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  1. Has someone redirected @Big_Dog old *** over here? Jeez, I hope Grampie is okay?
  2. Is that a question mark or exclamation point? It could go either way in this case. Hence, the like.
  3. Oh, WFW is tabula rasa my dear Sandbox...don't try and throw your evil she-it on me. Oh, and I interrupted my Bass Pro buying spree just to post this...you're welcome
  4. Hence legalizing prostitution like I've always said.
  5. It's okay, as long as there is a WFW around any new thread has a shot at being great and WFW quotable of course. Oh, and Marla was not one to report until some of you guys (not you) tried to steamroll her personal stuff.
  6. I've eaten 3 times so far and I'll have you know I'm still negative...
  7. Who is this?
  8. His wedge shoe for his half foot should've been illegal. Glose bless the physically challenged...RIP TD Oh, and F*** the saints/swampers/rat-faced-boy
  9. Wrong thread, Sandbox.
  10. See what HAPPENS WHEN @WhenFalconsWin leaves the boards for a day or two?
  11. You know who turned out to be a hot one from that movie? Diane Lane. She was just a chubby kid in that movie called 6-pack. Boy, she grew up.