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  1. Nunes chastising the Dems children
  2. Fixing? Who are you, Jethro Bodine?
  3. Russian collusion hoax all over again...
  4. 90s the decade, not their age, fool.
  5. JFC, the fish still thinks this hearing is real...
  6. Geriatric? They started young.
  7. They can thank me for a chance meeting with Bruce Lee and Jhoon Rhee in Arlington Virginia over a half century ago, for my love of the martial arts.
  8. They are both black belts, yes. They got that distinction in the later 90s.
  9. I'll see it next week down at the lake.
  10. The only help I seek is with financial advisors which my wife and daughter are. My other manages a department in a non-profit help group which shall remain nameless.
  11. Give Sponge a call he'll get you a job doing that.
  12. Weaksauce. Right is right Billie Jean.
  13. I did some serious either brave or dunbsheit in my youth. Example, I climbed scaffolding 200' high (on the outside) without a harness on a bet.
  14. Please have the balls to say the opposite as a few have said I was right about 2016 election, Russian hoax, Kavanaugh farce, etc. I believe you are a stand up guy. Question, what movie did Denzel Washington say, in my youth?
  15. Carroll Shelby is one of my childhood heroes. I will have to catch this. My first car was a 67' Mustang Coupe. On my want list is. 67' Mustang Shelby 500 GT
  16. Yep, I'm going to have to stop with him as he triggers easily these days...TDS
  17. The smart folks at home already know what this is: a farce, a sham a prevarication, a canard, a flim flam, hoodwi nking, bamboozled, wonderama, yes good sir, the people at home already know.
  18. Foreign policy strengthened under Trump, yes. Was there any bribery or extortion under your watch, no. /Impeachment farce...bot that we had to say this
  19. I agree with you.
  20. Yes Schiffless, a sense of duty, but in your case you mean doody.