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  1. Still crying waiting hoping I see...Loser Grampie Oh, and for our guitar players out there this video is not Crying waiting Hoping, just a few seconds and you can detect Buddy is playing That'll be the Day in this video.
  2. Not Sexy Rexy, that is an accident waiting to happen. And he always hires his pregnant broth Rob.
  3. Not our Peyton Manning (although he would be good) but the real deal. Another idea, Deion Sanders. Just throwing out the unconventional.
  4. Ice is the rubber-ban man...amazing.
  5. I agree, I don't care about endorsements which is what I said earlier. Someone like @Big_Dog needs them because he needs someone to tell him what he thinks and believes in. I certainly don't need that, and you say you don't need it either. Good for us we are the enlightened people, the informed, in the know.
  6. No matter, 10 more personal foul by the Rams wouldn't have stopped the she-it show we saw yesterday. #firequinnnow
  7. Personal take: someone else's endorsement doesn't mean she-it to me. I don't need anyone to tell me what interests are best for my family and I. I'm sad that people cannot think for themselves or not know what is good or bad for them. Unfortunately, this wins the Lemmings label imho.
  8. i choose the former over the latter. Actually she is all this: (D) choose all the aboce
  9. People are flat out stealing WFW thoughts now. Well if the get the message right I don't care.
  10. Hindsight knew Donald was going to be a once in a lifetime? No offense to anyone on here, but some of y'all and assured draft picks and tanking for picks...just stop please
  11. In that case we better go QB in the first round.
  12. Just add more **** to the rest of the **** we already have already. Can we pile more **** on the pile of **** we already have? Life of a Falcons fan
  13. He got. Health bump. He cannot sustain the crowds Trump does. Like him or hate him, Trump can draw a crowd like Lincoln once could.
  14. The falcons are the worse team in the league giving Pigtrino's/Harrington's 2007 team a run for their money.
  15. He wasn't mad Donald, he was frustrated with himself because he sucks. Free made a splash early on but the Injuries took what little flash he had away. I've always been against big contracts for RBs after their rookie contracts are up. Free is the proof in the pudding.
  16. I was going to make this thread. I even posed this question yesterday in another thread. The answer very well could be yes. Pigtrino has competition now.
  17. This would be the she-it bowl
  18. Wait, I went to the wrong Catholic school apparently?
  19. Unfortunately, Money's time has come and gone like the soon to be Quinn era
  20. True, and he had his share of losing seasons too. But Quinn is not our answer.
  21. While shipping g out Julio is crazy, this team seriously might want to ship out some players for picks. The new HC is going to need more picks and new bodies on defense.
  22. Artie just gave Quinn that look
  23. Sums up the history of the Falcons