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  1. While I like the signing, he hasn't played for two years. He may not be very good.
  2. Aaron Donald was predicted to go round 2.
  3. Slow down Turbo. Oliver isn't even in the NFL yet. Let's let him play in the NFL a season or two before declaring him one of the best interior pass rushers in the league. Right now, he's a great "prospect".
  4. I'd rather have Finnerman than Brookings.
  5. Hey if you needed a guy to check down every pass play he was the tits
  6. ****, I could have a 61% completion percentage in the NFL if every pass attempt was a dump pass.
  7. If he was a WR and Millen was the GM, I could buy this. LOL!
  8. Gurley to Atlantie?
  9. We were decimated with injuries last season. I don't see us having that bad injury bug luck two years in a row. Carolina was riddled with injuries as well. New Orleans remained healthy the majority of the season. If all three teams are healthy, I like our chances to win the division. Basically, If one of us three remains relatively healthy, that's who will win the division.
  10. Every drop back resulted in a check down. Can you believe he was a top 5 pick?!?!?
  11. Do you remember Joey Harrington as the starter for the Falcons?? Because this is how you revisit Joey Harrington level starting for the Falcons.
  12. 5 years ago was the 2014 Draft. 1. Clowney - Solid player. Not really the game changer we thought he would be 2. Greg Robinson - Yikes 3. Bortles - Double Yikes 4. Sammy Watkins - Triple Yikes 5. Khalil Mack - Game Changer. Unbelievable player 6. Jake Matthews - Solid LT 7. Mike Evans - Outstanding WR 8. Justin Gilbert - I don't know much about this guy 9. Anthony Barr - Stud 10. Eric Ebron - Meh. Definitely not worth a top 10 pick 11. Taylor Lewan - Nasty OL with attitude. Good pick. 12. OBJ - Diva head case WR who is REALLY REALLY good. 13. Aaron Freaking Donald - the league 14. Kyle Fuller - solid CB 15. Ryan Shazier - Heart and soul of the Pitt D until he got injured 16. Zack Martin - Really good 17. CJ Mosley - Stud If this level of talent is in the 2019 draft, we are golden.
  13. True. He screwed the pooch by not running the ball and ultimately cost us not having a SB win. With that said, and I'm not discounting how horrible that is, he also orchestrated one of the top offenses of all time. It's a shame it didn't end well but he definitely developed and took this O to places it had never been.
  14. The sputtering offense is what worries me about DK. What made Shanahan a great OC were his in game and half time adjustments. I remember a few games early in 2016 where the Falcons O came out flat. Historically that meant we would lose. Shanny made a few adjustments at half time, found a hole in the defensive plan, and we exploited it and won. He is the ONLY Falcons OC I have seen do that in 40 years of watching Falcons football. To win the ultimate prize you have to master the in game adjustments.