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  1. You sound like the right getting caught up in Hillary's server. You're a young man, relieve this at the gym, not the AFMBs, son.
  2. Get your map ready, I won last time and if you want I can tell you who is going to win this time.
  3. But but he confessed to the whole thing? Seriously, how dumb can you be or is this rhetoric just for show? Are you trying to impress most of the Lemmings who actually take you seriously?
  4. Lemmings can be from either side, they follow blindly (something WFW HAS NOT OR WILL NEVER DO) check yourself before you see yourself. The fish knows who he is, you don't need to bother with that. That Lemmings thing? Yes, you can pay strict attention to that.
  5. Looks like Pence and Pompeo have set the conditions for a treaty/policy that are beneficial for all involved. Good work boys
  6. your best post of the day
  7. What really scares them is they knows he's smarter than most of them and has accomplished more in life than they could have in 10 lifetimes. Yeah but but but daddy gave him a million dollars... I 'll take the guy that can turn a $1 million dollars into $4-10 billion everytime for $1000, Alex.
  8. I ly interested in his 2021 G7, you know the first one in his second term, Squirrely Bob.
  9. Funny how how how a Dem Alt on here gets no mention from the Lemmings club, but as soon as a conservative (what y'all think is A conservative alt) a lot of you go bat guano crazy. Just WFW calling out the hypocrisy BS when he sees it.
  10. Not all, but many do when they don't want to attack your facts.
  11. WFW does not and never has had an alt. You get the best I have to offer. The fact you threw that out there so nonchalantly raises a red flag for you.
  12. No one types on Trump's Twitter account...you pushing faux news again.
  13. Trump's condolence/sympathetic side, I'm glad it came out for all to see.
  14. You just explained most everyone on here even though you'll deny it, which is also one of your responses in your post.
  15. Most Lemmings follow the fake/scm/Dems because they know no better.
  16. The great Ronald Wilson Reagan once said (paraphrasing), it's not that the Democrats don't know anything, it's just everything they know is wrong.
  17. Did you get permission from the fish to quote me? The economy is thriving because if those cuts bring ging back business and sharing the wealth with employees in wages and bonuses. If you crush the rich/corporations with regulations and taxes no one wins. They'll send their businesses over see, cut employees here, and hoard their wealth. That is a fact proven time and time again, we saw this during the last administration. economy is great right now because of Trump, infrastructure would be perfect timing, furthering the economy. But Dems reluctant to give Trump any victories that make their policy is look like failures.
  18. He or she is right and you know it. That's why you didn't answer, Grampie.
  19. Sounds like the "infamous Trump Tower meeting" that was a whole lot of nothing to take the POTUS down all over again. The Dems need to stop embarrassing themselves...maybe work to get an infrastructure bill before Christmas. Hey WFW, DEMS working across the Trump aisle, what s novel idea.
  20. Good morning Metimucil Bob, funny of all people you would mention *** paper.
  21. Yang partially explained this in the debate, but you'll see Bern and Liz avoid this like the plague. They know the truth, but they don't want their (apparently oblivious) constituents to know this.
  22. Serge is preaching to you and why Russiagate results were what they are. But you still don't get it. That my friend puts you in @Big_Dog territory.
  23. No doubt, I've saying this for a while People are not going to throw out 50 year highs in wages, employment, labor participation rate, stock market, etc. Even though they're trying to discredit these highs, most people vote with their wallets and secure employment, not with drummed up issues that most people have way down their list of priorities, like climate change.