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  2. Answers create answers, solutions create solutions, knowledge creates knowledge. Know it, learn it, live it.
  3. The next time you are right about anything, will be the first time.
  4. You're our Sara Carter. That, and the fact they are not willing to accept the truth.
  5. Sara awesome. I don't know where she gets her info/sources, but she has been very accurate of the last year. Side note: The Caps are up 3-0 in game 7 going into the final period...GO CAPS
  6. Who cares what people do, amirite? If it makes them happy go for it.
  7. These people
  8. You've explained yourself, but you are not everyone as my parallel was trying to explain.
  9. I've given up on soupy. I don't say bad things about anyone on here, but getting this guy to understand anything is trying my patience.
  10. The reality is he really likes us and he wants to capture our attention. I'd say that's sad that he wants his buddies to see, hey guys look, I liked a negative reply about @marla_mulder and @WhenFalconsWin
  11. And that's a good thing.
  12. Says the guy who wants to know how the story ended. pm me I'll tell you off air.
  13. You ever notice every time 34 sees what he perceives is a negative @WhenFalconsWin reply from another poster he likes the post? That's not how this works