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  1. This completely nulls your argument about Julio.
  2. You remember when the Patriots went to the SB in 2001 (I think that was the year) and they got introduced as a TEAM instead of individually like the Rams? You remember how the Rams were favored by 14 and all anyone could talk about were the individual super stars on the Rams? You remember when the Pats won and started a dynasty with a team first mentality? Pepperidge Farms remembers.
  3. Well he plays on a "team" so his goals should be "team" goals. Ever listen to Julio when he was asked by a reporter if he was upset if he wasn't targeted much in a game? His response is usually something along the lines of "Did we win?" All Julio cares about is winning. He doesn't care about how many yards, receptions, or TDs he has. He's focused on the team goal. When you have an entire locker room in sync and laser focused and driven towards a "team" goal, magic happens.
  4. I would prefer his goal be a championship
  5. TD does not "trade backwards" in the first round. He's traded up a good bit but he has NEVER traded back in the first round.
  6. It'll be a two year deal with an extension if he balls out. If not we cut bait in two years.
  7. This will never happen in the first round with TD.
  8. Are they available?!?!?! Bring them HOME TD!!!!!!
  9. I agree we should definitely take one of those. Now that we've established that, they'll end up taking a WR.
  10. Yeah Beasley was mocked to us a lot. Spoon was awhile ago. Maybe. It just feels like they are wrong on who they pick for us more than they are right.
  11. I'm interested to know which talking heads and so called experts have correctly mocked our 1st pick under TD. I think a lot had us picking Ryan and Matthews but other than that its' kinda been wrong for most of these pencil necks. I could be totally wrong. I haven't researched it. Just going off following the team and seeing us pick someone different than the majority mock us to take.
  12. Yeah but you have to account for McCaffrey
  13. Brain Dawkins played at 6 foot and 210. He was pretty intimidating.
  14. Man if there is anyone who is ready for a stay at home order its Shiney. Not wearing pants and working from home?!?!?! You've been training for this since 2003.
  15. I won't argue that he's been injured. He has. Will he be the same player? Maybe, maybe not. Until he proves that he's not the same player, I'm not quite ready to give up on him. He may do like Willy Mo and take a step back but he also might not be hindered. He's still a young guy and his effectiveness when healthy buys him another season IMO.