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  1. I'm not sure. I seem to remember Ryan struggling trying to integrate Gonzalez into the mix when he arrived. And I think it's that way with Julio, he's trying to hard to integrate him that he's missing a lot of opportunities elsewhere. I could be mis-remembering. And I think Julio being out is going to refocus White. I had this suspicion that a lot of his drops stem from no longer feeling like "the man."
  2. Hue was the one guy on that coaching staff I wanted to keep. And we kept BVG.
  3. What idiot builds a team that can only win if it's sitting on a lead?
  4. Let's be honest. You can't compare Ryan to Manning. One of them is elite, the other serviceable, even with pro bowl targets. Ryan couldn't even break the 200 yard mark when we needed him. Hard work will get you far. But this team will need talent to get to the next level.
  5. Each week, the fans will choose the player with the softest, must cuddly tackle in the game! We'll get Mr. Rogers to deliver a pink teddy-bear to that player! Cause' gosh darn it, we gosh golly love those other guys!
  6. The old site communicated well, actually had hierarchy and decent scanabilty. It had presence, elegance, and I've seen it show up several times as an example of great web design, so it also had respect. It blew almost every other sports franchise out of the water in terms of aesthetics. It was on brand, and presented the organization in a good light. This one is cluttered, has AWFUL readability. And it just seems off brand. I was really looking forward to seeing how the "Rise Up" campaign would evolve the site, but that's just not going to happen now. It's not a news site, but is masquerading as one. Usability? The Flash feature bar doesn't even have hover states for the links. It doesn't even need to be Flash in the first place. I'm guessing there's a cool feature in the works but isn't ready yet. I wonder if they know how badly Myriad Pro renders in a browser. Most of you probably don't have the font, but it is just horrible in FF, Chrome, IE7 and is almost unreadable in Safari(PC). At first I thought they probably paid a LOT of money for this application, I could practically hear the "social media" "user driven" bullsh*t sails pitch. But it's just Wordpress. Whew... I was worried you guys were 50 grand in the hole on a bad app, which usually means that nobody will admit to have made a mistake. Upside is it's probably really easy to publish content. I feel bad for them, they probably put a lot of time skinning this thing. If you guys are reading this, if you only do one thing, please take Myriad out of the font stack (even if it looks perfect on your mac). The saddest thing is that, so much bad web design out there, our Falcons were an example of what could be good.
  7. Really? Dude, don't know who you work for, or if you just need a tin foil hat. OMG, everybody's out to get him... it's a conspiracy! Some people don't like the fact that the Falcons beat writer sounds like a complete moron on camera. It's not our fault he sounds like that. Maybe he's nervous and eating too much xanax, I don't know. But he just doesn't broadcast intelligence at all. Not our fault. And if he hasn't sought speech therapy despite failing miserably in this capacity, then it IS his fault. Every beat writer has to defend himself. Some people judge how good a writer is by whether they agree with the content (ie when someone claims that Pat Kirwin is an idiot because he said something negative about the Falcons). But that's not what's going on here Honestly, Ledbetter just doesn't deserve to be the main guy covering this team. The writing is OK, not good, but the TV appearances... good god. The Falcons deserve better. Atlanta deserves better. He's just not qualified.
  8. yeah, the only time i've seen A LOT of falcons fans in a bar is after a game near the dome. but there has to be somewhere
  9. Well, I usually just... nah... Had fun at the Taco Mac in Decatur, but didnt really consider it a 'falcon crowd'. Havn't seen that anywhere yet. But at least TMac didn't seem to have large numbers of any other fan there.
  10. Sounds like the type of strategy that keeps teams from having sustained success.
  11. Julius Peppers is 30 years old. I won't pretend to know how many top level years he has in him, but if we sign him, we'll be paying big money for several. What are the chance we'll get our money's worth? John Abraham is 31 years old. He was a beast last year, and below average this one (or two years ago, versus this past year if you want to be a dbag about it). This is a young team. What would be the effect of having aging bookends at Defensive end? What will we get? A good pass rush for one, two years? Fantastic, I'll take it, but... We'll be setting ourselves up to lose both at the same time to age. And we probably won't know it til the season has started, at which point it will be too late. Then what? Unless we have the replacements on the team already, that season will be hosed. So we'll start over the next year, and have to wait for them to develop. Is John Abraham done? I don't think so, but we won't know til next year. And the excuse of "he didn't have anyone on the other side" isn't valid. He didn't have that the previous year either, and he saw more double teams that year. So what's the real issue? Peppers just doesn't make sense as a long term investment, which is supposedly the strategy this team is taking. If we were young on the other side and we brought him in, it would be different. Peppers a temporary fix. We need a more long term solution, so we're not looking for multiple replacements in 3 years.
  12. Watching that dBag in the next cubical get a promotion to partner. I hate that guy. But he's the flavor of the month because he burned his house down and didn't have insurance.
  13. Dude, don't get me wrong. I love this team. But thinking nostalgically isn't something a Falcons fan should be good at. There's not a whole lot to be nostalgic, unless it's "remember how good we were supposed to be that year?" I'm just saying that since the Saints have won it all, that's one less team that has has a more pathetic history as the Falcons. I like our chances the next few years, but I'm a realist. Last time I liked our chances, we went 8-8, then 7-9. No matter how bad the Falcons were, at least we could point at the Saints and say "hey, there's a real stinker." But the Rome/USA analogy? Come on. The Falcons are Czechoslovakia in that conversation. There has never been an empire here.
  14. Dude, there shouldn't be a single sober Saints fan. AA chips turned in for hurricanes. What real Saints fan would be on a Falcons board and not STILL getting drunk? If it had been the Falcons, half my office would still be drinking. Company holiday.
  15. Fair enough. I have two criteria to determine who the worst NFL franchise is. Sustained Success Championships (or at least appearances) Atlanta: we snuck in back to back for the first time THIS YEAR with a 9-7. Our only championship appearance was as embarrassing as the first time we saw Monica Lewinsky. Really? That was the best we could do? Detroit: championships in the ancient era. losers for a decade straight, but had 6 playoff appearances in the 90s (but only one win). At lest a semblance of sustained success, even if it was wild card berths and then one and done. Every day I thank Odin that I'm not a Lions fan, but honestly, the argument could be made. Granted, in 20 years we have 6 playoff seasons, and at least we managed some wins in there. But don't sit there and pretend that we aren't on the short list of the worst. I don't like it either, but if we're really honest about it, the Saints win drops us at least a slot on the list. And there's not many slots left to drop.
  16. I don't believe it, but the conversation becomes much more valid. Until this season, every time the team has sniffed sustained success it has blown up in our faces. In this decade we've had what? Three winning seasons? Four head coaches? All during a period with what we'd all agree is BETTER ownership, a dedication to having a good team. I mean, you read that and you'd think I was talking about the Redskins or the Raiders. The only time we've sniffed the big game it was the biggest embarrassment of the modern era. Every other team in the division either has a win or at LEAST showed up for the game. We didn't even do that. I don't like it. I friggin hate it, but yeah, we're the bottom feeder of the NFC south. Detroit. Maybe the Browns. But I have trouble think of any other NFL franchise that has as pathetic a history as this one. Before yesterday, there was always the Saints there below us. You can always point at Arizona as well, but you can actually DEBATE that now.
  17. At least when they went to the Superbowl they didn't tank it. We looked like a garbage expansion team who's team leader got picked up for prostitution the night before. Yeah, franchise wise, I think they might be a step up, despite not being that good. And now that Arizona is an annual contender (well, maybe not next year), the argument of if this the worst franchise in the NFL is a valid conversation. At least there's still Detroit. And the Browns.
  18. One thing that just occurred to me is that this makes the title of "Assistant Head Coach" available. It's sometimes used to bring people over in lateral moves but still call it a promotion. Probably meaningless, but who knows.
  19. More importantly, if it IS a serious injury, you don't make that public because this changes your shopping list in free agency and the draft. If it's bad, and DT is going to be a position of need, **** yeah, lie your butt off TD so folks don't see us taking that position.
  20. I just can't see going WR that high. We need someone who can contribute now, and WR is seldom that position. Especially considering we'd be drafting him as the #2 guy. I don't think you waste a 1st rounder on a #2. I think it'll be on defense (DE, DB or OLB) or at the offensive line. Won't even try and make a guess as to who at this point though.
  21. 4. Anderson is on the verge of becoming Neo, The One, and all you idiots are haters and can't see the truth that is before you. Here is a twisted stat that PROVES Anderson is future HOF, but all of you have AGENDAS and aren't really Falcon Fans. That about sum it up?
  22. Just give me a playoff win. If that's all we get, just build at least a little more on this, it'll be huge. It'll finally be a winning organization. As much as this means, I think it will just be a trivia thing unless we can expand on it. It's a benchmark, not the goal. The goal is sustained success. No more flukes. We scraped out 9 wins in the year of injuries, which is big, but we have to keep this rolling.
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