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  1. 1 hour ago, dirtybirds233 said:


    "What I’m hearing is that [Terry] Fontenot is more focused on quarterback, and Arthur Smith believes that Matt Ryan does have two or more years left. He has no real medical history, he hasn’t missed many games in his career and there hasn’t been a big drop off in his play. One thing I do hear though is that if they do go quarterback at No. 4, then Trey Lance is probably the guy."

    So Fontenot and Smith are starting their relationship off in disagreement over the existing QB?  I thought they were on the same page according to their interviews?  Now Mort knows what's supposedly going on in the organization?  I don't believe this for a moment. Pure conjecture

  2. 3 minutes ago, ThemDarnFalconsBoy! said:

    They started to find their own, although that zone was consistently bad.

    I know there are times when a defense has to run the zone scheme, but why do our guys seem to be unaware of a guy who sits down right in front of them AND doesn't attack the opponent while the ball is in the air? It bugs me when they'll watch the player catch the ball and then try and tackle them?  They should always have an attacking mindset.

  3. Any HC with an ounce of sense won't hand the keys to a rookie QB over a successful franchise QB. IMO, Matt has at least five good years left in his career. 

    Matt's up and down play has been due to the Falcons hiring OCs (exception of Shanny) who aren't creative and struggled to make in game adjustments on the fly.

    If Matt performs at a high level this upcoming season (which I suspect he will) with a creative OC, then his decline is delayed and he'll have more time to play.


  4. 47 minutes ago, MayorWest13 said:

    "...these players are hybrids who straddle the line between linebacker and safety and they’re absolutely critical to defending modern offenses. These are guys that can cover an athletic tight end or wide receiver and also thump in the box on run plays."

    Maybe DQ was on to something with the hybrid players, but ran the wrong defensive scheme. 

    Based on this article the Falcons may hold on to Neal or draft a younger, cheaper hybrid safety/LB.

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