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  1. Synthetic blend is just as good and a lot cheaper. I know what I'm getting you for Christmas now.
  2. There's ways around that.
  3. I haven't missed one since the Packers/Chiefs SB...which means I haven't missed one.
  4. Go away Burrito Bread
  5. Dayum, against my better judgement I clicked on this BS
  6. Shut your mouth...you're coming off stupid
  7. We're hoping for Nancy, just so we're clear here.
  8. Do it yourself and stop whining. Kids....
  9. How in dehe.ll can you post the exact thing I was just typing about you? Dayum, you are some sort of savant, like me...peace out
  10. Yeah, that's great. I wish I still had that. Enjoy it while you can.
  11. You traveling for Thanksgiving? If so, where to? Be safe.
  12. You didn't interview the same ladies?
  13. Yes there is, you. According to the ladies I've interviewed, you're more than an insufferable troll. They also mentioned your inadequauacies in many other areas.