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  1. Should've been false start
  2. Within 5 yards iffy call
  3. Nice tackle Oliver
  4. Only takes us 1 play to F*** up a drive
  5. I miss the Gritz Blitz
  6. Ice will be pressured like none other Wentz will have so much time it will look like he's reading a Chinese menu...never fails
  7. Sorry about Breesus injury, but F*** the saints/swampers/rat-faced-boy
  8. ^This makes too much sense for a Falcons team. How dare you, Sir?
  9. If Free continues to be umproductive I say we bring up Quadree. Yeah, I know this is never going to happen, but I'm just being real around here.
  10. I hear ya...this was just to prop up the doom and gloom people.
  11. At that exact moment I told my wife we need a FG and the game is over. We never got that FG.
  12. Okay boys, Falcons playing for 1st place tonight.
  13. Dayum, he didn't even think twice about gripping that football.