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  1. I guess it's no different than DQ having Raheem coach the WRs when his background was DBs. Besides, what could he possibly coach Matt on at this point in his career.
  2. I hope Arthur has Pees tweak his defense to have more of an attacking, tight coverage defense.
  3. That will improve as he gets more public speaking opportunities--which he probably didn't have with the Saints. I wondered when some petty person would mention that.
  4. Now let's go find some real bullies on the field. Time to transform this roster.
  5. Smith runs the same zone running scheme Shanahan does. Chris Morgan was the OL coach in 2016 when our running game was successful and he was still the OL coach thus psst season. Koetter was the OC and he determined what running scheme the Falcons ran. Koetter's offense just sucked. Glad he's gone. So Chris Morgan is still available if Arthur Smith wants to keep him.
  6. You are spot on. Lord knows Rankin Smith could care less about spending money on good players. Years of longggg suffering as a Falcons fan. Arthur shows he still wants a championship and makes changes when necessary to try and improve the team.
  7. I'd love Pees to come in and mentor his replacement for a couple of years. In the meantime, Pees can get that defense to play at top 10.
  8. I'm excited about someone other than Dimitroff running the draft
  9. All I care about is WINNING!!! I don't care who's the HC as long as he can get us back in the playoffs every year. I just want to know who the defensive coordinator will be.
  10. Good for Free! He was a good player when healthy...ran hard and catches well out of the backfield. Good luck to him!
  11. That's a good question. Maybe Arthur wants someone younger or who has recently been involved in building teams via the draft and some FAs.
  12. I'd be good with this hire. He has GM experience and NFL coaching experience with the Broncos. Was also in the Broncos front office.
  13. Yep, we just need a GM and HC who honestly accesses this team's strengths and weaknesses (players and coaches), then make the necessary changes to improve it.
  14. Um, no! I'd take Mike McDaniel as HC before Raheem. He had 11 games to show what he could do. Failed!!!
  15. Look, it doesn't matter when he was fired. I know what McKay said...it's up to Raheem any changes with staff or players. Just because the firing happened prior to the official Raheem announcement doesn't mean McKay and Morris didn't talk about what changes he wanted to make on the team beforehand. There's no spin.
  16. McKay specifically said that all coaching and player changes are up to Raheem (it's his decision). McKay didn't fire anyone.
  17. Any GM with an ounce of sense would keep his best veteran players, if he wants any chance at winning, over a rookie QB. This team is struggling offensively because of Koetter. Does Ryan make boneheaded plays at time, yes. Anyone who's watched this team knows Ryan is most successful when you get the ball out of his hands quickly. As far as HC hiring is concerned, bring in a guy who coaches fundamentally sound football, sets the standard, holds players accountable, doesn't hire coaches just because they're friends, and knows how to work with a GM to bring in the type of players he wants for
  18. Any player picked as high as the Falcons will pick (other than QB), better be a game wrecker/changer. Otherwise, trade back, collect more picks, and get the most dominant player you can find at that position.
  19. Raheem needs to go. He's shown me all I need to see from him as a HC. When he had the opportunity to get rid of an OC who's ruining some of the last few years of Matt and Julio's careers, he didn't. Instead, he fires the ST coach and replaces him with a RB coach who hasn't done much of anything himself as RB or ST coach. IMO he could have had Knapp run the WCO working with Ryan and Schaub to develop game plans. After all, Knapp was on the Texans staff with Schaub running Kubiak/Shanahan's offense--at least he's familiar with the concepts. Koetter is stuck in the 80s Coryelle offense. So
  20. Koetter is Matt's kryptonite. Matt under Shanahan and Koetter is day and night. I don't know who the idiot is/was in the Falcons front office who thought it was a good idea to bring Koetter back. He wasn't that good the first time.
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