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  1. One wonders how Grampie will handle 5 more years of Trump in his twilight years? Just leave politics to us younger folks.
  2. We haven't had a sack in three consecutive games (last time that happened to a Falcons team was 8 years ago) knowing this was a major concern going into the off season...not a good look
  3. No offense, but you've been wrong on many things Trump, where I've been right. Maybe Gramps will stay in the game.
  4. Rudy has skills that can be compensated for. He nter, not so much. Is Rudy's payment crooked? Let's see what they find. Is Biden's setup wrong? He just resigned the board and said while I didn't do anything untoward, I'll never do this again. Well, that is just a dumb*** statement there, right up there with his dad's gaffes.
  5. I just mentioned the gist of this argument in a post just now.
  6. Hillary set the bar to low for receiving foreign money. I also never realized how many of these Congress kids sat on these foreign boards for large sums if money. Yes, many Dems, but I'm not foolish enough to think there also isn't some Republicans kids on them as well
  7. He didn't regret the quid pro Joe/quo Doesn't matter how crooked the Biden's are he will be out before spring, as I predicted back in April.
  8. Falcons in the #4 slot for the 2020 draft. Needs, pass rusher pass rusher, and pass rusher. The Falcons have not had a sack in 3 consecutive games. The last time that happened for them was 8 years ago.
  9. I'm better and younger looking than that for an older dude. I'm not some old dried up prune like @Big_Dog. I mean the ladies are still interested
  10. Didn't see it. My band (the band I play in) is probably better for a bunch of old dudes.
  11. I sang a few numbers with them that night.
  12. Green Bay wins and I win my pool tonight. I will DONATE those winnings to a good cause.
  13. A small prevarication (done by all POTUS to protect fools like you) doesn't outweigh the best economy, lowest unemployment, wage increases, best minority, women employment. highest labor participation rate in 50 years. Not to mention all the other things Trump has done and that your fake/scm/dems won't tell you about.
  14. I'm trying to read 31 replies I have, please don't add nonsense until I read them all.
  15. You need help, pops.
  16. You are an enabler of corruption, but you only see (R) corruption and that is very corrupt, Gramps. .
  17. No, but his dad who was in charge of investigating corruption in Ukraine was, Grampie. Also, he said that China was no threat...
  18. Slow getting back to your reply, I was reading a reply to one of my posts from Refried Beans.
  19. I remember that when we pulled out of Iraq...half purple
  20. I was going to post this earlier then have listen to all the BS many of you Lemmings would bring forth to my post. Better you did it this time, now WFW can just say the fake/scm...Hmm Mmm
  21. Save it from what? The impending $100 Trillion programs your new Socialist POTUS tries to implement.
  22. The's not happening, Buttercup. If you don't believe WFW ask some of your more stable posters who are technically #nevertrumpers, even they'll tell you the truth.
  23. He.ll no, Radio is not the guy.
  24. Ice is a franchise QB, not the problem. Can we start addressing the real problems now?