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  1. All I see is fog (which is what most of Gordon's career has been) where is Gordon?
  2. I haven't seen any Fowler rumors since mid August. I'd definitely be interested.
  3. Kickers had a bad week last Sunday. God Bless Matt Money Bryant.
  4. JFC, your questions are mind-numbing. If you think you can speak for me then I don't even need to reply to you any longer. OBVIOUSLY READING IS NOT ONE OF YOUR STRONG SUITS.
  5. Thank you...that's why it's there, for your and everyone else's enjoyment.
  6. The cowgirls kicker was cut?
  7. Most people have told someone about their incident before that even if they don't follow up on them. Her first revelation was 2017. That doesn't make her a liar, it gave me the wow factor is all.
  8. Avoid the subject at hand. I know a little more about what Marla is doing than you, let's just say that for now.
  9. Show me where I implied it? I said she should be heard as should Kavanaugh. I have no clue as do you. She may be telling things the way she is remembering, doesn't mean she is lying or telling the truth. It could be what she says or not what she says, until we get more facts/evidence no one knows. You're not telling me that every accusation out of someone's mouth is the gospel are you? How fast we forget the Duke rape case.
  10. Did their kicker get cut? Or the Vikings kicker? Ef the saints
  11. This is the spirit we expect after a Falcons win.
  12. More denials and lies from you. Plus, no followup on your accusation of me calling Ford a liar. You're the worst, I don't know why I even try with you. @marla_mulder was dead on balls accurate about you.
  13. I asked you if you were and I noticed you ignored showing me where I called Ford a list .. HYPOCRITE
  14. I went back and counted Billy (in Rosie Perez voice) you had 744 twerking gifs in a week...how about we call it even and drop the matter.
  15. I'd rather not discuss what is none of your businessdo you're are fine with just accusations? I hope that never happens to you.