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  1. If they are not going to put Heyward on DL. They might as well treat it like he was on the DL by limiting his number of games for the next week or 2 until he healthy. Ride the hot hitting of Mathers and Hinske while it last.
  2. Mather pick the team up and Kimbrel with another heart pounding save.
  3. I am pretty much either stuck rooting for the Thrashers/Moose(SERIOUSLY?) or just stop watching the NHL altogether. Wait and see how things unfold.
  4. A rumor going around they may change the name of the Franchise to Moose. :blink: It will be interesting to see if this change in venue finally wake Bogo up or will he continue to be a Primadonna?
  5. RIP Randy Vince will pay his respect. Might see something tonight on Smackdown and full tribute Monday Night. I would expect TNA to do something as well.
  6. Local reports are trying to say nothing done yet. NHL is trying their hardest and ASG is helping them out by getting the Thrashers out of town ASAP. As someone said the NHL need to move the Thrashers to get back the money they lost saving about 4-5 other franchises. Those franchises were just as bad if not in worse situation as the Thrashers.
  7. It look like the deal is done. Goodbye Atlanta Thrashers.
  8. Kimbrel need to get his stuff together. He has great stuff. His wildness is really starting to worry me. On top of all that is he mentally tough to handle this job? Might be time to give the job to Venters for awhile.
  9. This is why I want April to hurry up and end. Just give us our under .500 record and let start May.
  10. Don't really want to create a thread for this. Just going to post it here. It is something any Braves fan might be interested in. One of our truly great players. http://twitter.com/DaleMurphy3 http://murphtalks.blogspot.com/
  11. We should be alright if Chipper misses a few weeks to a month. Just get it done now.
  12. I went into this season as a important year. I consider 2012 the make or break year. I want to see them make huge strides together. If they can give us anything positive. Falcons will be dancing on the Aints logo at the Super Celebration.
  13. I will go with Lopez because I want Minor and Julio to remain in the minors until Sept.
  14. I would like for us to go after him. I just don't see it happening. Unless Blank is ready to go all in. Looking at the draft one can view it the Falcons believe they are very close.
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