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  1. I mean not for nothing but Dimitroff was known for his head scratching 3rd round picks not necessarily the 2nd.
  2. I agree. We score plenty of points usually. The defense is leakier than a 90 year old with a prostate issue drinking coffee all day.
  3. Gregg Williams. Bounty hunter or not he runs a good D and can fix this **** show.
  4. Koetter doesn't pound the ball with any RB. He ruins RBs.
  5. This. It would drop due to the pandemic. Everyone is dealing with this and adjusting. They will likely keep the cap at 195 for another season due to something no NFL franchise had control over.
  6. We do really well there in the draft. See Kazee and Jarrett
  7. Call me a crazy homer but I see us at 5-0 going in to play the Vikes. We "usually" play Seattle good at home and we own Aaron Rodgers. We kinda play the Cowboys good too. This all depends on whether or not we play to our level. If we come out flat like last year we're toast.
  8. He’s a first rounder signed by Dimi this year there smart guy. Kinda defeats your take of troff signing round 1 busts this offseason. tell me more
  9. This game is week 16. The AFC West is a joke. I fully expect KC to have that division wrapped up by week 13 and could feasibly have nothing to play for when we come to town.
  10. I agree. Looking at the schedule, if we play disciplined football and stay healthy, we could easily finish 11-5. We get TB late in the year when Brady's arm will be mush. We will likely split with the Saints. Sweep the Panties. Should be 5-1 after the first six games.
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