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  1. By the way, have you all seen the roster these guys (Schottenheimer & Nix) built? You know they did the real work. Cromartie (top CB in league this year in picks)...not MeAngelo. That front four defensive line gets after the QB. The more I look at that SD roster, the more I like the potential of these two coming to the Falcons. Let's keep our fingers crossed on this one.
  2. I hope they bring Michael "The Burner" Turner with them. Just what we need...fast and runs hard...not a jitter bug.
  3. Where ever he is I hope we give him consideration for the HC position. Everywhere the guy has been he's turned the defense into a top 10...even lower than that with the Bears last year. I think he'd be just as good as Singletary as HC.
  4. Terence has to be one of the biggest idiots I've ever seen to write for a major newspaper. The garbage that comes out of his mouth is unbelievable..."the Falcons should hire Chan Gailey as their next HC." Is he serious? How can you take anything that comes out of this fools' mouth seriously?
  5. Now we're talking Arthur...a guy that's been coaching and knows what it takes to win on the field, as well as, the type of personnel to get it done. He's done a darn good job of putting that Dallas team together. At least we know we won't have these little offensive & defensive lineman anymore. Go Falcons!!!
  6. imo it would be great if we could use 1 of the qb's we currently have for the next couple a seasons and work on the o-line and defense. IMO Redman doesn't have a lot of miles on him since he's been away from the game. Joey and Byron has had toooooo many opportunities to prove themselves; and we know the results of those opportunities. Joey is a panic button and Byron winds up and takes too long to release the ball. Only time will tell who will remain (if any).
  7. Parcells isn't coming to be the HC...Vice President of Football Operations (according to ESPN). This is what he said he's wanted for the last couple of years--a front office position. I'll tell you this, I'll take him any day over McKay.
  8. First, you don't know the reason he left the Cowboys; and second, I'll take him over McKay ANY DAY!!!
  9. The guy does know how to select personnel and build a team. Finally, we get a man that knows football and what it takes to win. McKay is Arthur's boy and will probably be offered a position in the front office filling out contracts.
  10. One thing I can say about Parcells is he knows how to build a team...and if you don't perform to his standards, we all know how he will get in your a$$. I wonder if he will take the HC position as well, since he'll make the personnel decisions...hmnnn? I believe it's a good start in the right direction.
  11. I would like to see what Redman can do if given time to practice with the first team and play behind a line where he's not constantly running for his life. I think last week can be attributed to a new OC calling plays for the first time, a short practice week, the Petrino fiasco, and the play calling by Jackson was actually horrendous. I think he has the right idea of trying to get the ball to Dunn & Norwood in open space; but he should have known that the cover two is vulnerable down the middle and went to Alge up the middle more.
  12. Jamaal is still very raw. What he needs to do in the off season is get stronger and get his hands on every Reggie White NFL game film he can and study his technique at bull-rushing the QB. He is a big DE--as was Reggie--and needs to use that size and strength to his advantage.
  13. Mark Bradley needs to stick to writing articles and leave coaching recommendations to those qualified to evaluate HCs. Then again, he's probably more qualified than the idiot we have as GM making these personnel decisions. Bill Cowher is NOT the answer and we do not have another 10 plus years to wait for him to win another Superbowl. No thanks!
  14. That suggestion proves Terence Moore is more of an idiot than we thought! :D:D
  15. I am in total agreement! The team is in shambles right now, so Arthur might as well start over at the top and get rid of McKay. We need a guy that really knows football and how to build a team. Maybe Parcells since he was looking for a GM job.
  16. ME TOO!!! My screen name is showing as someone elses (VA Dirty Bird) when my screen name was Da Truth. I login with the email address for Da Truth and it shows up saying Welcome va dirty bird. This migration to the new MB is a mess!
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