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  1. Same to you old friend. You mean Hickry stick. 🤣
  2. Ahhh Levak. Then it was Bankerbird, Rev Hal, and Shiney. Those were great days. “Hear me out on this...if we have Vick play both ways as a DB he could make a difference” and of course “Keith Brookings and Brian Finnerman”. This board was indeed United. We even had some goodhearted trash talk with Johnny Buc and Bucman.
  3. The toddler in me is chuckling at you saying "Huge drop" and "#2" shortly thereafter. 💩
  4. As a guy who has been bald since 2001, I have to admit I'm pretty jealous of Matty's hair. With that said, I don't want him gone.
  5. LOL!! How about I think it was 02-03 on the old boards? Remember all the talk about "Let's have Vick play CB as well as QB". Ahhh good times.
  6. Vick was referred to as YKW back then. LOL
  7. True. In 2008, the consensus of the overwhelming majority of the board was that Glenn Dorsey would be the pick.
  8. Nah we lost a 3rd almost every year TD was GM. He usually picked some head scratchers there.
  9. I mean not for nothing but Dimitroff was known for his head scratching 3rd round picks not necessarily the 2nd.
  10. I agree. We score plenty of points usually. The defense is leakier than a 90 year old with a prostate issue drinking coffee all day.
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