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  1. Mel Kiper has zero NFL experience as a scout, front office exec or coach. Why people give a **** about his draft grades I'll never understand. NONE of these players have yet to step foot on a football field or work with the coaches. This clown giving grades already? Stop posting this silliness please!
  2. Quick, shifty and should shake a lot of DBs in coverage. Plus his speed is going to make it extremely difficult for some to keep up.
  3. Thanks .Someone said there's an UDFA bidding war going on for him. Why didn't he get drafted in at least the 7th if he's that good? Just wondering.
  4. Looks like a pretty good punter to me. And he doesn't take all the time to wind up for a kick like Bosher did.
  5. Who determines how high a player is rated? Wouldn't that be the team's GM, HC and scout to know how they will use them? I've always felt these ratings are too subjective anyway. How would they explain some UDFAs outperforming draftees?
  6. When are fans going to learn we are only spectators? You have NO say so in who the team drafts, signs or how they use players. Every year this same thing goes on...a fan wants a certain player, he's not selected and there's much *****ing about it. I've been watching this team since the 70s and there have been some pitiful players, coaches, GMs and ownership. Either you're a fan and deal with it or find another team that's more suited to your liking.
  7. He just doesn't tackle as soft as Campbell. Appears to be a more physical player.
  8. A guy I wanted and the Falcons actually drafted...**** good pick! He can play all over the place.
  9. I don't have any issues with these picks. Anae has more technique coming out of college than I ever saw Beasley use as a pro.
  10. He's NOT worth moving up for! No matter how enamored people are with him. Dimitroff needs to practice patience in the draft.
  11. Get another quick penetrating DT next to Grady and the defense will shut a lot of QBs down this year. After all, the shortest route to the QB is up the middle (collapse the pocket).
  12. All these first round players on the offense means nothing if you have a coaching staff that doesn't know how to use them to attack defenses. I am struggling to believe Koetter will change his spots (Air Coryell) and call more plays to get players open.
  13. Would be a great draft if it played out this way. Go find a speedy returner with that remaining 7th round pick
  14. My guess is Joe Whitt Jr, the former GB DB coach is familiar with Hawkins (since he previously played for GB).
  15. Imo anyone whose led a team to a Superbowl and won can talk all the **** they want about the epic 28-3 failure in the Falcons' SB loss (due of inept coaching). AND he's still doing dumb *** **** experimenting with the defense the first half of last season and getting totally exposed. It seems our illustrious HC just doesn't know how to stop ******* up!!
  16. It's good to have lofty goals. Personally I hope he can get there (Strahan's record)
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