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  1. Someone finally explained it. Thank you so much! Guess if I had read the entire TE paragraph (instead of the last line) I would've known this.
  2. Hope you don't hurt your head with all that head banging.
  3. Don't see it. Anyone who knows anything about football knows an integral part of any TE's job is blocking. Don't eliminate yourself (as a good player) because you can't block. Or you can look at it as...don't eliminate a good player (QB, RB or WR) on a play because you (TE) can't block.
  4. It's not odd. Translates: you can't block, you won't be on this team.
  5. Oh well...no Clayborn this year for sure now.
  6. You're right. I thought Adrian was much older than 31. Seems like he's been around a longgg time.
  7. As old as Clayborn is he's still better than Takk. Falcons may wait to see what they can get through draft first. Barner is a good return man, but I think he takes up a RB spot if I'm not mistaken. Don't think they'll keep him strictly as a returner on ST.
  8. Your misleading thread title ought to get you a 3-day ban
  9. For goodness sake Schultz, let the man at least meet with the Falcons to get his physical completed before you nitpick the signing. It's a one year prove it deal anyway.
  10. Then they better be fools. They've brought a WR in every year either through the draft, FA signing or UDFA. We don't need to waste a draft pick on one this year
  11. If we draft another WR I'm about to go *&@#$%^&!. They'd better go all defense this draft
  12. Nope, Quinn's job is riding on how the team performs on the field. It's Dumitroff's job riding on finding pass rushers.
  13. The question is...how does Arthur feel about Dimitroff and why is he still here? Any other manager who went over budget and hired sub par talent would be fired already.
  14. Who? Was even worthy of the news saying he'd been released?
  15. Would love to have Taylor in the backfield. But the Falcons have get back to running the zone stretch first. Koetter has destroyed the running game because he doesn't know how to scheme those plays. Fans want to blame the OL, but I bet if Shanny was still here Freeman and others wouldn't have the issues they do with Koetter.
  16. I hope you're right. We've been waiting a long time to win a Superbowl.
  17. I'm not 62 but have been a Falcons fan for 40+ years. I've been there through the terrible ownership, GMs, HCs, and mostly the losing teams. TD has been better than what's been there by a long shot, but he has some inherent flaws where he seems to struggle building offensive and defensive lines. I feel he's been here long enough to have built both lines as GM.
  18. Agreed, it would be wise. Plus, the majority of starters come out of the 2nd and 3rd rounds. TD just hasn't shown the ability to be saavy in the draft.
  19. Trading back and collecting picks is just not in TD's DNA. His track record says he's going to move up for the guy he thinks will come in and impact the Falcons right away. I wouldn't be surprised to see him select a CB or LB if the DE or DT they want isn't there at 16. It would be wise at that point to trade back for pics.
  20. I say Kinlaw and sign a FA DE (Fowler or Quinn). Kinlaw and Grady coming up the middle would pose all kind of issues for QBs
  21. All I know is NFL Sunday ticket needs to be offered by someone other than AT&T (Directv). Service from AT&T is terrible and after years of having NFL Sunday Ticket I cancelled my DTV service last year.
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