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  1. Nice, but given your beliefs that still doesn't override a few. No one is saying aw shucks, they're human, but that definitely plays a role in misjudgment, errors, and the unlawful. In other professions like a doctor, the doctor may make a mistake and "his/her" life is not in the balance. That cannot be said for a police officer though. Their mistakes can cost them their lives or the other person's life given the situation.
  2. Aaron Judge is a large human being who has scary power with great plate discipline.
  3. Considering there are nearly 1 million LEO's in the US and according to the Internal Registry (IR) 5% OF POLICE OFFICERS ARE REPORTED TO THEM for wrongdoing. This doesn't mean they did wrong, it just means they have been reported. So take whatever number that can be ascertained out of that 5% and you can definitely use the words "a few bad cops" when discussing this. Everyone wishes there were no bad police officers, but they are human and human frailty comes into play.
  4. It can't be...I don't see a dress or capri pants in this photo.
  5. I'd say she is more than worthy to open the stadium.
  6. Yes on the win, time consuming, 2 more FGs, ballgame. MVP, no.
  7. SB, the ball does not go off his hands like Alford (I like Alford) but that is game over Falcons are the Champs.
  8. Honestly, I stopped after seeing Freeman over Mack for the Raiders. Hindsight is 20/20 these articles are at best dumb.
  9. We need a ballhawk with hands.
  10. For a longtime Virginia debated having the lottery. They finally got VA residents to vote for it because a lot of the money would go to roads and schools. Those thing are still bad. South Carolina should be investigated for their lottery system because all lotteries say that's what the money is for.
  11. They should've played that music when the father was caught molesting children in real life.
  12. This was bad in the past and bad now. There will always be a few bad cops. I'm glad they recorded themselves.
  13. Marla, it's because those stories fit their agenda. If you want some real reporting that is fair you have to look at papers like the Washington Examiner or even the Washington times. H.ell, the New York Post is light years more hones then the NYT's.
  14. Holy Jesus... No, at first they help leak the story out saying they could not verify it (get it out for public's consumption) and they know they cannot verify it because it isn't real...really who listens to you anymore?