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  1. No, he just does sit ups in his driveway and doesn't report to Training Camp, calls Jeff Garcia gay, cries to defend Tony Romo as his QB, etc. T.O. was more of a team chemistry killer than anything else.
  2. How does the majority of the populace handle it then? Sue them civilly a year or so later and continue working for him and communicating with him like nothing happened regularly? Because that's probably not the best way to get justice or achieve the goal that was stated before to ruin his life.
  3. Reread my post. Did I say "our fanbase" or "I" in what I posted? I posted how "I" reacted to Vick and how "I" would react if Ryan retired. I think what the Colts fans did to Luck was classless. Based on what RPGCZAR said in his response, I imply that he wouldn't boo. If Atlanta fans did that to Ryan I would think it is classless. After being a fan of this team since the 70s I've seen the bottom of the barrel, and Vick and Ryan didn't put us there. Players don't stay in this league forever. If they are talented, you have to appreciate them while you have em.
  4. If it's the circus surrounding it that is messing with team chemistry, I get why they cut him. He shouldn't have gotten on social media about it. I'm still fishy over why neither of these women went to the police.
  5. I'll be very interested to see how it plays out. He hasn't been criminally charged. There's no video or evidence like there was for Ray Rice. The damming evidence is a Sports Illustrated article and some text messages? The article carries no weight in court. I mean hey if he sexually assaulted her than by all means, send him to prison, kick him out of the league, etc. But "right now" I don't see enough evidence to do any of that.
  6. Or maybe you're making it more complex?
  7. Truth
  8. Yeah about that. From what I saw on that, Brown said look at how she dresses her children in cheap clothes. Not exactly threatening.
  9. So if someone raped you, would you continue to work for him afterward for awhile? That just seems odd. And if you did decide to disclose at a later time, why not to the police? If I was raped, I'd want the person to go to jail.
  10. I'm not saying cheating is ok nor is behaving immaturely, but just about every workplace has someone there who cheats on their wife and acts like a dumb*** and they still keep their job. If he sexually assaulted her as she claims for her civil case, then he should be in jail. If he didn't and just cheated on her and was a jerk, he shouldn't lose his job.
  11. Then why didn't she file a police report and send him to jail? I mean if that's the goal, that's the way 99.99999999999% of the population does it.
  12. WRONG! If Matt Ryan retired tomorrow, I would be bummed for this season, but I'd always be thankful for the fact that he led this team to a SB, got us back to back winning seasons for the first time in our history and gave 100% the entire time he was here and ultimately made this franchise a regular contender. No way in **** I would boo him. I can prove it. We had a QB before him who went to prison for dog fighting. I looked back and appreciated the excitement that he brought to the city and how he paved the way for mobile QBs to be taken seriously. Even when he went to Philly, I was glad to see he got his life in order. Was I bummed he got arrested? Yeah. Did I boo him? No. Luck gave the Colts everything he had and you guys sent him off with boos and disrespect. Classless.
  13. And as far as AB goes, I see a lot of this as a cash grab. You're gonna tell me someone sexually assaulted you and you kept working for him for awhile afterward and NEVER contacted the police but you are going after him civilly. The second one did the same thing. Now him getting on chat and blasting her was stupid and I don't have firsthand knowledge of what happened but both cases seem fishy.
  14. Yeah but knowing you're giving up millions upon millions of dollars by continuing to smoke it is pretty childish and idiotic. I credit him on finally turning it around but it took him awhile.
  15. Classless Colts fans will likely boo him if he doesn't. See how they treated Andrew Luck.