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  1. If this was a Matt "MILLEN" draft mock instead of a Matt Miller it would be a WR for round 1 every time.
  2. Yep. I remember a bunch of douches getting all in my grill about the Niners in 2012-13 during the NFCCG. I was all "Dude two weeks ago you were Chargers for life". Where were you at in SD? I'm in Tierrasanta.
  3. He commuted daily to LA. His family still stays in SD in Rancho Santa Fe.
  4. He will get mauled behind the Chargers OL.
  5. Living in San Diego, the majority of Charger fans hate Dean Spanos with a passion and the only reason that the 40-50% who didn't abandon the team when they left SD would root for the Bolts had everything to do with #17. I expect that number to drop significantly now that Spanos has done Rivers dirty.
  6. I live in San Diego. There are tons of bandwagon Niner fans down here. Only when they are good though. They liked them in 2012-2014, and then went silent for five years.
  7. 15 year vet?!?!?! Brees was drafted by the Chargers the same year we drafted Vick. 2001 I believe(definitely not 04-05). That would give him 19 seasons.
  8. Yep. And Sanu had that spot before Hoop. Solid possession WRs are not that hard to find and cheaper than 10mil a year. If Hoop was Gronk 2.0 yeah.
  9. Hoop is good. Is he the next Tony G, Gronk, or Kelce? No. We have a lot of weapons on O. If he wants 10mil, he can go get it somewhere else.
  10. By week 1, the only ones who can be replaced without a drop off are Freeman and Campbell. Highly touted LBs and RBs (round 1-3 selections) can usually plug and play. TE's, Centers, and DE's usually take a few years to develop. Nick Bosa's who are absolute stud DE's from day 1 don't exactly grow on trees.
  11. We've been bamboozled!!!
  12. It's not tomfoolery or poppycock either.
  13. If "NOT" moving their families was the biggest priority of coaches...they probably wouldn't be coaches.
  14. Speaking of Assistants. The Rams are parting ways with Wade Phillips. I'd love to have him involved with our D.
  15. Is it really "staggering"? I mean I don't know many people who respond to "What are you up to this weekend?" with "Oh, you know same ol' same ol', gonna grab a few beers and do some voodoo".
  16. Exactly. We used a third round pick on a guy who went to another team and is a special teams captain. Woop de friggin do. If he was a 6th round pick he'd still be here for special teams only. A lot more was expected from his based on where he was drafted.
  17. Great question. I'm not sure but I'm leaning towards no based on the type of OL he coached.
  18. I'll always remember Bill Callahan as the coach who took over Oakland for Jon Gruden after Gruden left for Tampa. Then he played Gruden in the SB and didn't alter his offense at all despite running the exact same offense under Gruden the year before. I'm sure he's a good coach. That's just what I will always remember him for. Then I start thinking how lucky Tampa was to face them in the SB. Then I start thinking how we had to face the GOAT QB and GOAT HC in the SB. SMH.
  19. Great move by Chan Gailey. They couldn't get much worse. He really only has one way to go.
  20. Hate on DQ all you want but he owns the Packers and Aaron Rodgers. We can beat all teams on this schedule if we play up to our talent level. Oh and there is no EASY win in the NFL.
  21. I don't know man. They have Tennessee at home and would then have to travel to KC or BAL. The way they have been playing, I wouldn't be surprised to see Tennessee upset them. I don't see them beating KC or BAL this year. They aren't the same team and can't keep up.
  22. Me too. I'm happy when we win. I'm glad the team turned it around. Let's hope we don't start next year in a funk again.
  23. Matt Ryan generally plays much better in the second season with an OC.
  24. One person does not make a team.