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  1. I've heard what Pees said. That still doesn't answer why Moreau still getting beat like a drum. My point was he can have the best defensive scheme in the world, but without players who aren't consistently getting beat it won't matter. The defensive talent still needs to be better. Additionally, I know they're cash strapped, but some of the players they signed are not that good.
  2. Love seeing how Smith is finally attacking defenses in multiple ways. That being said, the offense has never been an issue for the Falcons--the defense has. It appears the defense is what it is for this year and I don't expect them to stop much of any of the Falcons' opponents. I thought Pees could work his magic with these guys, but some of the talent is just not here.
  3. I don't have a problem with a coach recommending a player to the HC--happens all the time. McCarron has never been that good and I would've taken a pass.
  4. I heard one of the commentators say that one of the Falcons coaches recommended McCarron to Smith.
  5. Politics. One of Smith's coaches recommended McCarron. He should be fired. They didn't even give Benkert an opportunity
  6. Miraculous catch? Good lawd it's practice and he showed good concentration on the ball.
  7. Rankings before the season begins is completely useless and meaningless.
  8. No we don't. Hawks suffers when Trae doesn't play particularly well. I'd rather the Falcons have a team of players who all make plays when needed. This way it's harder for defenses to key in on a particular player. It's called a team for a reason.
  9. I don't know why anyone would post a La Canfora's article here. He has a track record of being particularly biased against the Falcons. Just come out and say you've never liked Matt Ryan or the Falcons organization.
  10. Personally I liked Benkert's potential and felt he should've been given a real opportunity to compete against Schaub for the backup job. Oh well, c'est la vie!
  11. It's very promising. I'm taking a wait and see approach to see how Art Smith attacks defenses. I don't see him (Art) being the one-trick pony that Koetter was though.
  12. It's no coincidence that TJ Yates is the passing game coordinator. He may not have been a top QB in the league, but what he does know is Shanahan's offensive concepts. Smith, Yates and Ryan putting their heads together using Shanahan's concepts to game plan this upcoming season is very promising. Can't wait to see how they attack defenses through the air. Add a decent running game (125+ a game), the Falcons should be back in the play-off mix.
  13. So Fontenot and Smith are starting their relationship off in disagreement over the existing QB? I thought they were on the same page according to their interviews? Now Mort knows what's supposedly going on in the organization? I don't believe this for a moment. Pure conjecture
  14. Looks like a very good passer, but he wouldn't get away with most of those throws (in coverage) in the NFL. I still think he could be very good with the right coaching staff and scheme.
  15. We need players who can not only play tight coverage, but can also make plays on the ball.
  16. Love his hitting and ball hawking ability
  17. Like I've said...you don't get rid of a former MVP, franchise QB for an unproven rookie QB. Why do you think everyone is trying to trade for one? They don't come along that often.
  18. Why in the world would the Falcons trade Matt Ryan (a veteran, former MVP, franchise QB) for a rookie who has zero experience against NFL defenses? Does this seem like something Fontenot and Smith would do??? If they draft a QB, it will be as a future replacement to Ryan.
  19. Should be good for the Rams if Stafford can stay healthy.
  20. Just about every team has a passing game coordinator these days. Shanny had one when he was here.
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