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  1. This is a clear example of how an OC's offensive scheme can make or break a QB. Ryan looks like a superstar in Shanahan's offense and back to the 80s in Koetter's. I don't know how many of you remember, but Matt had these same issues (sacks because routes take too long to develop, interceptions because routes so predictable DBs glued to receivers, struggle to get TDs in the redzone, etc.) in Koetter's offense before. You could put Brees, Mahomes or any of the top QBs and Koetter would make them look horrible. Now don't get me wrong, Ryan has had bad habits since he arrived and still hasn't
  2. This is why I say just clean house and move on from the entire coaching staff. This team plays aggressive and attacks QBs in some games, then plays scared against running QBs. Be consistent. Send players at the QB and have the backend play tight coverage to force the QB to hold the ball or make a bad passing decision.
  3. What article was this taken from? Ryan has his faults, but ppl need to stop acting like the QB can take over and win games by himself. It's a team sport for a reason.
  4. Even Stevie Wonder can see Koetter's offense is trash. I'm tired of taking one step forward and ten steps back with this team.
  5. Former NFL player, Personnel Director, and current NFL Analyst. At least he has front office experience--more than John Lynch had when he was hired.
  6. Coach speak by Raheem. Most fans expect these HCs to "tell it like it is" when evaluating his staff's performance. Very rare this ever happens--even though Koetter's offense is hot garbage.
  7. I'm just ready for this clown show to be over. Raheem apparently has no more control of Koetter than DQ did. Clean house!
  8. Use Hurst more to take away their safeties and LBs from blitzing. Bring back the crossing, rub routes and for God sake put the receivers in motion to hit them on the move. Also a few wheel routes to Gurley or Ito out of the backfield. Just don't keep trying to run Gurley up the middle when the defense has six or more in the box.
  9. I'd just rather see Hurst get more passes than Gurley. Bottom line is this offense has more success when Ryan gets to spread the ball around to everyone to keep defenses guessing. Plus, you have to use the TE to scheme LBs from blitzing Ryan--especially the Saints.
  10. Hurst is still vastly underutilized in Koetter's offense. With his speed we should be attacking teams and forcing their LB/safety to cover. One more thing for defenses to prepare for.
  11. I'm disappointed Raheem seems to be allowing the same thing that happened under DQ to continue: 1) Offense tries to milk the clock too early in the third quarter, 2) Defense eases up on continuing to attack the offense and gives up too many points late in games Keep your foot on the opponent's neck!!!
  12. So you're telling me all of these guys were fired as GM and promoted to a higher position in the same organization the year they were fired?
  13. Tell me one NFL exec in any other organization that was fired and promoted within the same organization??? Waiting...
  14. The fact that McKay was FIRED as GM and promoted to CEO/President afterwards, tells you all you need to know about the dysfunction called Arthur Blank!!! That's the sign of a weak owner/leader
  15. This staff and majority of players are so overrated!
  16. We can only hope!!! I wonder who's the genius that wanted him back in Atlanta?
  17. Very insightful article. Let's see how the team performs for him over the next 11 games.
  18. " The who’s in charge problem: McKay effectively was fired as the GM when Dimitroff was hired in 2008. McKay was retained by Blank for his longtime ties to the league and his ability to help get a new stadium deal done. Once the stadium deal was done, McKay slowly worked his way back into football ops, passing up a potential opportunity with the league. Before the 2019 season, Blank surprisingly slid him back into a prominent position, effectively creating a layer between ownership and football ops. It was not a popular decision inside the building. McKay reaffirmed the organizational str
  19. I'm trying to figure this out myself. He needs to go straight to the practice squad, since TD's pride won't let him cut his top draft picks.
  20. It's too late to find a new DC...DQ failed, now Morris is failing. Go with the defense you know...Tampa 2. Forget that garbage single high safety defense DQ can't run the way Seattle does. Will the Falcons EVER have a consistent, high ranking defense? Shoot I'd take a mid tier defense and be happy.
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