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  1. Race-baiting, gay shaming which the left does on a regular basis as long as it's not there side. I stood up for Lindsay but not most of the left on here We could go on on day about this, meantime I called for Governor Northam's head and I didn't get much support here. Of most of you lemmings tried to railroad Trump, Kavanaugh, etc. Notice we never get apologies when I'm proven right. This is so par for the Lemmings course though, on ABF
  2. It's all they got. They had a failed 8 years we have a successful 2 1/2 + 5 1/2 more coming.
  3. Off to the lake people. Be safe out there, it is 101 here in Northern Virginia. Supposed to be hotter than that down in Central VA...stay hydrated.
  4. More race baiting/shaming against people who are not voting for the right "party" more of the same just a different day.
  5. When someone asks what has he done after you point it out that is just bad faith acting. Since you brought up Obama. Mentioning what he does to his own people is like asking what Obama got to reopen relations with Cuba (not helping their people, now that is hackery at it's finest.
  6. They do this as a game. They have no intentions of starting a war with us. They've played this game before. If you have a feckless Dem in office they get away with taking American hostages for 400+ days without repercussions until a GOP POTUS get in office to get them released immediately.
  7. You conflate things far too often to suit your points, but I'm not the only one who knows this any longer.
  8. Trump has done more with NoKo than anY POTUS IN THE LAST 67 years. Prisoner's back, remains back, negotiations open, stronger sanctions against them and no rush to a bad deal.
  9. I'll take what every liberal says for $1000 Alex
  10. They keep speculating what a Dem POTUS would get us into. Remember when it was a foregone conclusion Trump would lead us to war with NoKo? Yeah, me too.
  11. California has outlawed manhole (maintenance hole) and man made (human made) in their city codes. Well at least they're addressing the real problems in CA. https://www.theguardian.com/uk/lifeandstyle
  12. I doubt it. Neither Bernie nor Biden. One wonders which Dems will rise to the top? I need more debates to determine that, right now they all look awful and it is just a she-it show to see who can out give free stuff to their voter's.
  13. When your staffers have to ask you to drop out even though you're getting paid as a staffer? The Charles Bronson head shake.
  14. There are no fiscal conservatives anymore, they all want a piece of our pie.
  15. The last 12 years???
  16. May God and the many blessings ABF can offer lift up and touch Tandy's heart.
  17. I posted two things together to make a point about the attack on Graham, but you choose to ignore that and you accept the gay-shaming thrown at Graham. That is despicable and something a low energy left lemming would do.
  18. "Lindsey Graham you are a disgrace," LuPone tweeted. "On a personal note, why don't you just bite the bullet and come out. You might just come to your senses." That sparked plenty of criticism on social media of the Tony-winning actress. "Ahhh a good old fashioned homophobic joke from an icon in the gay community," journalist Yashar Ali reacted.
  19. Do you think Lombardi's coaching today would be outdated? I mean run the ball be balanced and play solid defense. So the answer is no.
  20. Dude, give credit where credit is due. Your comment is what a hack would say...don't be a hack
  21. And it's where they live. I mean if they lived in California chances are they wouldn't be obese.
  22. Don't you think he and TD know this list...you better believe it. Artie, dinner with Julio pronto!