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  1. Dell is spot on. Also, like myself, we know how to allocate what we give better than the government ever will...unless you mean waste, then the government has us beat. Here is the tax rates since Federal Income Tax was enacted with the 16th amendment. https://bradfordtaxinstitute.com/Free_Resources/Federal-Income-Tax-Rates.aspx
  2. He can do it from the oval office. Screw all those interruptions, applause, and jeers anyways. Just get the message out.
  3. Since you posted it twice, okay.
  4. Dude, what's up with all the avatar changes lately. You're ruining your brand. I like to be able to recognized posters by their avatar. You are making it tougher everyday.
  5. We should be able to trust nurses as well. The world according to Garp was a movie, not real life.
  6. You are my comic relief...
  7. They just hired Biden's gaffe controller. But that is not something you'll hear from the ignominious fake/scm.
  8. God, I wish this would hold true for two more year's...Trump landslide 2020
  9. Disgusting, horrible, vile doctors. We are supposed to trust them, not fear them.
  10. This is where you stop and scratch your head and.picture politicians as unicorns galloping on a rainbow.
  11. Make prostitution legal now! The rest will fall into place
  12. Leo has put some weight on.
  13. Yes, her ideas are so original. I've been seeing how her ideas in Venezuela have been going down...oh, that wasn't her?
  14. I would love to see her carry on an interview instead of just spouting off the far left talking points. I'm looking forward to it.