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  1. Most of us are here talking football and theres a sect of folks here that think this is GQ magazine.
  2. I grew up in GA so UGA is my team but I've lived in San Diego since the 90s so I root for the SDSU Aztecs and have gone to a ton of their games. They are currently ranked 22nd. BTW, I loved it when the Falcons drafted Kazee (Aztec)
  3. You obviously weren't here for the Joey Harrington era. That guy checked down every play. If anyone is King Checkdown of all time its Harrington.
  4. Yeah. Plenty of times. My parents are still in GA.
  5. Rule #1 - Invest in the OL and DL Priorities are QB, CB, and LB in that order 🤣 Are you in politics or something?
  6. Born and raised in GA, been in San Diego since 1996 right after the olympics.
  7. Jamie Collins was still pretty good after he left.
  8. Welp. We've officially reached rock bottom folks.
  9. Hooper this season has the following stats: Game 1: 3 receptions 27 yards Game 2: 5 receptions 40 yards Game 3: 2 receptions 19 yards 1 TD That's not exactly gonna get him into Canton nor are those top tier TE numbers.
  10. This is the Jordan Matthews that was supposed to be a #1 WR for Philly but dropped balls like nobody's business right?
  11. We win but Daniel Jones has a massive day. We so badly suck against mobile QBs
  12. Yeah but if you’re take is it’s all about business and money than those teams/cities would win every 5 years at least. Miami is another major city. The last time they won it all was in 1972. Atlanta perpetually stunk because of bad ownership. The Smith family could care less about winning. Once Blank took over we got competitive. The teams that have a history of winning have good ownership. The Rooney’s, the Maras, etc.
  13. The NY Jets, Dallas Cowboys, and Chicago Bears agree with this take. All large market teams who haven’t won Jack since the early 90s, 80s, and 70s.
  14. My thoughts after some reflecting: This team really sucked yesterday.
  15. In death, Matt Ryan has his offensive linemen serve as his pallbearers so they can let him down again one last time.
  16. Matt Ryan always struggles the first year in a new system. This year is no different.
  17. I think the part you are missing is a ton of posters here definitely wanted Aaron Donald...but in the SECOND round.
  18. I hope you’re right. I just know that every time we’ve had an OC change it’s taken Ryan a season to get comfortable and make a jump. With our historically awful defenses over the past 10 seasons, I hope you’re right and our D plays better.
  19. Here’s what I think. Ryan usually struggles his first year in a new offense. If the defense plays well we win 8 games. If they don’t we pick high again. Year 2 in this O Ryan flourishes and we make the playoffs.
  20. Same to you old friend. You mean Hickry stick. 🤣
  21. Ahhh Levak. Then it was Bankerbird, Rev Hal, and Shiney. Those were great days. “Hear me out on this...if we have Vick play both ways as a DB he could make a difference” and of course “Keith Brookings and Brian Finnerman”. This board was indeed United. We even had some goodhearted trash talk with Johnny Buc and Bucman.
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