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  1. How is it lying? I'm telling what will happen, how long it took Reagan, and how fast Trump will do this. It's not like we haven't had these discussions in the past. Headed down to the lake house...Spader gator
  2. Who was the Hollywood madame that had Charlie Sheen's name among some other celebrities? I cannot remember her name...you probably do
  3. No, you said that. I was only going off your analysis of the $1.5 trillion, which I told you will be wrong. Trump's future evonomy will be record setting, unprecedented, absolutely positive.
  4. Unfortunately.
  5. Chicken feed compared to the last administration...besides we'd have something to show for it. Those projections are prosperity bias...just sayin'
  6. Those are two good reasons to vote for him in 2020...hope he adds that to his campaign. And Trump, can we legalize prostitution in every state already?
  7. so you believe in a banana republic then...
  8. Don't lay Dems math failures on me man.
  9. Well then you/fake/scm must believe Trump. Oh that's right, Trump has lied over 3000 times and Obama only lied 8 times...
  10. Stay on topic please. Even if this was true which it isn't, that would be a win for the GOP. YES, the Dems call that a reduce in spending because the 8 years from the last adminstration ran up nearly $10 trillion in debt. Stay with me here, in your parties terms, the GOP will HAVE REDUCED SPENDING BY $8.5 TRILLION Besides, you've already gotten this answer from me several times. There is also some Reagan anecdotes from my previous answers...keep up or go look them up, I'm not here to waste anyone's time, especially mine.
  11. See my latest post to PG, you'll get the award too.
  12. Dems don't read their own press, are most people surprised?
  13. Who are you going to believe, Bill and Loretta or Putin? Err a, I mean Trump.
  14. No, the real problems is the core of the affluent wing of the Democratic party taking over housing at the expense of the minority wing, of the Democratic party. https://www.nytimes.com/2018/04/19/opinion/democrats-gentrification-cities-voters.html
  15. BREAKING NEWS: Trump satisfies fake/scm regarding his two hour private meeting with Putin and what they talked about. It turns out (confirmed) they talked about golf&grandkids per translator.