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  1. I'm sure NYT's and CNN will ask the hard hitting questions. How much can the Dems be sheltered until they face the big Kahuna, where they get destroyed.
  2. And you were attacking him for possible withdrawal. Amash is a #nevertrumper so there is that
  3. No matter how you slice and how wrong he was and many other's were wrong, WFW got it right and many other things regarding the wave that was 2016 and beyond. Don't even mention sparing the board with the Russian Hoax and the call.
  4. I wouldn't really be taking/seeking opinions or advice from someone who said no way in hayell Trump would beat Clinton. In Ihat case you and everyone else on here would've been better off with my opinion. Pro Tip: No one is beating Trump, bet your farm on it.
  5. Ice has 3rd highest QBR post season in the history of the NFL. Also only QB with a higher QBR in postseason than his regular season QBR.
  6. Dayum good stuff
  7. Yup and yup
  8. They hype Rodgers no doubt. Ice can hold his own with top tier QBs.
  9. I'm sure Obama was happy he kept the logs, because we know the Reverend Al Charlatan was in the WH over 80 times. Don't ask me, I have no clue
  10. Unfortunately or fortunately, depending where you lean, there is no right choice for the Dems. I think most people on here know Biden (a moderate Dem) is sunk and a progressive agenda by any of the other leading Dems, is not going to beat Trump.
  11. Hunter Biden regrets a lot. He regrets a lot only after he's been caught. He didn't do anything wrong, but he regrets doing it.
  12. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder... unfortunately your old *** eyes ain't beholding nothing.
  13. You're biased because you know...TDS
  14. One wonders how Grampie will handle 5 more years of Trump in his twilight years? Just leave politics to us younger folks.
  15. We haven't had a sack in three consecutive games (last time that happened to a Falcons team was 8 years ago) knowing this was a major concern going into the off season...not a good look
  16. No offense, but you've been wrong on many things Trump, where I've been right. Maybe Gramps will stay in the game.
  17. Rudy has skills that can be compensated for. He nter, not so much. Is Rudy's payment crooked? Let's see what they find. Is Biden's setup wrong? He just resigned the board and said while I didn't do anything untoward, I'll never do this again. Well, that is just a dumb*** statement there, right up there with his dad's gaffes.
  18. I just mentioned the gist of this argument in a post just now.
  19. Hillary set the bar to low for receiving foreign money. I also never realized how many of these Congress kids sat on these foreign boards for large sums if money. Yes, many Dems, but I'm not foolish enough to think there also isn't some Republicans kids on them as well
  20. He didn't regret the quid pro Joe/quo Doesn't matter how crooked the Biden's are he will be out before spring, as I predicted back in April.
  21. Falcons in the #4 slot for the 2020 draft. Needs, pass rusher pass rusher, and pass rusher. The Falcons have not had a sack in 3 consecutive games. The last time that happened for them was 8 years ago.
  22. I'm better and younger looking than that for an older dude. I'm not some old dried up prune like @Big_Dog. I mean the ladies are still interested