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  1. "Lindsey Graham you are a disgrace," LuPone tweeted. "On a personal note, why don't you just bite the bullet and come out. You might just come to your senses." That sparked plenty of criticism on social media of the Tony-winning actress. "Ahhh a good old fashioned homophobic joke from an icon in the gay community," journalist Yashar Ali reacted.
  2. Do you think Lombardi's coaching today would be outdated? I mean run the ball be balanced and play solid defense. So the answer is no.
  3. Dude, give credit where credit is due. Your comment is what a hack would say...don't be a hack
  4. And it's where they live. I mean if they lived in California chances are they wouldn't be obese.
  5. Don't you think he and TD know this list...you better believe it. Artie, dinner with Julio pronto!
  6. Thank you POTUS Trump
  7. Who ever thought Breesus would be a steal at $25 Mil ? Wentz making $32 Mil...wow
  8. I've pointed this out in the past, yet, no one seems to think M4A will have this same problem? Doctor's are just lawyers who aren't afraid of blood. Professions can change over night.
  9. Watch out Zeke, or Sponge will come in and tell you it's "eminent domain" just looking out for you.
  10. Does where you live make you fat?
  11. Can't believe it? Believe it. Talk about feckless...you need to get...ah forget it, I'm not helping that party.
  12. You got the male appendage in on your last two posts...kudos to you sir. Now if we could just legalize prostitution by the close of business tomorrow we'd all be copacetic.
  13. Bernie's only gone up by $8 Trillion in the last 3 months...gubmint clowns Earlier this week, Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., estimated his Medicare for All proposal would cost up to $40 trillion over 10 years. Sanders has also said he would raise taxes, including for the middle class, to pay for Medicare for All, and that "there will be pain" in a transition to a single-payer system.
  14. Raquel Welch's Kansas City Bombers uniform.
  15. You're right, the ACA was botched from the jump including the failed multi-millions website. I could've got my grandkids to do the site for $1500...see children, let this be a lesson, don't get the gubmint involved with your healthcare.
  16. @achilles return Consider yourself tagged my friend
  17. Medishare? Nevermind, that is Christian faith based...won't go over well with some in this crowd.
  18. That's what the ACA was supposed to be. But when the gobmint gets involved by nature prices automatically go up. Don't ask the them to fix what they already exacerbated.
  19. Just because "Capitalism" by some "strange" coincidence" helped form the greatest most powerful nation on Earth? Yeah, America is lucky like that...
  20. Yep, the old race shaming card on cue.
  21. While you're at it the populations too. I mean considering your policies you would have gladly chosen to live in NoKo and East Germany. To that, I would have to disagree with you.
  22. Just bring up South Korea or West Germany as examples and they have no answers.
  23. Like Obama said, elections ha very consequences. So the answer would be yes. I went about my business hoping for good policy, but it didn't happen. I just lumped it waiting for Trump to be elected
  24. To say there are not longer waiting times verses the two systems is either dishonesty or lack of the facts. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.forbes.com/sites/sallypipes/2018/06/11/canadians-are-one-in-a-million-while-waiting-for-medical-treatment/amp/
  25. The way college has been flooded and the curriculum watered down, in some cases (unfortunately) that is a yes.