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  1. We haven't seen Marla in a while, what did I miss?
  2. The Falcons won big yesterday and Biden will be POTUS...and still most of the Lemmings are unhappy.
  3. You can do you too...stick with the blanket (D) statements it makes you look like a small furry L rodent if you know what I mean.
  4. First off no, our conversation had nothing to do with what you espouse here. You are way out of line...And second, we are sorry for her loss, condolences to the family.
  5. Hah, Nikki Haley in 2024, the first "elected" female POTUS.
  6. Isn't Tyson rich enough to have the rest of that gap filled in with gold? Hayell, WFW will spot him the rest if need be.
  7. Vandy has some sense and it takes a WFW to notice that. He is definitely not a Lemming prepper...wish I could say the same about you
  8. Of course this happens to some Lemmings from both sides...but you do you
  9. Posting positive vaccine news is a good thing...unless you or anyone else thinks Trump is getting credit for Operation Warp Speed is just anti-Trump rhetoric. One thing for sure, you won't see this kind of accomplishment in the next swamp administration we are seeing where red tape is a code name for We embrace the swamp.
  10. I actually met him in DC. He was an interesting man.
  11. Well, if she does it free for a spaghetti dinner you call her a pastatute.
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