squirrely Bob... definitely not by me.
  16. That sounds cheap and nice. Fortunately for me I have my retirement home on water (fresh) not salt water. I might check into as some investment property.
  17. I liked the sound of this until the falsehoods in your final two words.
  18. "It's sick out there and getting sicker." - Bob Grant
  19. Years, no waste, in your world waste everyday? You cannot reach the unteachable.
  20. Trump straws don't get dumped off barges in New Jersey. They're keep sakes. You are one of the most Schmendrick person's I know.
  21. They don't like the convenient truth.
  22. The left's 2020 strategy, paint Trump as a monster...oh, you thought I was going to lay out their policies?
  23. You can only use voter fraud when you are a Dem and you lose the 2016 general...come on man, you know this.