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  1. Artie just gave Quinn that look
  2. Sums up the history of the Falcons
  3. You gotta love this team
  4. We should build around Schaub when the new HC gets here...going for levity
  5. Falcons blow onsides kick read all about it
  6. Just 3 successful onsides kick and we win this thing
  7. Some teams have quality backup come in and win games like Bridgewater, Allen, etc. We have Matt Schaub, another problem this org never addressed. Something about him holding a clipboard and helping Ice with plays or some she-it like that.
  8. How in dahell did the eagles not beat us?
  9. I would need an abacus to count up the Falcons missed tackles
  10. The scrubs we have on this team is endless starting with Hardy, Barner, and everyone on defense not named Jarrettor Jones.
  11. Ice not looking well after that play
  12. I want to see Ollie as well.
  13. Hill looks quicker and more explosive than Free already.
  14. This is worse than the Harrington/Pigtrino season...it's official because I just said it.
  15. I got more where that came from...
  16. At home another embarrassment. How has Quinn hung on this long?
  17. Falcons celebrate on a ST's tackle down 27-3. This team is not disciplined at all. It's more than embarrassing.
  18. Will this blowout at home be enough for Mr. Blank pull the trigger on Quinn? Will it be after the game or tomorrow?
  19. You don't have to smoke anything to be aware of this.
  20. 99% of us are aware of this!
  21. Rams have looked like she-it for 3 weeks and the good ol' Falcons come in and fix what ails them. Worst team in the league right now hands down!
  22. We just got better, Free is no longer in the game.
  23. We are the laughing stocks of the league right now. This is on Blank, if you don't fix this now you will be known as the worst owner in the league.
  24. We can't even run a WR screen