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  1. If Smith and company threw the game because it leaked that Blank had retained the services of a firm specializing in coaching searches, then none of them deserve to coach in the NFL. You want to say if Blank leaked it, that was bush league? What about pouting and throwing the game because of it? (responding to Falc Fan Since...)
  2. Mularkey has lost the fans. Has he lost the players after that press conference as well? What did TD and Mr. Blank think of his comments as well as his performance? At what point do they finally exorcize the demon that is MM's horrible offense? How about you let him script the 1st half and then run the no huddle and let Matty call the plays in the 2nd half.
  3. I have to hope either MM wakes up and starts using the talent on this offense for 4 quarters a game or TD wakes up and makes Smitty fire him. If we lose today, there'll be no excuses for Mularkey. That pompous press conference was the final straw for me.
  4. Glad I decided to stop back here. I've been checking out the Falcoholic mainly for good blogs. This one seems to be filled with intelligent fans who aren't just homers or trolls. That's why I stopped reading the AJC blogs. The trolls have taken it over.
  5. Both of our coordinators can look good for a half. Their problem is they don't adapt to the changes the other team makes at the half. Or they fall back on playcalling that, at best, can be considered "don't lose" plays as opposed to "let's win" plays. If I see Turner run a dive play 10 times and get stuffed on 8 of them, I think "let's run something else out of the same formation". MM says "run it again". If the other team is getting yardage and scoring on our soft zone, I say "let's switch it up and play bump-and-run, blitz a linebacker, have a delayed blitz up the middle by Lofton" or basica
  6. Too much has been ignored by our front office for too long. Bosher hasn't been worth the 6th round pick we spent. Despite this, we haven't brought in anybody else to challenge him for the position. In the preseason when he had a challenger, he played much better than now. Put him on the hotseat and bring in 2-3 other punters to try out. If he responds, fine. If he doesn't, then go with the guy who won the tryout. MM hasn't been "Inspector Gadget" since he left the Steelers 7 years ago. He was a poor HC in Buffalo (up here they cheered when he left) and when he was OC in Miami his offense avera
  7. Mularkey needs to either change his approach or Smitty needs to get a new OC. He's killing the team.
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